Legend of the Breeze (vol2) - Killer's victim

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Chapter 45 - New Year's day

[Third person's POV]:

"Let's change our plan. Instead of trying to find where Sakura Kurumi is, try to look for people involved with her." Raven said. "Satou Atsuko and Mei were murdered. Wait... Dammit! Kurumi was involved with the Satou family. And one of my people killed Satou Atsuko. Perhaps it doesn't really matter. She didn't have any information. The Satou family cut bonds with Kurumi. It was never the same because of Mei's death. Who's next? I think torturing someone is going to do a good job."
She raised a phone to her ear, calling someone. "Search everywhere around in the cities. If you see anyone with white hair, let me know."


The following day Mizuki with Pablo brought me to a mall. Nonetheless, once I came home, the harsh reality surrounded me from everywhere. Tomorrow will be New Year's Day. Pablo asked me if I want to go. I really want to, but on the other hand, don't.

"Don't go. He's planning to kill you."
Don't listen to the voice. Don't let it control you. He's not like that.
"Planning to murder you."
"... Too dumb to go."
"Why would you go?"
"He thinks you're crazy..."
"Will ruin your life."
"Something will change everything."
"You coming there will change everything."
"I-I need pills... I n-need drugs... I N-NEED D-DRUGS! I NEED DRUGS!" Rummaging through the kitchen cabinet as if I was crazy, I gave grabbed a jar. "DRUGS... DRUGS..."
I quickly threw about five pills in my mouth, not caring what pills I forced into myself. I began coughing, trying to swallow all of them. Snatching a cola bottle from the kitchen counter, pouring the liquid into my mouth. I gasped for air and slowly sat on my bed.
My head spun, and I vomited, trembling. Unable to help it, I laughed painfully. Afterward, inhaling and exhaling, I attempted to calm myself down. "It's gonna be okay... It's gonna be okay... I'm gonna be okay..."

I'm not crazy, but I need to tell someone what will happen to me, what should I do...
"I'm fine. I'm okay. It's fine. It's fine. It's fine." I repeated in my head, feeling drowsy. My head lowered, falling into the pillow.


Twitching, my eyes opened, and I experienced a headache. Reaching for my phone, I checked my notifications, having none. Then I walked over to the entrance of my apartment if there are any cards. Truly, in front of me appeared one from Pablo.

"Hey, it's New Year's Day tomorrow. Wanna come to my place? It's the most important holiday here in Japan. I hope you'll come. Since this day is important for all of us, I want you to be part of it. Be sure to come early so that we can watch the sunrise. I know I should've marked this card on the first of January, but I wanted to send it sooner.
- Pablo"

It is a very nicely written letter! I can finally be happy... Or not. Here arrive the voices again. "I probably need more pills."
What if I'll overdose myself? How do I avoid it? Perhaps I'll take different pills. Why every kind of pills that I take don't help?!

I tried six jars before when Mei died. They never help. I shouldn't have expected anything. Let's pretend I'm fine. "This will do."
The whole day I've been drifting away, randomly sleeping, or not knowing what's happening at all. Nothing made me happy. The pills only made me feel sick.


I woke up to the alarm clock on my phone ringing. It caused me to sit on my bed slowly. Feeling bad, I noticed no voices in my head talked at the moment. Did the pills work?
"I have to look good," I mumbled for myself. I'm coming to Pablo's place. I put on a light blue coat with a white fluffy collar around the neck. It also had sleeves ending with the white fluff. Cat ears covered the hoodie on top. Under it, I wore a black laced shirt with cleavage, hoping it isn't too revealing.

I brought the jar of pills, wallet, phone, and keys with myself, putting it into a white satchel. On the train, I viewed houses and people passing through as the vehicle gained speed.

Once I got off, I walked to Sanazawa Street, opening gates from bamboo. It was very early in the morning, and I yawned. Pablo texted me; the main door will be open. I entered the hallway, tiptoeing upstairs. There I stepped in the guest room, lying down.
I stayed here till I heard noises and sat up sharply, opening the door and strolling in the hallway. Pablo appeared here too, and his eyes widened. "You scared me!"
"I texted you that I'm already here."
"I haven't noticed." he shook his head and looked me up and down. "I bought new clothes with Miz."
"I know," he responded and looked away.
"When we'll go watching the sunrise?" I blushed slightly.
"After twenty minutes or so. I'll wake up, parents."

"Japan, the land of the rising sun." I contemplated aloud to myself. "Our country is called 'Sun-origin' and translated 'Land of the rising sun.' The Chinese named our country 'Wa.' sometimes 'Yamato' was used. Chinese named it Woguo, but the Japanese didn't like it, changing it into Nippon. There's also a goddess of the universe and the sun, Amaterasu, if I remember correctly."
"You sure know a lot about history, huh?"
"History's great." I agreed.

