Love, Susan

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Lyra's life used to be a dream. She had a perfect girlfriend and a close group of friends. Until one day, everything was shattered before her eyes. Her class took a field trip to a place known as Opal Creek, located in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Then everything goes wrong. Her girlfriend begins hearing a voice on the bridge, compelling her to jump. Her best friend is awakened at night by whispers that taunt her and a light shines from the ceiling of the cabin. Things begin to escalate quickly, plunging Lyra and her friends their own versions of hell. The history of Opal Creek is dark and twisted, a spiderweb of lies and at the heart of it, a little girl named Susan. Lyra and her friends didn't know why, but this place chose them. And it wasn't going to let go.

Mystery / Drama
Sophie Lee
4.5 2 reviews
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Lyra shouldn’t be out this late.
She lay down, the grass still wet from the rain. She stared up at the cloudy sky, mind whirling. No stars. Only a lone moon, riding low on the horizon.
Broken Moon, painted sky, she thought.

A gaggle of crows exploded from a nearby oak in a flurry of raucous caws. Lyra closed her eyes. A cold wind blew, mussing her hair and sending the tremors through the grass. The happy yelps of children echoed through the otherwise still night. Halloween. The day of the year she used to love the most.

Lyra dragged in a breath, and let it out in a cloud of condensation. Her eyes burned with tears that she refused to let fall. She slipped her AirPods into her ears.

Angel’s Song, by Arlo Parks, began to play. She closed her eyes and soaked in the sounds of the night. The crisp, cold October air. The far-off honking of car horns from somewhere in the city. Laughter. A burst of song issuing from a car radio as it sped past.

I used to be infinite.

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