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“A not so old man dies in his sleep, a wealthy amount of money to inherit. Coincidence? I think not!” Cecilia declared. In the old manor inhabiting Corrys grandparents something tragic happens. Someone is dead, and it’s not just a tragic accident. It’s murder.

Mystery / Children
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Chapter one

Corry sleepily opened his eyes. His head rested in Cecilias. Her nose was in a book, Agatha Christie’s murder on the orient express. He lifted his head away from her shoulder and tried to make himself more comfortable on the uncomfortable train seat. Cecilia smiles at him.

“Finally, I was nervous to move in case I woke you up.” Cecilia said.

“How much longer?” Corry asked, still half asleep.

“About ten minutes until we reach the station.” Cecilia answered, “So is Unceday going?”

Corrys eyes began to close as Cecilia poked him.

“Huh what?”

“I said, is your Unceday going?” Cecilia asked again.

“Yeah.” Corry sighed.

He didn’t want Rita to come, this would be the first proper bonding time he would get with Ionlay and he didn’t want Rita there to ruin it. He looked over at Cecilias watch to see the time, five minutes until they reached the station.

“So are we just going from the station to your grandfathers house?” Cecilia asked.

“I think so.”

“What about Ionlay?” She asked.

“Oh we’re meeting him there.” Corry answered.

“Do you think he’d be excited to see his dad?”

“How am I supposed to know?”

“Just a question.” She mumbled.

Corrys mind went back to the phone call where he’d called Corrys grandpa a miserable old swine.

As the train stopped he felt Cecilia grab his hand and drag him out of the train. He nearly dropped his suitcase as Cecilia pulled him away. As people rushed past them Corry looked for his dad when someone ran up to him and hugged him. Corry stumbled back in surprise as they hugged him. When he realised who it was he immediately hugged Ollie back. It was the first time he’d seen his brother since the accident, the boy in the hospital wasn’t Ollie. They stood hugging for a few minutes whilst Cecilia just watched.

“Corry you can let go you know.” Ollie said.

“I know.”

As Corry let go Ollie looked at Cecilia. A look of worry formed on Ollie’s face as he looked at her clearly not recognising her,

“Who are you?” Ollie asked quietly.

“Oh that’s Cecilia.” Corry answered, “Don’t worry you won’t know her.”

“I met Corry after he made a fool of himself on the train to Cardenal.” Cecilia explained as Corry glared at her.

“Oh, well I’m Ollie.” Ollie said, putting out a hand for Cecilia to shake.

“I know.” Cecilia said, shaking his hand.

“So, are you going to stay at the manor with us?” Ollie asked.

“Yes I’m staying with you. Now come on Corry we’re going to be late where is your dad?” She asked

“Oh dads over here.” Ollie said as he lead them past the crowds and over to Corry and Ollies dad.

Rita stood next to their dad wearing an orange turtleneck, navy blue jeans, golden hoop earrings and her golden brown her was tied in a messy bun. She looked disapprovingly as the the trio walked up to her.

“Oh, there’s three of you now.” Rita groaned, “Last time I checked there were only two of- oh Harvey! Con- Corry and his, friend have arrived.”

“Oh hey buddy.” His dad said, ruffling Corrys hair, “And this must be Celine.”

“Cecilia.” She corrected him stiffly.

“Right sorry, well we best get into the car. Your grandfather was very adamant about being on time.” His dad said as he lead them out of the station to the car.

As they quickly all got into the car Rita began to complain about why Cecilia was there,

“Oh don’t worry, I don’t want to be with you either. But we can’t all get what we want. Not all of you just Rita.” Cecilia snapped.

Corry stared at Cecilia in awe then he looked back at his dad. He was silent. Corry could’ve never gotten away with saying that. Before he went to Cardenal he’d gotten scolded for telling Rita that she had the music on to loud. Ollie gazed out of the window ignoring everything going on the car, not that much was going on. Ollie kept swinging his legs up and down, purposely hitting the back of Rita’s chair. She opened her mouth to protest but immediately closed it, she knew if she said anything bad to Ollie she’d be out of the car quicker then she’d managed to get Corry into Cardenal.

“So, Ollie, are you looking forward to seeing your grandpa?” Cecilia asked.

Ollie nodded shyly, looking from Cecilia and at his feet. He began to fiddle with is fingers, something Corry did.

“Corry, are you looking forward to seeing your grandpa?” She asked, hoping that a conversation would strike.

