Shadows after Midnight

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An Addendum

In a nutshell here is what happened.

It was just Ginny and I at the BAFTA party, dressed as described in this story.

Nothing at all odd happened at the party.

It was after midnight when my brother picked us and he soon realized we were being followed.

The car we were in was a friend of our father’s antique Rolls Royce that my brother had borrowed several times to take both Ginny and I to various posh formal functions.

The car that beganshadowing us was red, and it obviously tailed us as we made several random turns.

At one point we got further ahead of the red car and pulled into a parking lot.

The car failed to see where we had gone and we watched it slowly stop, then turn and go off in an opposite direction.

Rather anticlimactic, I guess , but a most curious enigma non the less.

The whole event as it really occurred can be read my collection of short stories…

The Alluring Chase

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