We talked, sitting on the couch. Pablo pulled me closer, and I pressed to him. However, my head continued lowering and not listening.
"I'll dress in daily clothes." he suddenly said and got up. My eyes followed him, walking away. Only if you knew...
I rubbed my eyes. No, not today and now. I'll tell him very soon... Maybe tomorrow.

Once everyone returned and woke up, we went to the park to watch the sunrise. I stared at the sky. After a while, the sun began to rise. The first sunrise in the new year. This year sure was a mess. I wonder how's the next year gonna go. I hope the times will be better.
Sun's beams illuminated people around and the grass, bridge, trees, water. Some people grabbed p their phones or cameras and took photos.

I sat on a bench behind me. In the park was a nicely cut lawn with sakura trees and about four meters in front of me shone a frozen lake. After crossing the bridge and entering 'another land' how people in Naitorando call it, you'd see a fountain in the middle, sakura trees with benches under them, next to benches bushes. More than twenty meters behind me was a frozen pond and a bridge. Some people faced the pond and others the lake. This park was huge. If we paced on a hill behind the pond, we could see all the bridges, the lake, river, and pond from the height.
This park had a truly magical feel. There was even a custom that if a dog is lost, and you find it, you bring it to this park, and the person who lost it waits here. A couple of dogs returned to their owners this way.

"Do you remember how we met? It's for about four months. Unbelievable, huh? Time runs so fast."
Pablo nodded. "Yeah, I remember that. I was quite sad and uninviting. I stopped taking antidepressants, though. I hope the sadness doesn't return. Maybe it's still there, but I just don't know."
Pablo continued. "It had some side effects tho, drowsiness, fatigue, dry mouth, I was suddenly eating a lot, sometimes my vision went blurry."
I noticed I have similar side effects, like drowsiness, fatigue, and blurry vision after pills. The pills I took were the antidepressants?

At Nakajima's household, we played some games and then decorated the house. At entrance showed kadomatsu (traditional Japanese pine or bamboo decoration, in front of the home).
The Christmas tree disappeared, as I noticed just now. Shimekazari hung above the door. Its purpose is to invite gods of fortune and turn off evil spirits. It's an ornament from rice straw rope, pine, and orange. Another decoration was Kagami mochi. It's a special cake consisting of two mochis. The smaller mochi stood on top of the bigger one.

We ate lunch after completing our work. Zoni, miso-based soup with mochi rice cakes, osechi-ryori, traditional Japanese New Year's foods, similar to bento boxes, yakizana (grilled fish), and daidai (bitter orange).
Aaron and Nanami let us visit some shrines. One was near my house, another one in the park. We visited the one in the park first.
"Another shrine is in the place where you live. What if we'll visit it by the end of the day, giving you a ride home?" Aaron suggested as we paced together. Pablo was beside me with Marshmallow on a leash.
"If you wouldn't mind..." I replied.
We finally stopped in front of the building. "I love this shrine. It's so cool! I really like this park too. Could we move here?" Mai asked.
"Definitely not. We don't have enough money to move out again. We almost couldn't keep this house, remember?"
Nanami nodded. "Aaron's right. Besides, the park is near our house. It isn't necessary to move even closer."
"I worked hard so I'd donate you some money, or how to put it," Mizuki said, watching the scenery. "I argued with my boss, and he fired me." she turned to Pablo. He shrugged. "I was depressed back then."
"We were bad parents. Please tell us whenever something will feel wrong. I promise I'll never yell at you, ground you, or take your phone. It was stupid to do that. I will listen." Aaron apologized.
"We will listen." Nanami corrected him.
"Pabs isn't depressed anymore," Mai said. "Now are different times. Better times!"
I watched them with envy. I wish my mother apologized to me like that too!

I desire to have a family like this too. It's so nice that they actually care about me when they bought me Christmas gifts. I feel wanted. Someone really cares about me. Even though I'm not their child. Even though they're low on money, I'm so thankful.
"Mr. Nakajima?"
"Yes, Ku?" Aaron grinned at me.
"I'm really thankful that you bought me Christmas gifts and didn't mind I'm here. That I get invited."
"You don't have to thank us."
"Yes, I do. It shows someone actually cares about me." I shifted my eyes from Pablo to Mizuki, Mai, Nanami. "Thanks for everything, really."
"It's not the end of the day. You would sound like if we were leaving."
"Sorry. I just wanted to tell."
"Don't apologize. I'm happy you're happy." Pablo replied.
We visited the building near my house, where I hugged everyone and thanked them again for the awesome day.
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