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This story is about a girl name Anna who faces some paranormal activities in her home which leads her find some extraordinary secrets and truths which leads her experience nightmares for several months. Read the story to find out!

Mystery / Thriller
Reema Gupta
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Anna,had always loved Alabama just because its her birthplace.It was a place where she felt concerned,relaxed. Just because she worked in another town,she came to visit Alabama during holidays to relax. It also reminded her about her parents who were no more in the world .In Alabama when she came there during her holidays to relax, she lived in a place that was very much quite and calm. She was a spiteful, brave, tea drinker with skinny legs and curvaceous arms. Her friends saw her as an agreeable angel.

Anna,had always loved Alabama just because its her birthplace.

It was a place where she felt concerned,relaxed. Just because she worked in another town,she came to visit Alabama during holidays to relax. It also reminded her about her parents who were no more in the world .In Alabama when she came there during her holidays to relax, she lived in a place that was very much quite and calm. She was a spiteful, brave, tea drinker with skinny legs and curvaceous arms. Her friends saw her as an agreeable angel.

Once, she had even rescued an old lady from a burning building.

That's the sort of woman she was. It was late evening in the mid-winter. Sipping her hot tea,wearing sweaters ,Anna walked over to the window and reflected on her calm surroundings.

The snow flurried like thinking dogs.Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Adam.

Adam was a monster with greasy legs and squat arms. Anna considered Adam as a monster just because he teased little children.At first,Anna thought Adam was a good-hearted person but when she heard that he teased little children,she understood that he was very bad from inside. Anna gulped. She was not prepared for Adam. She went outside.As she stepped outside, Adam came closer, she could see the terrific glint in his eyes. Anna understood that Adam had come to do something wrong.He said, in hushed tones, "I hate you and I want Revenge!"

Anna, literally confused:"What happened Adam?Why do you hate me?Why you want revenge?What heinous crime I have commited?"Actually Anna and Adam were lovebirds.

They first met in the first year of their university because they both studied in the same university and fell in love in the first sight.That was the start of Adam and Anna's love.They started to meet each other frequently.Started having tea,coffee together in the canteen.

Everything was going well for the first year-they both truly fell in love.They were even going to introduce each other to their parents.But a certain misunderstanding led to their breakup.

Actually,on the day Adam was going to propose Anna,he saw Anna with another boy whom he thought was proposing Anna .Actually,he was not proposing him with a ring but actually,both Anna and the boy clashed with each other in hurry.On the respective day,the other boy was going to propose another girl and Anna was going to Adam because he called her but just because both of them were in a hurry,he clashed with Anna,and when Anna was giving him the bouquet of flowers after picking up the flowers,at the same time Adam reached the spot and thought Anna was in relationship with the other boy which was a totally misunderstanding.She got sad and more sad and still confused."Adam, I didn't take revenge from you.I loved you,because of misunderstanding,our relationship got broke!"She explained the whole story to him but he didnot believe it as true and kept repeating the same words.He said"How can I believe you?You have broken my trust!"

"I didn't!",said Anna."But,I will take revenge!"-said Adam.After that,he went away but Anna could see a revenge glint in his eyes.

Anna got very scared when she heard this.She decided she would not inform the police. She just informed her new boyfriend,George who was a very good looking boy.

She tried to convey Adam but he always cut her call.She even sent emails,WhatsApp messages,letters but none of them worked.Anna felt herself as the guilty.

She decided she would go to Adam's house to say sorry.On a fine day,probably after 2-3 days of the incident,Anna decided she would visit Adam's house to convey him. As, Adam's house was not far away from her house, reached there in 10 to 15 minutes. She knocked the door but nobody responded.

Once again, she knocked the door but nobody responded. She kept knocking the door yet nobody responded. Just because Adam lived alone in the house,Anna thought that he was sleeping so, she decided to phone him just because Adam always kept the phone with him she phoned him yet he did not pick up the call.

So, she decided to go into the house. She saw one of the window open and went inside the house through it.

And to her amazement, Adam was lying on the floor with blood coming out of chest, legs etc.

"Oh my God!"- screamed Anna.

She went close to Adam. She wanted to see whether Adam was alive or not but he was dead.

She phoned the police, the police came investigated the crime scene and went away.

