Shadows after Midnight

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Part 5: Party’s Over

We tried calling my brother at the Poet and Peasant pub where he had gone to wait out the time.

But he was not there, and the bartender had no idea when he had left or where he had gone.

Others were waiting to use the phone so we had to hand it off to someone else.

We stood with the hostess as all the goodbyes were said to our fellow parties, hoping my brother would show up soon.

The hostess apologized that she couldn’t have us wait inside. She was spending the night at her boyfriends and quite really had to go.

She offers one of us a ride, for her car was a 2 seater coupe.

Thanking her for the offer, all three of us decided to wait it out and leave together, though we had to nudge Micke into compliance since she appeared to be leaning towards accepting the offer.

Locked out and standing vigil on the porch, we watched the last few cars pull out and head down the road.

So as the last car went out of sight at just around 12:30, We soon felt foolish waiting outside the now dark house alone and decided to not heed my twin’s warning and began walking over to the parking lot to wait. Figuring we could explore a bit.

No one thought of mentioning the mysterious doorbell ringing which may have had us stay on the porch to play it safe until our ride arrived.

Leaving the porch we made our way along the house path that led to a sidewalk that ran along the houses located across from the park.

We could see the parks auto lot, lit up with a single dulled yellow street lamp, a few houses away across the street.

We were all chatting away, still feeling the effects of the drinking we had been doing as we giggled and poked fun at each other.

Reaching the end of the sidewalk we found ourselves facing the parking lot fro across the street.

There was a car parked there with its headlights on. I knew it wasn’t my brother because one headlight was knocked down and illuminated more of the bumper than the road.

As we crossed the street we could make out the shapes of two males sitting in shadow in the front seat of the car, watching the three of us walking along the sidewalk, then crossing the road to the parking lot

The driver opened the car door

The three of us stopped dead in our tracks, some two meters away.

He stepped out and stood behind the open door and calls out to us, very smoothly saying...

’Ello look at you three, all dressed up and no place to go? I can fix that problem if you’d like.

The driver was a smarmy bugger, wearing a brown polo and a smirk upon his mug and peaked cap on his head. He looked a little like an older James Dean would have if the actor had not died so young. His passenger stayed in the car, sitting in the background, silent and unidentifiable in the shadows.

“Actually, we are coming from a par...”, Micke started to say.

I nudged to hush her and she did, but too much had been said.

“Well you are in luck, we are heading to another party ourselves, ain’t we?” he purred, still fishing.

“The night is still young. Care to join in with us?”

We all shook our heads no,

Micke only joining in as we both looked at her.

Well, he bargained...

“lest let us give you three a lift to where you all are going, it’s probably an awfully pretty far walk to be in heels, now Isn’t it?

Micke, of course, smiled, batted her eyes, and said soulfully...

“Yes it is quite”

Before the beggars got any ideas that we were going to have anything to do with them, Ginny quickly said...

“It looks a mite cramped for three more, wouldn’t you say?”

Well, he says,

“I’m sure we can squeeze you all in, or if anyone of you that would like to have some fun this evening?

Say like you Blue, and he looked directly to me.”

I really suspected then that they were up to their own devices. For the way my very attractive Cousin Micke had been swooning over them, he should have asked her first, like any other red-blooded male who entered her sphere of existence, and not plain mousey dull hazel-eyed me.

But I kept those curious thoughts to myself. No

Instead, I smiled, started to say I would wait for my brother.

When at that moment a car came up over a hill on the road and drove up the road towards. By the high headlights, I knew it was our uncles (Micke’s Fathers) old Bentley.

My brother passed the house honking the distinctive sorts car 4 tone horn.

He then drove up into the parking lot and his head beams caught our little group in its lights

I could see him eyeing the silver car.

He pulled up across from the silver auto.

“Our ride is here!” Ginny

and I Both said together

The driver shrugged his shoulders unconcerned grinning wickedly.

“your loss Luv.”

And with that, he hopped in behind the wheel, gunned the engine, and pulled away around the Bentley before my brother had left the car.

My brother, opened his door, slipped out, and asked who are friends were?

We explained what had happened with the party ending early, us being left alone deciding to walk a bit. Then how the silver car was sitting in the parking lot and one of the males tried picking us up.

“Hmmm,” he murmured “quite the adventures you’ve been having.”

“And that’s not all...” Ginny started to say but my brother cut her off.

“Let’s talk on the way my girls you all look knackered, and a bit tipsy.”

And with that said he insisted helping us into our seats by having us stand facing him while he grasped us by the waist and hoisted us up onto the comfortable leather seats, we were all giggling at that.

Not that we were actually drunk or anything.

He hops in and sets the clutch to the purring motor in gear, and pulls away.

Our adventures appeared over for the evening.

Between The three of us, we began filling him in on the details of the party.

We left the road where the house and park were located and turned off on the paved street we came upon. This was a straight shot for the first 10 miles of the way home.

Then, about a mile down that road, as we had reached the bit about the constable’s visit, I notice my brother slowing down. He then turned off onto another paved road. He was taking a different way back, why?

A short cut?

Ginny, who was looking back at my cousin while she talked didn’t notice, and Micke did not appear to either

The two of them had started in with great detail on the mysterious doorbell ringing.

He looked up in the review mirror at the road behind us, then took yet another slow turn onto a residential street.

Suddenly he took a sharper turn on a bumpy gravel road.

All three of us then asked in unison, what he was doing?

We were gobsmacked by his grim answer

“We are being followed,” he said ominously.

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