Flower of Death

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It was never a fulfilling sight to see someone die in front of our very eyes. What more for a ten-year-old child who was destined to kill when she turned 11? Growing up from an elite family of assassins was never as elite as it said. Prestigious as it may sound, it was never a life anyone with conscience would enjoy. That may be the only reason why a certain girl was raised in a manner that abolished conscience’s very presence. Eris Rozentilla was the first woman born to the family. Her birth was never intended to happen. Her whole being shook the whole garden of assassins. A lady could never handle the macabre responsibilities a first born shall take. That is an unspoken rule within the garden. Her childhood screamed blood and her empty eyes shouted death. Her life carved her to be one without conscience or so what the others thought. She was the single flower from the garden that stood out not because of its presence but its deviance. In a world of black and white, Eris was the red one. She chose darkness to hide her miscreant entirety. She abandoned chastity.

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

It was exactly seven years ago when that horrendous experience occurred. Seeing my father’s only friend beheaded in front of my very eyes was an experience that hunted me down up until this day. I still remember my father’s mournful face that faded easily for anyone to notice.

My memories of that man are vague. At the tender age of eleven, I am welcomed with the cruelness of reality. That man is the only friend considered by my father and is the only one who can make my father smile even for a bit. He was killed brutally in front of us. I can still remember him looking at me grinning on the verge of his cruel death. I didn’t know what to feel at that time. I still have no clue what to feel about it today.

The reason for his demise is still unknown. All I know is that he was the head of Titania Familia. I can still remember my mother telling me not to come near that man.

Why would my prim and caring mother tell me that?

That was contrary to what history is saying. Alexandrus Titania led the blackened world of ours to recognition and prosperity. He was an honorable man or at least that is what the books are pertaining.

“Eris,” Louie called me.

His presence caught the attention of other servants. I expected much from someone that can stand being with Rozentilla Familia. His beguiling appearance was convincing that I would probably be deceived if I do not know how he started.

Louie Kim is innocent but deadly. His fair skin emphasizes his parlous eyes and his gaze is enigmatic. I still don’t know how he is able to maintain his lean build that contrasted his tall stature. I have known him for six years and I know he would rather sleep than exercise. A job can be done as early as possible with a guy as lazy as him by my side but no matter how responsible he is, I still can’t show him one card from my deck. Capability is different from trust.

“Allerick is asking for your presence.”

It has been six years since I met you. There is something mysterious about you that is preventing me to trust you completely. We’ve known each other for six years but I am aware that you are keeping something because your background is too clean for you and there is still a piece that doesn’t fit you at all.

Your past is a lie. You can fool everyone about your memoir but I know a miscreant when I see one. Flowers with the same color are both dominants anyway.

“I’ll go.”

I can never get used to this extravagant room filled with gold and pearl. It was so clean that it doesn’t fit the family even one bit. My grandfather’s taste is de rigueur but it just doesn’t suit our family. The reason behind this may be because of my late grandmother.

All of a sudden, I felt the cold sensation once again. I could tell that it was sharpened to the core. This is the third this day. He held his dagger close to my neck but I know he wouldn’t dare hold it closer because I already have my dagger pointed directly to his right carotid artery.

I had experienced plenty of these attempts that I was not a bit surprised. I know what to do whether I was aware or not. If only I did not see my grandfather’s shadow near the door, this amateur is already gone. This might be a test of courage for this novice.

My grandfather’s laughter filled the room. He entered the room clapping like a weird old man that he was. Behind his outgoing personality was a vicious and sadistic man.

“To what do I owe the pleasure to be invited?”

It was always a game of mystery talking to my grandfather. He was someone who can manipulate anyone without batting an eye. My grandfather only aged by number while his physique and intellect were almost the same as before and that may be the reason why my father could not replace him yet.

“Don’t be too cautious, Eris. It’s not like I’ll let you die that easily. You’re my granddaughter after all.”

That was exactly why I had to be cautious, Allerick.

“I’ll try my best, Allerick.”

He once again laughed while leading us to sit down. I still have no idea who the novice was and why exactly was he sitting beside me. Allerick must have noticed it.

“This man is a new recruit. What’s your name again?” Allerick informed smugly. I never expected him to give special treatment to a servant other than Louie. It’s either this novice was another pawn or another enemy.

“Laurent,” he introduced himself with this smile I so despised. He offered his hand that I chose not to return. What was my grandfather thinking?

