Shadows after Midnight

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Part 6: Followed

“Followed,” we all said simultaneously looking behind as he kept going down the dark road.

We thought he was building

up to one of his silly games and laughed him right royally, saying we were not buying his tosh.

We were going up a hill and at the top he pulled over, keeping the lights, and the sports car’s powerful engine on.

We could see down into the valley the road we had been on. A car was coming up slowly. It stopped at the turn of the road we were on.

Then it slowly turned and headed our way.

Right away We could make out that one of the headlights was turned down illuminating more of the bumper than the road.

As it came closer my brother put the Bentley in gear but did not pull away, instead he let it idle.

“Maybe they will just pass us by?”

Micke suggested hopefully

My brother answered her question with one of his own

“Aye, maybe, maybe not? Why take the risk of having these buggers be ahead of us? Eh


But as he spoke the silver car pulled off on the opposite side of the road, at the bottom of the hill.

We were all looking back at it. The headlights remained on and the engine was running. It was unsettling not seeing inside the car, though we were pretty sure of who the occupants where.

“Believe me now?” My brother said quietly as we three girls recognized the car by its bent down head beam like the one that the two lads tried to lure us into.

Ginny from the front then asked...

“There was a silver car that passed us as your brother dropped us off. Do you reckon it’s the same car?”

None is could say for sure, but it also had been a silver car the Constable had been inquiring about.

I remember thinking, but said nothing at the time, not wanting to add to their worries.

I realized fully that this wasn’t something my brother had dreamed up as roleplay. He would not stoop this low and besides; he was not all that good of an actor to pull this off!

Instead, I asked out loud, maybe a bit too for everyone jumped as I spoke...

“What do you think they want?”

Ginny answered ...

“I don’t know. Looking for a spot to cut us off?”

Micke, sitting next to me asked in total innocence.

“Why would they do that?

My brother continues, ignoring our cousin’s innocently asked question.

I agreed with that,

Best not to alarm the poor clueless

thing by giving her scary thoughts, despite now having them myself.

My brother answered back to all of us, in his full lecture mode...

“Not sure what you girls started with these buggers, nor what games they have in mind or are playing at...

But the three of you may have started this by not waiting like you were told...”

He took a long deep breath...

“Now I feel an obligation to get the lot of you fancy princesses home safely, so I will do so in the best way I can think of.”

As he finished his lecture he looked directly at me.

I was nervously playing with my necklace and I could see its rippling flicker in the mirror.

“Bollocks,” my brother swore sharply under his breath, then addressed me...

“Sis, that necklace of Mum’s your weariin. And that shiny beacony thing in your hair...”

“A tiara... “ I started to say, but shut up as he glared at me!

I shuddered at that he was saying. Discussion out loud the Elephant everyone knew was in the room.

Thinking I wasn’t getting it, my brother looked at me dead in the eye and actually commanded in a tone of voice I didn’t know was in him

“You ladies have been taking far too many risks this evening. Wearing your best glitter and walking about on your own while looking like runaway models from Tiffany’s.”

His eyes were going over each of us as he now was in his full lecture mode...

“Now ladies, Those gits out there may be trying nothing more harmful than getting your home numbers for a date. But I’d rather not risk it.”

With all of us girls now wicked worried, and our previously hazy alcohol befuddled minds finally thinking a bit more clearly, we really started to become rattled.

We all were sombrely quiet.

Ginny and I looked at each other than both at the unusually silent Micke. By the look in her eyes, I could see she was finally getting an inkling of the seriousness of the situation we were now in.

The two buggers In the silver car behind us were probably not as nice as she thought.

Lecture over, my

brother let out the clutch and let the Bentley drift back on the road.

I kept watch out the back, giving commentary as to what I saw.

The silver car pulled out and followed at the same distance, appearing not to be coming any closer.

We went down the hill and about half a kilometer down took the next turn.

It was a paved road, better lit than most.

The silver car also turned to keep up with our pace.

I saw my brother look at the review mirror to look at the headlights of the car following.

“I have a plan,” he said reassuringly.

Then blew our confidence in him whatsoever by adding.

“I hope this works?”

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