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Mystery of the strange footprints!!

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Fresh snowfall brings in eerie silence to the forest where an author of adventure stories is staying in a log cabin to write. Suddenly the silence is broken by a clattering in the backyard. Then there are noises outside the door of the study. When the writer goes to investigate she sees nothing but some damp footprints in the fresh fallen snow. Join Josephine on this mystery to find who the footprints belong to.

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Chapter 1

It was a dark and stormy night… no that was too common. I needed something more original. Sigh.I am Josephine a writer trying to write my next book. But I just feel… Empty. Crunch!! Oh my! I jumped out of my seat and laughed at myself for my silliness. After all I was in the forest. Animals were bound to come. I went outside with a sturdy stick in my hand. I looked around and saw…… nothing. Then suddenly something caught my eye… Some damp foot prints in the snow! I gasped as the realization hit me. An animal didn’t make these a human did. But who would come to this lonely spooky forest. No one but me has lived here. I thought. Ignoring my nervous and scared mind, I followed the foot prints.

I had noticed I was moving farther and farther away from my cabin. But I was determined to find where the trail lead. Suddenly… Thump ! Crash! I froze to the spot petrified. I turned around to see… Nothing. I gulped and keep moving ahead. The wind starts to blow stronger and the leaves dance on the trees. My heart stops when I hear owls hooting and wolves howling in the distance.More than all of that the harsh wind had made my hand numb I was shivering all over and I couldn’t feel my nose. But the most horrible part was yet to come…

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