Shadows after Midnight

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Part 11: The Dealer

A Candle flickers on a table in the middle of a small room. It is the only light, so much of the room’s interior is hidden in flickering shadows.

A man, whose face is half-hidden in the shadows, is sitting at the table writing into a small journal illuminated by the candlelight.

He finishes, then holding the pencil to his mouth, looks up at the ceiling in contemplation as he looks lost in thought:

The Narrative:

Being a man of few words,

I really don’t rightly know why I keep a journal, especially in my line of work.

Maybe it was something passed down to me from my father?

And if I ever meet that pisser, that will be one of many questions I have for him.

But I do keep one, hidden away from prying eyes, and here is my entry I have just written in, from a job we pulled a few nights ago.


It was a sight I had not really recall ever seeing. An antique Bentley sports automobile sitting in front of an off-license in this part of the city.

So naturally, having a bit of free time this evening, I pulled off to have a gander.

Getting out of my silver auto I meander across the street and walk past like I’m innocently on my way to the store.

I see a young lady talking to the driver. She is dressed up rather fine, with a pair of earrings that were sparkling with the unmistakable brilliance of real diamonds. Didn’t see what else she wore to go with those bloody tantalizer’s dangling from her ears.

I went by car and into the store.

Two more dressed up birds were looking inside a case on the far wall. Only had time for a quick once over gander, but enough to tell me they were also both loaded down with the ice.

I grabbed the first bottle at hand, checked out giving the cute girl at the counter a wink, and left. Without looking at the Rolls I turned and circled back to my silver car.

I was back behind the wheel in time to see the pair in the store leave.

The shorter one, wearing glasses, was resplendent in a sleek blue shiny dress with ruffles. Her jewelry shimmered like little miniature rivers of diamonds flowing from her ears, down along from her neck, and tightly around the left gloved wrist. She also had a sparkling banded crown-like affair in her red hair.

Her taller blonde companion was wearing a white satin long-sleeved blouse, also adorned with ruffles.

A long swishing dark blue skirt fell from her waistline. Her more modest jewellery was also glittering in a frenzy, Couldn’t tell if real, but blimey, they did sparkle like it.

I turned out of my parking spot and followed the Bentley after it left the off-license, keeping a discreet distance between us.

The car headed off into the country, eventually going through a small village outside the suburbs of the city.

From there it made its way up to a road that leads along a small park on one side. On the other side was a row of large residential houses. The road ended at the entrance of the park where there was a dimly lit parking lot.

The Bentley pulled off onto the narrow drive of one of the houses. Both sides of the drive were packed with newer models of cars.

Obviously, a high-class party was going on.

Passing the house I drove into the parking lot at the end of the road and turned off the engine.

Getting out, I lit up a pipe as I walked to the edge of the woods and watched over the house from a distance as I mulled some ideas over.

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