Legend of the Breeze (vol2) - Killer's victim

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Chapter 52 - Person in the shadows returns

[Kurumi's POV]:

Pablo's parents did notice their son is awake and very fast. When I was exiting the room, they rushed inside, and I saw all of the family members hugging him, crying. Perhaps it's good I went here until ending it. And what now? I don't wish to interrupt them, and why should they get a stranger medical help? They have enough work on their own. Perhaps I could just leave and then decide what to do next.
That's exactly what I did, returning to my house and sat inside my apartment, opening my diary.
"You can't escape from your own head; you're a prisoner of your own mind, maybe you can run, but not hide. There's no way out, and I will probably be always trapped inside. Is there a reason to continue this then?"
I contemplated the sentence I wrote a while ago. I shoved the diary inside a pocket in my jacket and walked outside again. If I do die, it will accompany me. And I know exactly where to go – on the bridge. Or the train station? Or back to the hospital? And what if I... Just run from it all, and don't stop until my death?

Taking a deep breath, my legs started running as I remembered someone chasing me. Out of a sudden, I've had a feeling someone really is chasing me. Fear flew over me, and I ran even faster, not paying attention to where I was going, and ended up on the road with cars. I made my way in between them, almost getting hit a few times, and the people cursed, stopping their cars.
The only time I could stop again was when I couldn't run anymore and fell on my knees. I stared in the grey ground, raising my head, seeing a similar street... The walls colored in blood... No... This can't...
And these steps behind me. I'm too scared to move. Someone did chase me and did this blood, and now it's my.... demise.
"Sakura Kurumi." a voice spoke. I closed my eyes, expecting to get hit. No... This was only in my head. There's no actual blood.
I exhaled deeply and faced the person sharply. I gasped. "You're... You're..."
The taller person than me raised their head, which revealed their light blue eyes viewing me.
"Do you remember when you gave your weapons away?"
"I think this is the half you were looking for. I know you probably don't understand. I'm your other half, the half you need to be completed. Your memories will return."
I stared at the person. "Huh?"
"Your weapons."
"Who are you really...?"
"I'm the person in shadows. I lie here in the shadows. I've been waiting for you and protecting your loved one." The person in the shadows continued, "So let me join your body. Be complete."
What they said brought a flashback on Shinshu. "Let me join your body."
Shinshu did terrible things. How am I supposed to trust this person that looks like her?
"So you're me?"
"Kind of. I'm the other part of you."
"And what is my other, like another half?"
"Ah... I still don't understand."
"Just let me join. Then you'll understand everything. Who did you think I am?"
"Actually... I don't know. It was like a sudden flashback... I can't remember."
But I knew who you are. I know I knew.
"I never lie, Sakura Kurumi."
I gulped. This didn't really make any sense. The person came closer, and I started trembling. "N-No..."
"You'll understand. I'm the good one."
The person strolled closer, reaching a hand to me, and it was like if they fell inside me. "Your missing half returned. And soon, you will understand. And get to know terrible things that you don't know and remember."
I became terribly dizzy. It was hard to keep balance. My arms were wrapped in somehow transparent shackles, and I fell to the ground, on my knees. As I did, they disappeared as fast as they appeared. Something happened with my ears; they were soft. And the voices...
I placed my arms on the ears, feeling they're as soft as a bird's wings, and they weren't... No way...
Something happened to my back too. Because I've had white wings all of a sudden, too, it was probably too much to take, as soon after I fainted.

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