Legend of the Breeze (vol2) - Killer's victim

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Chapter 35 - The woman murderer

[Pablo's POV]:

I woke up, insecure for how long have I slept. It was all a blur. I drank a cup of tea and ate a bit of bread sitting on my nightstand. I felt bored and unmotivated, my throat being sore and forcing me to cough. I've had a fever and my muscles hurt.

I found myself too exhausted to remember what happened before I appeared here.

I noticed my phone and reached for it. It had a low battery, and I saw a few unread messages from Kurumi. Submitting the password, I checked what she wrote.

"Where are you?"

"Why didn't you come to school today?"

"Will you come tomorrow?"

"I miss you already. Nobody talks to me."

"I'm lonely, can we talk?"

"Are you here?"

I quickly typed a response: "I'm sick. Sorry, I was sleeping. My throat is sore, and my muscles hurt. I think I have the flu."

No answer. Come to think of it, how is Ku doing? I wasn't sure how she tolerates being alone. Wait, Kurumi isn't a dog. Sometimes I feel like she is... And it's been two days. I think the same as the previous day, where I just slept. I still can't remember what happened. My head hurt, and so it fell into my pillow again.

The door creaked and opened. Marshmallow entered the room and barked. He jumped on my bed and lay beside me.

I ruffled through the dog's fur. "What are you doing here? Can't you get sick too?"

The dog didn't answer. He licked my cheek, sniffing me. I would laugh if my throat wouldn't be sore, and I wouldn't be exhausted. Not in the mood to laugh.

I drank another tea my mum placed on the nightstand and wondered how Kurumi is doing without me. I hope she'll be alright.


[Third person's POV]:

A woman appeared in a dark street at night. Her eyes, cold as ice, boring into a person with a light brown cape in front of her. "What do you mean, you haven't found her yet?" she asked in a cut-glass accent.

The person – the man, shivered. "I'm sorry. We couldn't find Sakura Kurumi anywhere. Like if she disappeared from the Earth's ground."

Woman with eyes cold as ice, raven hair covering her left eye, frowned in an unnerving stare. She could cut the man in slices at any second.

"I need Sakura Kurumi. I have found a few articles from the past. You haven't? Did you try enough?"

The person working for her gulped, surrounding his boss with silence.

"Haven't I told you to do your work properly, you scumbag?"

"No! I can explain it."

"Oh, really?" The woman smirked. "I don't need to hear excuses."

"No! We had a lot of work to do."

"What did I just said?"

"You don't want to hear excuses. Nevertheless, this is the truth, master."

"What is the truth is that you're making up an excuse. Of course. Useless like the other ones."

The woman pushed the person against the wall. She grabbed the male person's neck and lifted him.

"Useless scumbag. You know how you're going to end." The woman growled. "I wanted Sakura Kurumi. I gave you instructions. You had everything you needed right under your nose."

"Why? Why do you want to kill that girl so badly?"

"Why?" The woman raised an eyebrow. "Because she needs to be destroyed. She's too powerful and could destroy this place. Nevertheless, she doesn't know, just not yet. Or perhaps she does already. I can't know because of a useless loser like you. Your life will be over soon."

"What do you mean?" he stammered.

"I mean that your IQ is under minus zero. Sakura Kurumi is going to die. When I find her, the real fun will begin. I wonder who's her little friend this time. The friend can give me useful information."

He opened his mouth and didn't end saying anything. Scythe appeared in the woman's hand. The woman with raven hair and cold eyes swung the scythe and stabbed him with a light blue, glowing blade. The person bled transparent liquid and fell on the ground.

"Your life is running out." The woman sneered creepily. She gazed at the transparent liquid. "And your blood will too."

The scythe stopped glowing in light blue, and its blade returned to grey. The person was rolling on the ground in cramps. The woman raised the scythe and hit the person one, two, three, four times. She continued hitting, the person crying and begging for her to stop. Nevertheless, she refused to listen.

Walls colored in red blood, dripping on the ground, shuffling with the limpid liquid. The slaughtered was laughing, the person crying and dying. Suddenly, the sounds stopped. The murderer watched him dead on the ground. "Not the last or first person I've killed. Hopefully, now you'll learn from your mistakes. And learn how to do your work properly. Oh, wait, you won't because you're dead. Too bad!"

She walked away, leaving the person behind. convinced nobody will find she is the killer. "Humans are stupid creatures. Never learn from your mistakes," she said in her voice-cutting accent while leaving.

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