Senses Reposed

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Chapter 88 - An Accident

Kale bit his lip, stepped forward, and threw out his arm. The bully had only enough time to turn his head. Nails seeped into the bully’s arm as if a fork stabbing a soft cake.

“Hey…” One of the boys beside the bully said while all the color from his face disappeared. He trembled and stepped backwards.

Kale felt nothing, in fact, he didn’t even notice what exactly happened. From what he understood, he felt he was so intimidating that his mere presence of standing up for Forrest scared had instilled fear.

“You guys need to stop bullying him!” Kale screamed.

The justice that ran through himself produced a grin upon his face as he stared at the bully. But, within a moment, Kale felt the bully’s arm as it shook in his grip, feeling something pool over his hand. Confused, he glanced at his hand now lathered in a deep crimson. The blood continued draining all the way down the bully and Kale’s arm. A single drop hit the floor and Kale winced and released his grip.

“What did you do…?” one of the bully’s friends gasped while another one of his friends took off running out of the room.

“I didn’t want to do this!” Kale retracted his hand and looked down at his nails that were protruding outward, dripping blood.

Everyone in the cafeteria had their eyes focused on the gruesome scene. No one moved, except for Hage who came running towards Kale.

“He deserved it,” Hage said, seeming to hide a grin as he spoke in a lower voice. “Don’t feel bad.”

Kale couldn’t believe what Hage was saying. No one deserved this kind of pain. No one in the class even showed any sign of interest in befriending Forrest, so why did Hage feel this was so deserved? Perhaps he was only trying to calm down Kale. But there was a look in Hage’s eyes that told him there was much he didn’t know.

A small pool of blood started extending over the cold hard floor, painting the bleak surface. Kale still couldn’t move an inch. What had he done? This was not what he wanted to do. This was too much.

“What did you say!?” the boy beside the bully shouted as he rushed towards Hage.

Kale’s legs were wobbling as he felt the room spinning. Hage really shouldn’t have said anything. Now they were both going to get hurt, not that Kale minded. What kind of monster rips through someone’s flesh. He deserved what was coming, even if they bullied Forrest. And there was no doubt that the boy knew Kale was about to lose his balance and wouldn’t put up much of a fight.

Through Kale’s disoriented vision he saw the other class’s students rushing towards the bully with rolls of paper towels and to and from the cafeteria. The bully’s friend continued to charge in closer, fists readied.

“Enough!” a voice boomed from behind Kale. However, the boy racing towards them didn’t halt an inch.

Hage readied himself, appearing to be slightly regretful of speaking, but he still held back a smirk. How would he be able to fight while helping keep Kale afloat? Kale’s body felt heavier and heavier as his mind raced with remorse.

The boy began to throw his fist as Hage jumped forward extending his, but someone interposed themself between them. Someone? Something?

“I said enough!” a burly figure with grayish green hair seeping from all parts of his body stood before them, wearing the same mashed potatoes that had been over Forrest’s hair.

“It was you…” Kale said as he fell to the floor as Hage’s grip on him loosened.

Hage and the rage filled boy froze as they stared at the beast before them. The whole cafeteria went into pandemonium.

“Monster! Monster!” Cries and screams filled the room as everyone darted towards the cafeteria doors. While all the children attempted their escape, a group of adults pushed their way into the room.

Kale’s vision faded to black as he laid on the floor.


In a bright white room Kale opened his eyes. Handcuffs shackled his arms and he was seated next to another student, Forrest.

“Oh you’re up?” Forrest said, flashing his handcuffs to him.

“What else happened?” Kale said, while examining his fingers.

“That other boy backed down, and cried.” Forrest smirked. “Guess I’m just that scary.”

“Yeah I saw that, I meant after the adults came in… Well, I guess I don’t have to ask if we are in here… Anyway, if that was you, why didn’t you just do that from the start?”

“Because if I told anyone, or tried anything, I would end up here. With handcuffs.”


“Yeah, oh well. It was bound to happen at some point. When I get too angry sometimes I can’t control myself.”

“Are you like a werewolf?!” Kale said, his eyes wide.

“No. I don’t know what I am or why this is happening. I guess it’s kind of like your nails.”

“But, I know why I have my nails, because of the medicine. You think the medicine did that to you?”

Forrest looked down at his feet. “Maybe? I don’t know. All I know is that I wasn’t like this before I started taking it. That’s why I was kind of relieved that someone else had something happen to them.”

“But, if you didn’t take the medicine you would have died!”

“Yeah, maybe I’d rather be dead than be a monster…”

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