Shadows after Midnight

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This story started based on a rather unsettling incident that occurred in my early twenties. The skeleton of that incident still can be seen in between the lines of the story below. But that event, though rather unsettling, ended rather abruptly with no real outcome. So, from my original notes, I have written this story from a viewpoint of what may have happened. However, The event as it really occurred can be read my collection of short stories… The Alluring Chase

Mystery / Thriller
Cadence Abbot
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Part 1: A Beginning

Ta, my name is Cadence Abbot

This story started based on a rather unsettling incident that occurred in my early twenties.

The skeleton of that incident still can be seen in between the lines of the story below.

But that event, though rather unsettling, ended rather abruptly with no real outcome.

So, from my original notes, I have written this story from a viewpoint of what may have happened.

This bewildering occurrence happened in the early summer of the year my twin brother (Craig) and I both turned 22.

It all had started innocently enough.

Our cousin Michelle (Micke) was invited to a university friend all girls theme party. Not wishing to go alone, she asked to bring my neighbour Ginny and myself along.

“The more the merrier.” was the response.

The theme was the BAFTA awards, which were being aired that evening. The idea for the theme was to feel a part of the crowd in attendance at the Royal Albeit Hall. A mock actress award was even going to be given to one of us there.

But we had to dress the part, Formal wear required for this all-girls only party.

And we did dress the part...maybe too well.

Micke was stunning.

She was wearing a long-sleeved white satin blouse with frilly lace hanging from the high neck and ends of sleeves. A long tiered sapphire silk skirt dropped down swishing past her knees.

She was wearing my borrowed gemmed brooch at her blouses neck, her mother’s borrowed sapphires: long dangling sapphire gemmed pendant, matching earrings, and a blue gemstone bracelet, along with multiple gemmed rings, including a two-carat pinkie ring. None of her jewels were paste and had cost much more than a few bob.

She wore her long raven black hair down in waves like Jacqulyn Smith was wearing in the Telley show Charlie’s Angels.

She also carried her mother’s white silk purse with the short rhinestone chains.

Ginny, as always when she dresses up proper, was drop-dead gorgeous.

She wore a smashing shimmering, off one shoulder, thin silver gown of silver/copper silk lame. The gown really had a nice sexy flow as she moved. Long elbow-length gloves of a dark copper satin-finished the effect.

She was wearing her diamond earrings, (1/2 Carat diamond with a dangling a pear-shaped 1 1/2 carat diamond), a diamond rhinestone choker, a matching bracelet, and two cocktail rings. The 2 carat earrings and one of her rings were real, the rest rhinestone paste.

Her hair, red like mine, was worn up with an elegant bun held with a long silver clip on one side. Several strands purposely fell alongside her freckled face adding a rather far too cute effect.

Her purse was a shimmery copper coloured mesh clutch.

Myself, I had hoped to look as half as good as I knew that the pair of those two natural beauties would. And trust me, for a girl with plain features like mine, looking pretty is a challenge not always easily accomplished.

To try and pull it off I was wearing an old party dress Mum had given me. One that she always looked breathtakingly beautiful when she had worn it out.

It was a solid coloured sky-blue taffeta dress that shone with a tight sleekness down along my figure. Maybe a bit too tight for it outlined my every curve, making me look sexier than I knew I was. The skirt was higher in front (touching just below my knees) than in the back where it swished a few inches above my ankles and the deep blue silk stiletto heels I wore. The neckline of the dress was of a long open scoop and had wavy ruffles running along with its opening, the sleeves went to my elbows, ending in ruffles.

I accessorized with my rhinestone clasped blue silk evening purse with silver shoulder chains and deep blue 3/4 length satin gloves.

Along with it, I wore mum’s full set of enticingly sparkling rhinestone jewellery. The pricey imitation diamonds that Papa teased that he needed sunglasses to look at her whenever Mum wore them out, which was a lot.

The centrepiece of the set was undoubtedly the long glittery necklace that looked like an upside-down, loosely attached, elongated pyramid filled with blazing diamond-like stones.

This eye-catcher hung down low along the open neck of the dress, swaying a few inches up from my (small)cleavage.

My long red hair was pulled back in a plait and I had a thin diamond chip encrusted silver Tiara to hold it all in place.

So to help tune in your mind to the rest of this evenings escapades, before going on to part 2, please reread this first part and get a good mental picture of how Micke, Ginny, and I were dressed up for the affair(or gala as the invite promised)

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