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the two nicest people are having a wedding. so why anyone would murder them? That's for detective Jonathan Krane to figure out!

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Garry and Linda had been dating for two years before Garry had asked her to marry him.

Linda was a kind botanist and Garry owned a recycling plant in washington. They both cared about the Earth, along with their siblings, Rhea and Johnny.
Johnny worked as a detective for 55th precinct and Rhea worked as a phycologist at an Asylum for the mentally sick.
The whole family were best of friends and they all cared for each other and the Earth.
The people loved them, people tell Garry run for mayor, run for mayor but if he had ran for mayor, he knew his motivation would be corrupted if he had ran for mayor. He would only do good deeds for publicity and things like hat... like every corrupt politician ever.
Garry and Linda were the kindest people on the planet it would seem! Beloved by everyone that came their way.
Which made their murder the hardest case to solve in history.
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