Shadows after Midnight

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Part 4: The Doorbell Rang

We all held our breaths. Sarah, Micke, and I followed close behind the bartender.

Ginny had gone to the sunroom to look out the windows to try and spot anything suspicious...

He opened both doors briskly, but as before, no one was there.

He stood out looking, with several more of us sneaking up and looking over his shoulder. Nothing moved but the trees across the street caught in an eerily whistling Moorish breeze

A voice from behind us asked.

“How are they getting away so quickly?”

Another logically answered with a bit of chilling reasoning:

“Probably watching us through the front windows, aren’t they? To make sure we are all far away from the front doors before ringing that bell.”

That comment certainly did not help the mood.

I also noticed our bartender did not venture past the front porch.

At ten-thirty, as the show proper was ending, we were all packed in the back sunroom, standing room only

it was announced based on an earlier vote, who won the house award for best actress based on voting over who told the best stories that evening during the first game

It was actually one of

the jumper wearing girls who won. Which caused a riot of laughter and giggling, for we all remembered her great story, plus all of us in the group were feeling rather in good spirits from the amount of alcohol we had gone through.

It was during this time I had gone to the bar to pull Micke away from her now tamed bartender as he was trying to pack up.

Micke confided in me that he, and the two female servers had been eyeing several of the ladies, including me, and had asked Micke if my diamonds were real.

“You told them no... right Micke?”

She just changed the subject without answering.

At eleven o’clock a good portion of us was still in the sunroom to see if anything good was on the telly to watch as the festivities had winded down.

On the same channel, we had been watching all evening a black and white detective movie started playing.

Micke was in the crowd watching.

A bored Ginny pulled me off and we started talking by a window overlooking the back yard. After a bit, the hostess Sarah joined us and began pointing out things of interest in the long extended yard.

Then at 11:15, the doorbell rang yet again.

All of us again was silent, the hostess realized the flaw in her plan.

The servers, including the only male In the house, had packed up and left at 10:45 or thereabouts

With a swishing of multicoloured gowns, she led a small contingent to the door. Peering through the keyhole first, she shook her head and bravely began opening a front door.

As she did a gunshot rang out making the whole group with her jump in startled disbelief.

The girl next to me wearing an over the shoulder lavender gown accented with some rather handsome pearls screamed right in my ear.

Another girl from the sunroom yelled out

“It was on the Telly.”

Letting out our breaths, those of us at the door went out into the porch

Again all was silent,

nothing moved in the shadows outside.

It was unsettling how quiet and desolate the neighborhood appeared.

And as for the unseen eyes possibly watching the house?

There we were, a group of pretty inebriated ladies in very fancy dress, adorned with glitteringly pretty jewels, huddled on a porch worried out of our wits.

Must have been quite the show.

After a brief time, with a swishing, fluttering, and sparkling, we all quickly retreated inside the house, firmly closing and locking the front doors.

We tried to get the party rolling again.

But the party, unfortunately, never picked up its earlier momentum. We were just a sullen, drunken gaggle of well-dressed sheep who had lost sight of their party Shepard

At precisely 11:35, the party was reluctantly declared over and we were all shooed out the door.

A lot Earlier than our ride was coming to pick us up.

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