“I, I don’t know.” Corry answered truthfully.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Cecilia enquired.

“Well I’m excited to see him, but Ionlay didn’t sound to happy when I mentioned him.” He explained.

“Who’s Ionlay?” His dad asked.

“My uncle.”

“Isn’t his name was Arnold?” Rita asked.

“It’s Anthony.” Corry stated.

“Anyways, do you know why he wasn’t happy when you mentioned him?” Cecilia asked.

Corry could see her reaching into her her satchel to pull out a brand new notebook,

“Put the notebook away.” Corry hissed quietly, “And no I don’t.”

He turned to look at his brother but Ollie has gone back to gazing out of the window. Corry looked at his dad, he looked exhausted.

“Dad, are you ok?” Corry asked.

“Huh, oh yeah. I’m ok.” He answered.

“Are you sure?” Corry enquired.

“Yes I’m sure.” He snapped, “It’s just hard to wrap my head around this whole thing! We’re supposed to visit your grandfather who was never mentioned to me in ten years of marriage along with some uncle who was also never mentioned and this uncle turns out to be some teacher who helped you find a missing girl and arrest another fifteen year old girl!”

Corry opened his mouth and closed it, it sounded really weird when you said it all out loud,

“Well, that is what happened.” Corry said, as if it made the situation normal.

Cecilia was now looking down at her feet and her face had gone the tiniest shade of red,

“That is what happened?” He said again, but this time it was a question directed at Cecilia.

“Of course it was.” Cecilia muttered.

“What do you know?” Corry asked quietly.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“You know perfectly well what I mean.” He snapped.

“No I don’t.” She insisted.


Corry looked back at Ollie who was watching them talk. He looked rather sad, but wasn’t saying anything. His big brown and green eyes filled with worry and sadness,

“So Ollie, what’s your favourite subject?” Cecilia asked.

“Science.” Ollie replied quietly.

“Oh,” Cecilia said, “I don’t mind science it’s just that the teachers make it so boring. When I was in hear seven I spent half an hour looking at onion cells.”

“You do remember that Ionlay is our science teacher right?” Corry asked.

“Yes I know that, but it doesn’t make the lessons anymore interesting.” She stated, “Anyways, my favourite lesson is History. Would’ve been English but all we do is right about what that one word in Shakespeare’s plays symbolise. I bet you half the time writers add something in they do it so the book is longer or just because they want to. Not because it has some deep meaning. Corry what’s your favourite subject?”

“It’s, actually I’ll let Ollie answer.” Corry said.

Ollie opened his mouth but no words came out.

“Is it um, F.T?” Ollie asked hopefully.

“Sad you had to ask me but yes it is.” Corry said.

“Really? You like F.T?” Cecilia asked surprised.

“Well it’s ok, I just like the baking aspect of it.” Corry explained.

“Oh, I was going to say. When we made the bolognese sauce you looked as if you wanted to chuck it out the window.”
Cecilia said.

“Well that’s only because Mr Barton kept nagging me about how the sauce was flavourless.” Corry snapped.

“I wouldn’t have been able to eat that.” Ollie said.

“Why not?” Cecilia asked.

“I’m allergic to tomatoes.”

“So Ollie, what’s your favourite animal?” Cecilia asked.

“Um, I like golden tamarins.” Ollie answered.

“I like them too.” Cecilia said.

Ollie nodded his head and turned to his brother with a help me look on his face. Corry knew his brother was absolutely awful when it came to social interactions and conversations, but Cecilia wasn’t going to start asking personal questions. At least Corry hoped she wouldn’t.

“Keep it down back there, I’ve got a splitting head ache.” Rita moaned.

“Ignore her.” Corry whispered to Cecilia.

“No need to tell me, I was going to.” Cecilia said.

“Are you in Corrys form?” Ollie asked so quietly that Cecilia and Corry could barely hear him despite sitting right next to each other.

“Yes I am.” She answered.

“And your house is Oak, isn’t it?” Ollie asked.

“Yes we’re in Oak.” Corry answered.

Cecilia turned back to Ollie and began to ask him more questions, he kept looking back at Corry for help with the conversation but Corry just kept mouthing that he was going to be fine.

Corrys eyes began to close and the next thing he knew someone was jabbing his back.

“Corry wake up.” Cecilia hissed, “Did you sleep at all last night?”

“No, I was to excited.” Corry answered.

“Well we’re here now, this is the manor.” Corrys dad declared.
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