Shadows after Midnight

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Part 9: Pulling Through

We arrived back safely at Micke’s house around 2:30 am.

After helping Ginny slip out of her leather seat, she gave him a long lingering hug and a full kiss on the cheek.

As he helped Cousin Micke slide-out she hugged him briefly and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Both of the girls started to head inside

I waited for my turn and he opened my door and I allowed him to take my hand to help me out. I than enveloped him big long hug also. He held onto me as I said thank you.

I kissed his cheek before breaking away and we followed the others indoors.

Inside all four of us hit uncle’s small bar in the basement and had a couple of stiff drinks talking up a storm bout the evenings’ adventures.

I even mentioned the being dealt the jack of diamonds twice and my brother said we were lucky then it had not been a bad omen, and he explained to a curious Ginny and Micke the significance of the card.

I still couldn’t tell if he was being honest or spinning a fib.

At 3:26 with Micke half asleep, both Ginny and I yawned.

My brother looked at us...

“Time for bed sleepy heads”

He offered again one to stay the night, but we told him we are big girls and besides he already rescued us from danger.

We all again gave him hugs and kisses for being our hero.

I happily noticed that his hands were caressing along the soft touch of Ginny’s elegant gown for a lingering bit.

She had her eyes closed and I swear was purring.

He left us with a smug look on his face as he went upstairs.

Hearing the door shut, and soon afterward the Bentley starting up, we began to turn in.


Standing at the bar Ginny yawned again and said “Time for kip.”

I agreed and opening

my purse I began taking off the Rhinestone diamonds and placing them carefully inside. The others seeing me do so, followed suit.

After peeling off our evening gloves and laying them alongside our purses on the bar, we all looked at each outlet.

And started giggling for no reason.

“Night Ladies,” Micke said half yawning as she went to a cedar closet and pulled out her Mum’s long warm sable. Then without undressing, plopped down on the long couch by the stairs, covered herself up and nestled down in.

I saw she was still wearing my sapphire broach but was too tired to bother her over such a trivial matter.

Ginny and I went upstairs to the den to change into our nightclothes.

Then we came back down together.

Ginny was wearing a set of long-sleeved block satin PJs with matching trousers She settled in on the love seat that sat along the wall directly across from the bar.

Not having a fur, she took off the wool cover and used that for a blanket.

I was wearing my long Lacey purple satin nightgown and matching robe. I snuggled down in one of a pair of low recliners across from the couch where Micke was sprawled out along already soundly asleep. I used my matching purple satin robe as a poor excuse for a blanket as I jealously looked at the warm fur covering my sleeping cousin.

Ginny and I chatted for a brief time before all the stress of the evening soon took its toll. I think it was by 3:45 were all in a dead sleep.

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