When,the postmortem was done of Adam's body, it was found that he was attacked many times by a knife. Thus, the police started investigating the case. They searched the house but found no clue. They even went to Anna's house and are recorded her sentence.She told them the whole story and after that the police left her house. Now,Anna stared thinking herself as the guilty.But, she was a little tensed just because she wanted to know who killed Adam?The police declared Adam's death as a suicide where he attacked himself by a knife and killed himself thus,commiting suicide.After 2 days of Adam's unexpected death,Anna started to fill something unexpected. She felt like someone was following her and when she turned to see who was following her,there was no one. One day, while she was sleeping,she felt that somebody was sleeping with her but actually there was no one. At that particular moment, the lights started blinking they started to get on & off. Anna got scared from this and thought what was happening with her.Suddenly, she saw something whitish type of thing in her room.

She asked herself-"Why am I facing this kind of paranormal activities?"She decided that she would consult a paranormal activist.After consulting the paranormal activist,when the paranormal activist came to her house, they told that her house has been possesed.Invesigating further, the paranormal activist found out that it was the soul of a guy who has been dead recently. He asked whether any of her relatives or friends(male) have been dead recently and then Anna suggested Adam's name. When the Paranormal activist investigated further,he found out that it was Adam's soul only! The Paranormal Activist caught Adam's soul temporarily. For a first days, everything was normal but after a few days and Anna started to behave like a weirdo.

There was a worker in her house. One day ,late night she started to say something weird most probably a very old language.Once again, the next night she once again started saying the same language and started repeating the same words which she was repeating the previous night.She was sometimes caught on the road,sometimes here and there.

The servant took her to different doctors,yet the doctors could not understand what disease she had.

The servant thought once again to contact the the paranormal activist.When The Paranormal activist came to Anna's house, he felt something extraordinary , something very terrifying.He said that the house has been possessed by a very strong soul. When the paranormal activist came close to Anna, she started to utter the weird words once again which she uttered every night. The Paranormal activist at once understood that Anna was possessed.

He told the servant to leave the house for a day. Then, the Paranormal Activitist decided that he would free Anna from this terrifying soul he started to do all the rituals to free a person from a demonic soul. Anna got very hurt while experiencing the rituals just because her body was possessed and the spirits inside her gave her very much hurt.When The Paranormal activist enquired whose soul was in Anna,the posessed body replied that he was Adam.Then,the paranormal activitist asked that how he had been freed evenif he had been caught by the paranormal activist earlier.Then,Adam soul in Anna's body said that the paranormal activitist daughter had freed him.He attracted his daughter by his voice to the room where Adam's soul was locked.The paranormal activist daughter opened the room which led to freedom of Adam's soul.

The Paranormal activist once again said that why he was troubling Anna if she had not done anything to him.At, first the soul was not ready to reply him,so he left the body.At the same time,Anna stood up and asked what was happening with her.The paranormal activist said that she has been possesed by Adam's soul.Anna asked something to eat.At that time,the Paranormal Activist had some sandwiches only with him.He gave her. While she was eating the sandwiches once again,Adam's soul came into Anna.

After seeing Adam soul in Anna, he said that he had not committed suicide, he had been murdered. Then,the Paranormal activist asked who had done his murder.At first,Adam's soul did not tell this but once again after doing some rituals,he told that Anna's new boyfriend George had done his murder The Paranormal activist told him to tell the entire story. Then Adam's soul told the entire story-" I was feeling very guilty when I said Anna the words that I wanted to take revenge from her.After hearing her entire story,I thought that I would go to Anna and ask her to forgive me.

I was preparing only when suddenly,George,Anna's new boyfriend came there to my house and said that he wanted to introduce himself to me.I agreed. When we were talking ,at a particular time the revenge topic aroused and George,Anna's new boyfriend asked me that why he had said this to Anna,then I said that I had not known the story at first, after listening to the story,I trusted Anna and was actually going to say sorry but George didnot trust him because he thought that Adam was going to harm Anna just because I said that I was going to take revenge against her.And so,George took a knife out from his pocket and attacked Adam several times until he became lifeless.

Then, he took the knife with him,came out of the house and threw the knife in a river to remove all the clues.George did this just because Anna could be protected from Adam.He didnot want Adam to take revenge on Anna because he loved Anna very much and didnot want her to suffer any difficulty.This things George said to me when I was dying.The paranormal activist got very sad and very terrified when he heard this.The Paranormal activist thought that it was better to say the police about this.At first, the police did not believe the paranormal activist but when the paranormal activist demonstrated this live in another dead body infront of the police, the police believed him and arrested George.George was sentenced to jail for 15 years.

After George was sentenced to jail Adam soul left Anna's body forever and went for the heavenly tour to heaven.

When the paranormal activist said this all to Anna,no expression could be seen on her face.She felt happy as well as sad.She felt happy just because the real murderer was caught and Adam's soul got freedom and she felt sad just because she was THE MURDERER'S GIRLFRIEND !

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