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The Detective Next Door

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Have you ever heard something that you shouldn’t have? Or you actually did not but other’s thought you did, which eventually jeopardized your life. Rick, a young man who was diagnosed with many illnesses including asthma from his childhood, discovered himself in that situation. He was in a battlefield where he has no choice to step back. He meets up with a detective in New York where he started to work with him on the investigation. During the process they discovered some horrifying truths, which will be taking place, causing threat to the Nation’s security.

Mystery / Thriller
Parag Das
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Have you heard something that you wished later that you shouldn’t have? Or others thought you heard them, but the truth is you did not?

You might have or not, but I have. Unintentionally I jeopardize my life, but later I was really happy about it. My profession became my turning point of my whole life. And in one of the pages in my life, I learned that all profession can be dangerous or thrill depending on the situations.

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