Shadows after Midnight

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Part 8: An Absconding

It was not easy going lifting our fancy frocks while gingerly traipsing through that patch of woods in our soon ruined stocking covered feet as we carried our heels and pumps

And I’m not sure when it started, but the song I’m no angel had started playing out in my head.

We suddenly lost the woods and found ourselves on an open cricket field

We checked that the coast was clear.

A dog barking off from somewhere broke into our thoughts and we ran the rest of the way across expecting school floodlights to be turned on betraying our trespassing

We gained the safety of the dark strip of shadow offered by the walls of the brick building ( was everything in this village made of bricks?). We then walked close to the wall as we watched all around us for any danger

We found the trash bins right where my brother had said and squeezed in behind them and waited

After an antagonizing long time, the Bentley finally pulled in and circled up to the dumpster. Hearing the horn beeping we peeked around the corner.

“Get in quick he yells, they are at the church!”

We left our hiding spot and crossed over to the car.

Suddenly we were all caught in a beam of light from a torch someone was holding at the edge of the woods we had just left.

The jewellery we were wearing came blazing into flickering life as we were almost to the sports car

No further prompting need we ran to the car, opening the doors and diving in

The torchlight had disappeared as suddenly as if had appeared.

As soon as the doors closed, my brother reversed the car and spun it around hard. Tossing us about like rag dolls!

He tore out of the parking lot

As we sped off he said the roads all dead end on this side.

“The only way out is back past the church, the way we came.”

That was something none of us wanted to hear

We drove past the school and turned the corner with the Bentley’s tyres squealing in protest.

Flying down the road we took another sharp turn back onto the church road.

As the church came into view we looked for the silver car. We spotted it sitting in the church’s driveway. It was Micke who saw the two black figures running from the graveyard towards the car.

Tearing past we came upon the alley so fast my brother almost missed it

Again taking the turn sharply throwing against each other, he threw the gearshift to get more power to speed down the alley,

Coming back out into the road he headed towards the traffic light

We girls were watching behind to see if our pursuers had caught up

There was no sign as we took a right at the light.

This road led to the runoff into the highway home, some 15 kilometers away

None of us had ever seen my brother drive this fast and he was definitely stretching the old Bentley’s endurance.

We drove like this for about 4 kilometres with no sign that any of the cars behind us having a bent headlight.

Ginny finally touched my brother on his shoulder and said...

“You have us all safe now lad, probably should be slowing down before we break down...”

Nodding he seemed to snap out of his urge to make sure we all were safe. His hand was gripping the clutch so hard it was white as a ghost. He geared the car down, shifting

into a slower pace

Still keeping watch on the road behind us it seemed an eternity before my brother said. The highway turnoff is just up ahead.

We reached the turnoff and took it at normal speed. Still no sign of a car with a crooked headlight behind us, only a couple of cars a bit further back.

Going into the mostly deserted highway we all finally felt safe.

As we drove towards home at a normal speed my brother explained what had happened after dropping us off behind the church

He explains that they had followed him to the end of the village

Parking the car and locking it he walked and watched

They had seen him get out alone as they pulled in a few car lengths back.

He had seen them get out and walking up, shined a torch into Bentley’s windows.

Then they dashed back to their car and drove back towards the church

He had run back to the car and turned in a drive and followed

“The hunted following the hunter.” I thought to myself

From the corner, he had seen them turn into the church

Turning right around he circled back to pick us up.

“I guess we’re safe now,” he said. “Just have no clue as to what they were up to?”

“Probably best we didn’t find out,” Ginny told him as she stroked his shoulder before nestling back into the seat, laying her head up against my brother’s side.

He kept both of his hands on the wheel, appearing not to notice.

As I said, my twin was a clueless git!

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