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Prisha Agrawal, a 23-year girl who has a terrible past. It's taken her 1 years to overcome her living nightmare what happens when her past comes again to catch up with her? when she joined the Malhotra's company as a CA, on her first day she found out that her boss is a person with whom she peeks a fight for a silly mistake she has done. she thought to leave the company to keep her peaceful life stable but she was held back by a deal, a deal which may ruin her life or ruin his reputation. Parth Malhotra, a 27-year businessman. Malhotra's group of industries was passed down in their family from three-generation and now he is fourth. he is well known for his business strategy and his hard-working personality. He got everything, money, luxury, loving parents, looks and a body to die for. But then also he is not satisfied. He is looking for the missing piece of his life which he lost 2 years ago. But what happens when looking for the missing piece he comes across a stubborn troublemaker, who tends to make him feel emotions which he lost 2 years ago. *********************************** Join this beautiful and suspenseful journey of a troublemaker and a businessman I am not going to disclose, the secrets this book hold. you have to peep in to find it.;-)

Mystery / Romance
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Please don't point out on my grammar mistakes, I am aware of that and just to let you know English is not my first language so please bear with this.


"You know what, just leave it. I haven’t seen any man like you. Oh sorry! You can’t be a man, you’re an animal in the name of man. I am cursing the day when I joined this ridiculous company of yours. I so wish, that I can go in the past and change everything, that I haven’t met you, shouldn’t have expected that piggy-ish mail, because of you, my life is wasted, because of...” I couldn’t complete myself as the animal in front of me caged me between the wall and none other than himself. In my long-lasting boss-abusing speech, I was so engaged that I didn’t know when he started coming towards me and I being stupid, had started going backwards.

“What did you say? Hmm, I am an animal?, ya I am so what! But you haven’t seen my worst animal side still now and if you want I can show you how animalistic I can be in bed." Lust was a clear emotion in his eye, as he glanced up down my body, staring at every curve, taking his time. I was feeling uncomfortable along with the position which we were standing in now. Disgust is the emotion that I am feeling now along with anger.

His hands were holding my wrist above my face. His cold breath was touching my lips. There is pure lust in his eyes as he eyed on my breathing breast. Disgust is clearly showing on my face, much to his irritation.

“What! ha? seems like you’re feeling disgusted because of me. How sweet,” he said evilly coming closer to my face, if that’s even possible. I try to slide my face to another side as I don’t want to touch even a single hair of his but he moved his other hand to forcefully cup my face so I could not move it. “But remember one thing after doing that with me there will be the satisfied look on your face and you will be moaning my name with that not so lovable mouth of yours” There is that annoying smirk on his face which I so want to wipe off with my superkick but much to my irritation his leg is between my legs so that I could not kick him where the sun doesn’t shine. Oh, he is smart. He knows very well what I can do.

“And remember one thing, that whatever you said now will never be going to happen and if it did, Then it will be in your dreams, Mr Malhotra. Oh! And ya, there is my resigning letter on your desk. Take it or throw it, I don’t care. But I am leaving.” I struggle to take my hands from his grip and seeing my struggle, he removes his hands from mine but slides his hands against the wall. I try to push him away with my hands using my all strength but he doesn’t even move one inch. I was trying hard by placing both hands on his rock-like chest. After some seconds which feel like hours to me, I feel his chest vibrating and when I look upwards I was shocked to see him laughing. The Parth Malhotra is laughing. Has the sun risen from the West today? When he sees me looking at him, he stops laughing.

" You think you’re pushing me? But see from my view, you are massaging my chest and for further massaging, we should go to bed as my back is also paining,” He said the last words in my ears, whispering. Amusement was clear in his voice

“I don’t care about your view, just leave me and never show me your face after that,” I said with anger in my voice. And with all the power in my hand, I pushed him from me and ran without even giving him any chance of speaking.

“You will play for every single thing you have done to me, I will make you beg, beg for your own freedom, but it will never come” ~ the antagonist

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