Legend of the Breeze (vol2) - Killer's victim

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Chapter 31 - Flu

[Kurumi's POV]:

Another wave of tears arrived in my eyes. The birthday party my friends organized means the world to me. However, they don't know what happened in my past. If they knew... Would they hate me?

From a distance, I heard Pablo and Mizuki's conversation.

"I felt awful at the time you broke your leg. I thought the accident is my fault."

"Meh. It's in the past anyway. I still feel traumatized anytime thinking about it. Because of the so-called accident, I can't run fast properly and do martial arts."

Now I began paying my full attention.

"What incident are you talking about?" I had a hunch Pablo already mentioned something. However, I couldn't remember what it was.

"I climbed a tree, broke my leg, and it took a while to find me. I have had a fear of heights ever since."

"Wow, I can't imagine being at your place." I trembled. "Especially at such a young age.." And, haven't you been through something similar, perhaps worse? You can imagine. Why do you lie?

"It certainly made me traumatized." Pablo agreed.

"Do you sometimes have nightmares... on the accident?"

He shrugged. "Sometimes. It's usually me walking or doing basic stuff, and then I'm suddenly sitting on a branch, which breaks. I fall and then wake up."

I nodded. Does this mean nightmares are common...? The ones I have? Of course, it has to be. I feel less alone with this.

"I forgot we celebrated my birthday! Thanks so much!" I remembered.

I gazed at the clock, almost freaking out. "I should go already. It's getting late, and I didn't even notice what time it is!"

"Aww, can't you stay a bit?" Pablo pleaded, and I felt the same.

"No, it's very late, and I need to return home."

"Aww, fine, I'll go with you, though."

"I will go too." Mizuki volunteered.

The siblings accompanied me outside. Pablo handed me his jacket.

"You don't have to..." I objected.

"I want to. It's cold outside." he refused, dressed just in black jeans, and a black shirt with long sleeves. Outside fell white snowflakes on the ground, and the temperature was lower than usual.

"You need a hoodie or at least a jacket!" Mizuki shouted.

"Nah. I'll be fine!"

"Pablo." she rebuked, "you will get sick!"

"Nah. I never get sick!"

"Take at least the sweatshirt."

"No." Pablo stubbornly refused again.

"Do you want to get sick?"

"I'll be fine," he said again; however, once he exited the indoors, he sneezed. Mizuki automatically sent him home and told him not to come back until he gets a hoodie, handing me a bag for the presents. Pablo returned in a hoodie, continuing saying he's going to be okay.

At the train station, I thanked Pablo with Mizuki again and hugged Pablo firstly, burying my face in his shirt. "I'm very thankful."

I genuinely smiled and kissed him on the lips. He lightly smiled. "I'm glad I made you happy."

"I feel I don't deserve all of this."

"Nonsense." he responded calmly, "why would you think such a thing?"

"Because..." Because..." I don't deserve being treated so nicely? I've maltreated people in the past, I know if he realizes he will hate me... After all, he said people who bully others deserve to die.

"I don't know." I ended the sentence.

"See? There isn't a reason why you wouldn't deserve it."

Only if you knew, I thought unhappily and pulled from him. I walked to Mizuki and wrapped her in my arms too. She patted my back. "I'm happy you're happy."

"Me too." I pulled from Mizuki and waved to them, leaving. They waved back and left.


I showed at the train station, suddenly realizing how terrible I feel. My nose continued being stuffed even though I blew it numerously, and my sore throat caused me to cough. I couldn't help it, shivering uncontrollably.

Don't tell me I got sick because of yesterday. And we're writing an important test! I must go to school either way. Our teacher will give me a bad grade if I miss the class, besides I've studied hard...

Waiting for the train, I missed that I am standing at the platform edge. My head spun from the exhaustion, and I made one step forward, not realizing under me is only air.

I waved my arms, trying to find balance, yet instead of gaining it, I lost it, screamed, and fell.

Ouch... It hurts... And I'm not dead? I always thought these rails are electric or something, and I have blurry vision, ugh, ouch my head, ouch my back...

Busy people continued walking as if nothing happened, heading toward work. I sat, seeing the platform is too high. My eyes widened as I remembered the branch under me breaking. I shook my head quickly, which unsurprisingly did not make me feel better. I attempted to get up, walking closer to the edge.

The platform is exactly as high as it seems. There's not a way I can reach the edge. Or is it? And I am exhausted. Do I even have enough energy too bet up? What will I do? I can't reach the edge!

I tried to jump again, unsuccessfully and screamed. No one around heard me.

Something told me not to close my eyes; I also heard something from a very long distance.

I finally understood where is the sound coming from, turning sharply and saw a train in front of me, the lights enlightening my face. Attempting to escape, I scratched my fingers to blood. It hurt badly. Will this be my death? Is this how I'll die? The train is going to hit me in any second...

I closed my eyes, knowing I can't do anything else at this point. And something did hit me harshly, pushing me up.

I fell on the platform with a hollow thud, hitting my head. Because of this, I saw the world blurry, raising my head.

On the railway (or above?), someone appeared or perhaps floated. I couldn't tell if what I see is reality. The person wore a long black cape and long black boots. A fedora with a light blue ribbon covered their head. Cheek size forelock hid half of their face. The person watched me from above.

By raising their head, the person revealed light blue eyes, cold as ice. They gave me a mysterious smile. Everything became blurrier, and everything went black at the same time when the train hit the person.


I lay on something soft, shivering from coldness. I heard a voice from a distance, unable to recognize whose voice it is. Am I dead, in the hospital, or injured? I tried to open my eyes slowly, seeing the blurry white ceiling.

I blinked, my vision got better, and I noticed that I'm lying on a bed. I moved my head to the right. The blue walls and light brown wooden floor. A brown door at the opposite of the room. Is this my room? How did I get here? Why am I here? I must be dreaming... Was I dreaming?

Someone stepped into the room, seeing me awake. "You're awake! How do you feel?"

My answer arrived a couple of seconds later. "My head hurts... My throat, too," it was a wheeze.

"I'm glad you're at least home. What were you even thinking, going to school in this condition?! I will call the teacher. You're not going anywhere. I think you may have flu."

"Flu? Weird. I never have flu."

"Don't talk. It's going to be better if you don't talk at all. It only makes you more exhausted."

"Huh. What exactly happened?"

Wasn't I dreaming? The person... The person in the shadows?! The rails? Being exhausted and nobody noticing how I feel? Or maybe... Did I have hallucinations?

Mom had a pensive expression on her face. I waited for her response, tired of being awake, wanting to sleep poorly. "You decided you will go to school this tired and fainted in exhaustion."

I didn't answer anything. Did I faint, and the rails appeared in my dream? What even happened? How did it happen? There's no way this is real, a hallucination it has to be. I wanted to think more, yet, was too exhausted and fell asleep again.

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