Hotel California

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A short story that deals with topics such as Alcohol, drugs, sex, death, and addiction. Read to find out more my first story if taken the time to edit still a process hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 1:   Welcome 1969

His pale boney hands grip grew tighter on the wheel as he sped down the highway. The young man inhaled the smoke from his joint. He held it in as long as he could before breathing out, the smoke blowing back into his face momentarily blinding him. He was going well over the speed limit trying his best to escape the hell he called life and home as quickly as possible. He finishes off the joint flicking the remains out the window.

‘Holy fuck it’s late. I need to find somewhere to stay before I crash. I need some sleep…’ The young man thought, the weed and driving for so many hours had begun to make him tired.

He sees an exit and a small light so he turns down the exit. He turns the corner and is momentarily blinded by a big light coming from a big neon lit sign reading, Hotel California. He pulls into a spot and gets out of his car satisfied to have a stretch after driving for so long.

Damon dressed in bell bottom jeans, tan brown boots, a plain shirt and a brown jacket with tassles hanging. His hair reaches his shoulders a little wavy and fringe bangs growing.

Damon flips his head so his bangs are not in his eyes before picking up his big duffle bags and suitcase before walking determinedly towards the hotel.

“Welcome to Hotel California! Have a nice long stay. Relax and have lots of fun sir.” A doorman greeted the young man with a stretched smile and emotionless blank eyes.

He smiles back, feeling a chill down his spine he walks to the front desk. He comes face to face with a young woman no younger than 23.

“Welcome sir! Please sign in. oh we do love new people. So so fun!” the young woman said with unusual excitement.

The women seemed so out of it. Like she wasn’t all there. Along her arms he noticed marks… track marks.

“Thank you. My name is Damon, what’s yours?” Damon asked kindly.

“Oh what a lovely name for a handsome young fella like you. My name is Jessie.” She said giggling a little bit.

“Very glad to meet you Jessie. If you don’t mind me asking, how long have you been working here?” Damon asked the excited girl.

“Oh dear. I've been working here for ages. I remember when Marilyn Monroe came here in 1959! She had just finished a movie called, “Some like it hot.” She was so nice and fun to party with.” she said with longing eyes someone would have upon recalling a fond memory.

‘What kind of fucking drugs is she on?’ Damon asked himself getting weirded out by this crazy lady.

“Come! Come! I will show you to your room sweety,” Jessie said, jumping up grabbing a key and dragging him by the arm to an elevator.

She pressed the third floor and up they went. It was only then Damon noticed Jessie’s odd attire. Her hair and dressing style was one of the 50’s and 60’s. The elevator dings and the doors open revealing a long stretched hallway with many others around corners. They walked down the hallway lined with blue walls, somewhat shaded lights, and soft carpeted grounds. It feels almost as though you are walking on sand. They stopped as they reached room 314.

“Here we are sugar. If you need anything you know where to find me i hope you enjoy your stay here.” Jessie said with a soft smooth voice.

With a wink she walked out sauntering down the halls swaying her hips on purpose. Damon watched her walk away with longing eyes. It was like she had put him into a trance. As she turned the corner he snapped out of it and shook his head. He closed the door and fell onto the bed sighing. He got comfortable and soon fell asleep not knowing what was awaiting him in hours to come.

‘BANG BANG BANG’ Damon was jolted awake by someone knocking loudly on his door. He glanced at the clock, seeing it was 3 AM. he groaned getting up.

“Alright I’m coming fuck!” he yelled swinging the door open ready to yell, until he was stopped in his tracks by this beautiful women.

She was beautiful. Gorgeous, everything he could ever dream of. She had long hazel hair curled over her bare shoulder. A long strapless shiny black dressed matched with black heels and gloves that reached her elbows. She had pale skin, thin luscious red lips, dark makeup that complimented her seductive look in her eyes. With a smirk she outstretched her hand.

“A welcome gift for you Mister Damon. If you do not want this i can get you whatever you want.” the mysterious woman said showing him a tray filled with lines of white powder.

“How do you know my name? Who are you? What is that?” Damon said in a somewhat panicked tone.

The girl chuckled. “I know everyone that comes and well most times stay here dear. This baby is a real treat. It's been called many names but the most common of them is coke. My name is Misty.”

Misty walks past him and lays down on the bed purposely making her dress ride up her thigh. Damon turns to see her leaning on her elbows and smirking her eyes full of lust. He gulps feeling an odd feeling in his stomach.

“What can I get you darling? Because I can get you anything you want. Booz sex drugs anything dear. Just ask and you will get it right here, right now.” Misty says.

