Shadows after Midnight

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Part 7: Hope this Works

Shifting gears, he started to speed up a little, letting the powerful engine do its thing.

The car following lagged for a few minutes but caught back up to us.

We were approaching a village.

Micke said in a quiet but hopeful from the backseat

“We can stop at the constable’s office?”

“Closed.” Was the grim answer from upfront.

Ginny has said it, with my brother nodding in agreement.

We entered the village.

There was a light in the centre that had just turned green.

Cars started to go through as two others pulled to a stop on the red side.

My brother slowed down and timing it perfectly, went through it as it turned red, having the cars waiting for honk at him.

He gunned the engine and flew down the road, then halfway down the block he turned down an alley, not letting up on his speed.

“Mother of God!” Ginny said as the close brick walls of the alley went hurtling past

Tires screeching my brother came out of the alley turning left on the village road.

I had been watching the silver car as we approached the light

The silver car had to stop to let the other two vehicles past but then ran the red light in hot pursuit.

We had only bought ourselves a few minutes, they would be in the alley by now.

Driving the Bentley, engine moaning a bit, down the road for a block, my brother turned into a dark churchyard, killing the sports cars’ headlamps

As my brother turned off the road, I saw the headlights of a silver car come into view turning out of the Alley

He pulled Rolls around the back of the small stone parish church and went on into the small graveyard with its moonlit stones looking like the jagged teeth of some creatures

“Are we safe?” Micke asked

“We are not out of the woods yet.” was my brother’s words of warning.

For we could see the other side of the road and soon a car slowly crept along that road crawling up to, then past, the small church we had taken refuge behind

My brother opened his door, then looking at the three of us, began his instructions...

“RIGHT, before they come back the three of you get out, head through the graveyard. “

Micke, sitting next to me shuddered ...

“A graveyard, no thank you cousin!”

I saw my brother’s eyes sternly look back at us in the rear-view and said in a commanding tone...

“We don’t have time to argue it...

On the other side is a small patch of woods and once through there, you will be at the back of a day school.

There are some dump bins located just off the school’s side parking lot.

Keep out of sight of the street and hide behind those dump bins

Don’t show yourselves until you hear me beep...”

As he finished, I hissed out a warning

“They’re coming back!”

Sure enough, they had turned around and were slowly coming back towards the church.

My brother yelled, snapping us into action...,

“Bloody ’ell get out now!”

The three of us scrambled out, as my brother closed his door, threw the clutch, and was moving before we barely had time to close our doors.

He pulled out and flew back out into the road.

The silver car pulled into the church driveway and whipped back out crunching the gravel as it went back out in pursuit of the Bentley.

Fortunately, our glittering figures were not caught in the cars’ headlight, we were bent down behind a small grey stone mausoleum.

The silver car pulled back onto the road and as we watched it sped up in pursuit of the Bentley.

Our hearts were beating from both fright and worry as we had all crouched down watching.

We then scurried out from behind the mausoleum.

It was quite the melodrama of a walk

We around the side of the church graveyard reaching the path through the woods.

We made then a beeline through the moist grass of the graveyard with its ancient and newer stone monuments.

With wet stocking feet, we reached the woods and slipped into the shadows of the trees.

Stopping for a breather, we looked around us, removing our pumps and heels to better walk along the path through the woods.

The moon was being sealed by a great bunch of dark clouds, which helped, along with a misty fog that was creeping in from the woods.

I whispered that we must have made a tantalizing picture, with our gowns fluttering and flowing down along our figures, Jewels sparkling as we were making our way to the woods.

Micke giggled behind us about what if the old pastor or a night watchman caught us here they both would have stories to tell about the glittering female ghosts in fancy dress haunting their small graveyard

Actually it would have been a quite funny statement if the situation wouldn’t have appeared to be so dire.

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