Lake of Hope & Dreams-Butterfly Island 3

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The continuing story of the book series, Lake of Hopes & Dreams, that I've been writing for one & half plus,.years...This portion of my story takes place on Butterfly Island.., throughout most of the story... There will be some history of the beliefs, myths. lures that have to do with butterflies fluttering about the Island...An Island of Great Beauty and Serenity, most of the time, but every place has its faults and Misfortunes for one reason or another...Good, Bad, or Indifferent, in many situations... Will Gary & Crystal be caught in the middle of something while visiting the Island on a few day Holiday, before Gary has to return to Dream Island? Will their love for one another, get them through, possible, Trial and Tribulation, they may have to face, once again? Butterflies are one of the Natures' most beautiful/amazing creatures...fluttering like a free spirit...Spiritual transformation is difficult & painful...Transformation requires growth/change for our souls can fly free...Sometimes change can be scary, the outcome usually unknown, but it's only by stepping into the darkness, like a caterpillar inside the cocoon... Dreaming of butterfly usually a favorable/positive sign...butterfly symbol, associated with, Joy, Bliss, Elegance, ease/ Positive Change... Dreaming about butterflies, in general, can indicate some sort of transformation, creativity, and wealth.......

Mystery / Romance
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( 1 ) Butterfly Island

Finally, they arrived at the beautiful Island about noonish, so they decided to eat lunch before getting off the boat to explore...

From the perfect start of the day, as far as they were concerned...Gary and she became engaged on the boat on the way to the Island...

But what waits before them was unsure...

Will the joy and love they now share as one, be Strong and Steadfast as they hope it to be?

They finish lunch and went to explore the Island and it's hidden secrets...beautiful in its own way, only a few have seen...Gary had been there a few times before...when he needed a place to relax and recuperate from his duties of Magical Realm and Homestead...

Why do they call it Butterfly Island? I haven't seen a Butterfly since we got here...

Come on, I'll Show You...he took her hand in his...and off they went...There's an area of the Island where most Butterflies congregate, an area that offers them plenty of nourishment, for almost, all, Butterflies species, know to man today...

So, how many butterfly species are there? Crystal asked.

Why do you ask? Gary replied.

Curious I guess, Do you have an idea?

Some, but, from what I've studied, between 17,000 - 19,000...but that all over the world...Gary answered.

What about the Island? Crystal asked.

About, 750 plus...What all the questions about Butterflies, If I may ask...

Ever since you asked me to marry you, my mind has been flooded with the kind of Wedding, I'd like to have When we get married... I know, I'm jumping the gun, per se, but that's all I think about...I'm Sorry Gary...

It's alright...totally understand...we're almost to the area of the Butterflies...You'll love it, I promise...


Written By: Cindy L. Rasey

Oct. 11, 2020

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