“Anything I ask you and you will give it to me? No questions asked?” Damon said, his voice shaky with anticipation.

“Yes anything you want baby.”

“Well give some of that treat you mentioned then.” Damon decided walking over and sitting next to Misty.

Misty then sat up and got a line ready for him and for her as well. She got out a five dollar bill already rolled up and took a line. She leaned her head back feeling a big rush of energy boosting through her. She smiled feeling the euphoric rush run through her. She began to giggle and turned to damon. She held out the tray and the five dollar bill pushing him to take his line as well.

Damon could not even process that misty was giving him his line. He was still in shock that he witnessed the effects of the drug. It made him nervous but also excited at the same time. He took the tray from her and took the line quick so she would not see the nerves in his eyes.

Misty giggled, noticing the nerves many men and women had the first time they tried a new drug. She leaned over so she was half on top of him and slid her hand up his shirt.

“How do you feel baby.” Misty said kissing his neck.

Damon sighed in pleasure leaning his head back in a state of pure euphoria. Both from the drug and misty.

“Good. I feel really fucking good. Holy shit.” Damons words slurring a little.

He wanted more. More drugs and more of Misty. He wanted to feel her to have her. So he did. He took two more lines and kissed her. She kissed back, getting on top of him.

“Do you want me? More drugs? What do you want Damon?” misty said, lust lacing her voice.

In reality Misty did not give a fuck about this boy or anyone else that comes and usually stays. She just wanted this to be done and over with. She was so bored. But she needed more money so she pulled through, every single time.

“I want both please.” Damon said, starting to feel a bit loopy from taking three lines of the coke.

She smiled and took off his belt and tied it to his arm. She took out a needle full of brownish liquid from her thigh strap. She looked at him for conformation and he nodded. His eyes still holding a lot of doubt and neves, but Misty couldn’t give a fuck. She started hitting an area on his arm where veins were. Once she thought it was numbed enough she pushed the needle in. Once it broke the skin she pushed the syringe and the liquid flowed out and into his veins.

Damon laid back and smiled. This was the best feeling he has ever felt. He felt so good and he never wanted to feel anything else but like this. He sighed, this is the happiest he has felt in years. His mouth was opening and closing but he couldn’t control it. He almost looked like a zombie. He turned to Misty and smiled. She smiled back but not with a real smile, he leaned in and kissed her. He got on top of her and began to give her hickeys all along her neck. She grabbed his hair and sighed, rolling her eyes. She just wanted this to be done quickly.

To get out of there quickly she began to undress herself and so did he. They got into the bed and she got on top of him kissing him. She then put him inside of her and they then had sex until Damon was satisfied enough.

The two laid side by side until Misty broke the silence. “ Do you like all of this? The sex and the drugs? Everything you can ever get or want at the tip of your fingers?”

“Yes I do. I wish I could always feel like this. All of this is amazing. I wish I had found out about this place sooner.” Damon replied, running his hands through her hair.

Misty gave him a fake smile and got up. She grabbed cigarettes off of the bedside table and lit one. She sighed, blowing out the smoke and began to dress herself. She picked up his clothes and threw them at him. He looked up to see her now holding a blank face holding no emotion. He watched as she took a long drag of her smoke and blew out towards him. He got up and began to dress himself as she began to speak.

“I can show you, show you the way to happiness. I can see in your eyes how sad and angry you are. Here in this place you can let everything go. I will be able to show and help you forget everything before here and find happiness you once felt. You will always be able to get anything and everything you’ll ever want, but I must warn you it does come with a price my dear. A price I had to pay, we all had to pay, and so will you.” Misty said to Damon circling him like a predator stalking its prey.

Damon turned to her and nodded his head. He then asked her, “what is the price?”

“You will have to stay here like me. I live here. But you must know, going down this path can be terrifying. Are prepared to never leave this place again?” Misty asked, dragging her fingers across his jaw eyes holding nothing, no emotion.

“Yes yes I am ready. Just show me the way.” Damon said shuddering under her touch, not thinking or taking Misty’s words into consideration.

Misty smirked then gestured for him to follow her. They left the room and entered the seemingly endless hallway and into an old looking elevator, like it has been there since the 50’s. They reached the bottom floor and the door dinged. Misty stepped out and Damon followed her to a door. She opened it and they began to journey down a dark path. After what seemed to be hours they finally found another door and entered.

