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Secrets untold by her

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|1|sweet devils

Seated under nature, soft winds hitting my face, fragrances of my beautiful flowers all over me, the sight of falling leaves, not so cold and hot weather, with one of the best sellers in my one hand and a cup of hot chocolate in another. What a wonderful life.

That’s what I wanted to be doing instead of babysitting these two devils. Don’t take me wrong I like, oh no..no..I love children except my neighbour’s children they surely are the son of Saturn. Seriously those eyes are very annoying.

Currently, I am standing, no running here and there to resettle the thing which THE TWO DEVIL’S have destroyed in my lovely home. Suddenly I slipped in something slippery and sticky, and when I saw what it was, I freaked out. Hy! That’s not any dead animal or blood.

But there lay my favourite orange cake on the floor, right smashed in my dear Spider-man puffy slippers. I felt like crying. Think whatever but I am crazy about my Spider-man hero. My whole room is filled with his toys and posters. I know what you were thinking ‘toys’? But I have already given you the answer to this question that I am ‘crazy’. Now back to my yummy cake those two devils got their dirty hands on my cakkkeee. I cried.
Want to see a flashback that how my home becomes a garbage disposal place then here is...


Happily in the morning, I was planning to give myself sometime after cleaning my home which I love very much. I started marching to the front door when I heard the doorbell ring. Cursing under my breath I opened the door and regretted it immediately. There stood my dear Neighbors. Note the sarcasm.

“Hello Ms Agrawal, you are looking pretty Today...” Ya and here comes her melody voice, note the sarcasm. I know she wants something from me. She never says that I am pretty or beautiful if she doesn’t want anything from me. Now, what the hell does she want from me?

I have been bearing her for the last 5 years when my parents decided to move in and now both have gone to visit all my relatives because they have not met them or contacted them for many years. I don’t know why, but never once they contacted any of my aunts or uncles. Then suddenly, they went to visit them. It was all weird and I didn’t know when they were coming back. I miss them.

“I have a kitty party on another side of the city and I can’t take Jake and Maddy with me so can you babysit them please for me” she forced a pleading tune in her voice, but I have other plans for today. I can’t babysit.

“I am sorry Mrs. marry but I can’t. I have other pl-” but she cuts me in the middle.

“Oh please sweetly! I’m even ready to give you some money for doing it”. money! Well, this job isn’t that bad. What’s the problem with earning extra money? I can buy myself some fantastic books or a DVD of a new movie with spiderman. ya and also what can her two small kids do except play with toys and watch cartoons or rolling here and there. Ya, I can do it.

“OK, I’ll do it. We’ll start with $30 an hour and I’ll increase it more if you come late,” I said by shrugging my shoulders

“Oh! That’s great for me.” She made a thin line with her lips while saying this. Of course, this means she is annoyed with me and wants to go to her damn party as soon as possible. Well, I also don’t want to see her face.

“Now come here, babies.” She looked over her shoulder and called the two annoying dummies-OK OK no child-abusing in my home. Just by looking at the twin devils no one can say that they are innocent. They are a bit cute but mischievous, however. As soon as they were in my home and their mom out of my sight, I wasn’t getting any more innocent vibes.

And I know this was going to be my longest day and now my ‘me’ time is also over.

Sighing I turned around and to my horror, all my stuffed toys were on the floor and from here, I could see their blood flowing. Okay, not blood that was over-dramatic, but whatever. Cotton was all around the sofas and sofa covers were not in their place. Just then I hear the sound of glass breaking. I turn towards the kitchen where the sound is coming from and what saw made my blood boil....god I was so wrong about them.

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