Shadows after Midnight

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Part 12: The Hand Dealt

Monk’s Perspectives Rejoined :

I watched the Bentley deliver is pretty packages and then drive away back down the road. So he wasn’t staying.

I watched for a good while longer. As I put the pieces together of my plan to extract a profit from what I had so far seen.

I took one final pull on my pipe and thoughtfully let the smoke curl out from my lips.

Nodding my head, I knocked out the pipe’s ashes and went back to my car.

Heading back to town I made a good time, arriving at a riverside pub where I knew one of my usual gang of helpers would be shooting some snooker.

I found Ruben in the backroom, and rubbing my finger along my nose(mine is rather a large specimen not easily missed ) received a slight nod, and was soon joined at the bar by the husky lad.

Ruben, now standing next to me, looked at our reflection in the bar’s wall mirror,

“Heading down Abbey road are we?”

I nodded and he followed me as I left the bar.

We nicknamed ourselves ‘The Abbey’, suggested because of my own nickname ’Monk’ bestowed upon me by school classmates when younger. “Heading down Abbey road” is our slang for pulling a job.

Letting my associate Ruben drive, I filled him in as we head back to the parking lot at the end of the road from the party house of richly attired guests.

It was a basic, no-frills scheme, which I do prefer. It is amazing how over detailed some of the lads can try to be when planning a heist, total overkill.

My idea was:

Wait back at the parking lot until the Bentley came to pick them up and follow them out.

Pick a spot to overtake the fancy car and force the passengers out. After making sure their driver isn’t packing a rod, pluck the pretty birds of their precious jewels and purses.

Keep it simple is my motto.

But as we waited, this police constable car comes up the road and stopped at the house just before the party house.

We then became concerned that something was up that would bollocks our whole plan.

As the copper went inside the house, Ruben and I got back into our car and moved it onto a service road pulling it out of sight, then went back on foot to our vantage point.

The Constable was leaving the house and drove into the party houses lot. We watched him get out and at the door started to say something to a lady who answered the door. She was a knocker and had some rather glittery ice hanging along her throat.

He pointed around to the cars parked in front of her house, then with a tip of his checkered cap, left and drives back off down the road.

I thought a bit of cry wolf may be in order.

Have the Constable called back to the house under pretences until he decides to stay away from the area in frustration?

In order to start a little distraction, and to keep a fidgety Ruben busy, I let the lad go hide in the bushes across the road from the party house. Several times he crossed the street going up to the house. Ringing the doorbell when that coast was clear, then hiding under a car until they went back inside.

But the constable never returned, which meant that he might still be around and have to be watched for.

Then as the party ended, the Bentley did not show. The lights went out in the big house and the last car drove away.

Damn, I swore to my self, had they left without our seeing them. I touched Ruben on the shoulder.

“Better call it a night, lad.”

We got into my car and Ruben pulled out of the service road. I noticed one of the headlights must haven been pushed down by a branch. “No luck but bad” I swore under my breath.

Then like a mirage, we saw the ladies we were planning to rob start walking towards our parking lot.

And, They were foolishly alone.

We waited until they crossed and I told Ruben to get out and lure the glittering birds in closer. I stayed inside the car, my knife at the ready.

Ruben offered them a ride.

The three held their distance, saying no they were waiting for another ride.

Ruben continues to persuade them when another car did show coming up the lonely road.

Could it be the Constable?

I had Ruben get back in and we pulled away as the car, the Bentley pulled in.

We beat down to the end of the road.

Turning the corner, we waited off the road until the Bentley appeared coming down the same road.

We started following. But the driver must have caught on to us because of the bloody crooked headlight.

I decided to just keep on following at a safe distance, hoping the driver would eventually trap himself in a corner.

We then gave them a lovely game of cat and mouse.

We did actually lose them at one point when our quarry ran a red light and managed to disappear.

Then the fancy car pulled out of a church parking lot, passed us, and the chase was back on, or so we thought.

We turned and gave chase, seeing him parking the car off on the side of the road.

The posh driver got out and walked away.

No one else got out, was the prig was trying to trick us...

Finally, we went up and discovered the car was empty.

Getting back into the car,

we hi-tailed it back to the church for a look around.

Out of the car, eagle-eyed Ruben spies something glittery in the distance through the woods.

We hurried to the woods and almost caught the birds on foot behind a schoolyard.

But they gave us the slip before we could clip their wings when the Bentley showed back up.

We saw them passing us as we were reaching our car back by the church.

I now totally threw away my original plan, the prey was now far too spooked to catch in the manner I had desired.

“So, are we done?” Ruben asked me unhappily.

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