Damon was momentarily blinded by such a bright light. When he finally opened his eyes he was amazed at the sight of everything. It was a huge room. It seemed to be a big living room with a bar, couches all around, space for dancing, and in the middle a big pool. There were laser lights flashing and spinning around the room flashing all sorts of colours. There was rock music blasting as well. There were so many people all over the place. Some sitting on couches, some drinking at the bar, others dancing, making out, some were even fucking. No one seemed to have a care in the world and seemed so happy. He wanted that he wanted whatever it took to be as happy as all of these people seemed to be.

Damon was in such awe he did not even notice someone in front of him and bumped into them. He looked up to see someone who resembled grately of Jim Morrison. This man nodded his head at him then turned to Misty and smirked and winked at her then walked off.

“Holy fuck Misty was that Jim Morrison?” Damon asked in awe.

“ Oh yeah, he comes in here pretty often actually. I’ve helped him out before. He is a very good customer.” Misty said like it is nothing.

“Helping him? How is it you helped him?”

“Fucking dear. Giving him sex, drugs, liqour, whatever he wants i must provide. That is my job. I give people whatever they want. It means making them stay longer as long as they stay satisfied and that is exactly what we need so me and the other girls and men who work here can make a living. Now shut up and come with me so we can get what you want, i have more important things to be doing right now.” Misty said getting frustrated she has had to spend so much time on someone who does not even pay that good.

Damon was confused, before Misty seemed nice, and sweet, but now she is acting so distant and bitchy. Damon sighed and realized he was lagging behind and caught up with her.

“Hey why are you acting so different now?” Damon said, grabbing her shoulder.

Misty sighed, rolling her eyes. “Listen I need money okay? The hotel wants more people. I give people the option of this luxurious never ending party and freeing lifestyle or going back to their most likely miserable lives. I am not your fucking friend. You wanted to try some new drugs and wanted a fuck, i gave it to you and by the looks of you you do not have lots of money so i did not ask for money. That was a fucking favour and now i will have to work twice as hard because what i gave you for free i could have got at least $800 from someone else more then that if they are rich. My job here is to make sure the guests are always happy and satisfied or they will not stay here anymore or they just won’t ever come back. Now go to that man sitting at the bar alone. He will get you anything you want, as for me i need to work.”

As Misty left Damon sighed feeling hurt and sad. He turned and walked towards the man sitting there and sat down next to him ordering a shot of vodka.

“What can i get you Damon? Drugs, sex? I got coke, heroin, weed, a few kinds of pills, LSD, I got lots, what do you want?” the man asked then sipped his beer.

“Heroine. Not too much though i guess i do not have lots of money right now i just ran-” damon was cut off by the man.

“Listen kid i do not give a fuck about your past or what your doing here i am selling now here take this it should shut you up. $200.” the man said, giving him a tiny baggy with brown stuff in it.

“On me here you go thomas.” A girl from behind said placing money in front of Thomas before grabbing the baggy.

The two men turned around to see Jessie standing there with a smile that seemed happy but also slightly empty and not real. Damon went to get up but Thomas grabbed his arm.

“Hey one more thing, do not go around telling anyone your sobb story. No one is going to feel bad for you, everyone here is trying to have a good time and be free and happy. You wont be getting any friends here if all you talk about is how depressing your fucking life is.” Thomas let go of Damon's arm and got up walking into the crowd.

Damon turned to Jessie and she giggled and nodded her head telling him to follow her. They left the whole underground living room and back into the dark hallway. Jessie grabbed Damon’s arm and slightly jogged over so they could get to the elevator quicker. Once they were inside Jessie pressed a button and the gates off the elevator closed. Jessie took a spoon and lighter out of her pocket and put some of the heroine on the spoon, then boiled it until it was liquid and took a needle from her pocket and put the liquid into the syringe. She did not even numb her arm before she put the needle in piercing her snow white skin, injecting the brown liquid. Just as it hit her the elevator dinged. Damon watched as her eyes rolled to the back of her head before she almost fell. He grabbed her am to secure her and she opened her eyes and giggled at him before handing him everything he needed to take a hit and skipped out of the elevator and jumped up and down.

Damon exited the elevator and looked around seeing that they were on the roof. He looked down at the spoon and heroine. He sighed and boiled it and got it ready before he stopped. He began to think if it is a good idea. He shook his head thinking of what Thomas had told him. He can't be boring and depressing. He sighed again.

“Fuck it.'' Then he injected the drug into his veins. He sighed in pleasure and felt pure happiness and euphoria. He smiled and moaned. This was the best thing he has ever felt. Better then sex even. He went over to Jessie and she grabbed his hands spinning the two around before they fell to the ground laughing side by side.

Damon smiled, he was in love with this drug and the feeling it brings. He never wanted it to stop and wanted to always feel like this forever.

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