Shadows after Midnight

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Part 10: A Card Dealt

The next morning I arose late, but still before the others.

I put on my satin robe and walked past the two slumbering ladies.

Ginny opened one eye briefly, barely visible under her long hair, Micke was still out but must have been too hot for she had peeled off the sable and was laying facing the couch with no covers.

Feeling peckish I decided to start breakfast for us after freshening up in the upstairs loo.

I was at the stairs when I remembered I needed something out of my evening purse.

I tiptoed back through the room to the bar where we had all set our purses down.

As I approached the bar I noticed then that our purses had been moved, all that was there were our satin evening gloves, now in a pile.

I looked around the dimly lit basement as I walked to the bar. I could not see any sign of where our purses had been moved to.

I figured maybe Ginny had had a nightmare about last night and had taken a precaution and moved them somewhere’s safe, like behind the bar.

Reaching the bar I started to look down over it to see if our things had been moved onto the shelf behind.

As I did I picked up the pile of evening gloves (I guess I was thinking the purses could be underneath?) then stopped, no purses, but laying on the polished surface of the bar underneath was the ornate backside of a solitary playing card.

I picked it up and turned it over...

As a chilling feeling swept over me, hand to my chest, I let out a small gasp, staring down unbelieving at the card’s face...

It was a Jack of Diamonds, the thieves calling card...and someone had written across its face the word ‘Thank-you’ in black marker.

Shaking, I went behind the bar to check the shelves, hoping it was all a joke.

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