Laurent faked his cough trying to get my attention. I looked at him making sure he knew where to stand and it looked like he got the point as he withdrew his hand. I am not someone as friendly as my grandfather and I treat everyone as a potential enemy.

Does it even matter having a friend knowing they’ll be killed one day?

“Now, where were we?”

My grandfather easily diverted our attention to him with those words holding authority.

The room suddenly erupted from tension. I could see the fright from the servants’ gestures. My grandfather was someone no one would mess with and every person in this manor was aware of it.

“A week from now, there will be a garden meeting. At that time, you’ll execute a mission,” Allerick commanded seriously.

A garden meeting at this time of the year?

Why would all the heads of every familias gather as early as this month?

“Eris, I need you to bring Louie and Laurent with you.”

I could tell from my grandfather’s tone that I have no say in this one. I wanted to respond but I know my limitation. I may be talking to my grandfather but he was still the head of the Rozentilla Familia and I am obliged to follow his command as per tradition.

When my grandfather left the room, the people became at ease for a bit. I could hear their deep breathing that I had gotten used to whenever any of us arrived but the impact of the head of a Familia is a different hit to anyone’s day.

For Allerick to go to such lengths as to invite me over dinner, this must be a serious mission and a lot were at stake. But if so, why did he give me another baby to spoon feed?

As I walked through the dark hallways of this base that was never a home, I could see the frightened expressions of the servants that they tried to hide by bowing down. Their nervous stances were enough for me to know how terrified they were…of me. I chose to look straight ahead ignoring everyone like I always do. It was not like I can change their opinions otherwise. They knew what I could do that was why they reacted like that. This was the way I will live for the rest of my life whether I like it or not.

“This place is massive!” I heard Laurent’s loud voice. He was the loud and gutsy type of person. It occurred to me how similar Laurent was with Louie in terms of their physique only that Louie was always wearing his game face on. Laurent had this friendly aura almost similar to Allerick’s.

After several distances, I actually thought they were just going on the same way but they were actually following me. I do not remember allowing them to follow me just because Allerick asked me to take them but it’s not like I could do anything about it. I was still on my family’s leash. I am aware that I couldn’t break free yet so I’d rather be patient. Don’t let Lou and Lau waste your time.

“So where are we going?” the new recruit’s loud commentaries were starting to irritate me. I never liked loud noise. I kill them immediately. This Laurent guy was really lucky that Allerick may need him but that doesn’t mean I will always abide by my grandfather’s plans. I have plans of my own and this guy was not a part of it so I can eliminate him anytime.

Louie handed me a red envelope. It had the mark of the Rozentilla Familia meaning that I have another mission from my father. My father was really loyal to Titania Familia like he was their servant. On the other hand, Allerick never sent me something like this as he chose to meet me in private for a reason I do not know. Being a firstborn was never easy if you are in the garden especially being prejudiced because of being a lady but at least I was given plenty of chances to prove my worth through their acceptance doesn’t really matter to me.

I could see several names as I read through my mission. There are four members from the Quin family and their servants were excluded. I could estimate it around twenty servants.

“Louie, prepare four glasses when I go back.” I could do this on my own. I don’t need Louie to calm me down anymore. I had been controlling myself for six years so this mission will be fine.

“How about me? What should I do?” Laurent was a distracting fellow. As much as I want to eliminate him on the spot, I couldn’t because he was under Allerick’s protection. Killing this novice was like fighting against my own family and I was not ready yet. Maybe I could use this opportunity to test him. So, I’ll take him, it is!

I could sense that Laurent was following me. He was good for a newbie because he could hide his presence very well. If I have never been confronted by plenty of assassins every day, he could kill me. I could see his potential by the look of his eyes right now. He was an interesting fellow only that I hate things that could capture my interest because they will turn into a distraction. I have no time to suffice my fascination.

When we reached the Quin family’s territory, we were welcomed by twenty servants outside like they knew we were coming. Perhaps, Allerick may have informed them of our arrival. He was truly a loving grandfather!

My grandfather and my father contradicted each other. Allerick chose to lead Rozentilla Familia until his last breath while Senri chose to be the government’s lapdog just because he knew he can’t beat his father. It's a good thing that I don’t have to choose a side because I won’t choose either of them since I have no interest in being controlled for my entire life. I will let them use me until it was time to effectuate my plans.

Now, I have no time to waste on this mission that man had given me. I can bet my inheritance that this family had nothing to do with my father. What did this family do to the Titania Familia?

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