Secrets untold by her

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My kitchen counter was a disaster like a typhoon has entered my home. Nothing was in its place, my dining table was upside down. I tried to catch them but they flew into the backyard.

Sighing heavily... there is nothing they can destroy in the backyard. at least my home will not be a garbage disposal area, they are better outside than inside. Just as I was making my way to my bedroom, I heard another loud sound. Oh shit, my garden!

I have spent 3 months preparing my garden, seeds, and flowers. They just can’t destroy it like this. Soon I found myself in front of the backyard. Nothing seemed to be out of place. where did I hear the sound then? Is that only my imagination? Slapping my forehead, I make my way towards the hall to clean the area. Thakkkk... another sound. Now I am sure this sound is coming from the front gate of my house

They were outside the house. playing with... goddamit, was that a car? Oh no, I am in big trouble now. Bigger than the elephant shit no-no even bigger than the blue whale shit, Hy! did whales shit in the water itself or did they even shit?

Ohh! For the god shake, Prisha stops your shitty thoughts before they jump out of your thin brain.

I see the twins drawing cartoons on the car mirrors and windows. Oh shit! I take the twins before anyone can see us and turned to enter the house but an evil idea comes into my super evil brain, a small fun wouldn’t hurt anyone. right? I take the markers from the twin’s hand and I let my sketching talent be shown to worlddd. I thought dramatically.

After drawing some pictures of animals, writing names of Harry Potter movie characters and some of my friends from high school, I dusted my hands before going into the house with the twins. I re-checked the area to see if someone has seen me doing this childish work. Satisfied that no one had seen me, I went inside.

I saw them sitting on my couch and watching TV. I look at them suspiciously but they give me an innocent smile. Ignoring, I went towards the stairs to my room. I only took one step on the stairs, when my foot slipped against something slimy and I fell to the ground.

I groaned in pain, my head was a blank mess for a second and for a minute I thought it’s my end but then I heard the sound of laughter.

I turned my head towards the sound and saw the twins laughing with tears on their eyes, then I turned towards the stair and saw the oil dropping from the edge.

It was all their plan, I tried to be on my feet but fail miserably. Again the devils laugh at me.

“You two devils” I shouted angrily. Somehow I found myself standing on my feet and after catching the twins I made them sit on a dining chair and give them some snacks to eat. They even went to check my fridge and take whatever they want. Including my ice-creams.

After 1 hour 19 minutes and 45 seconds, the mother of Saturn’s I meant the mother If the two devils come to take them. I bid them bye with a tight smile. Of course, after taking extra money for my furniture from her, I wave them bye. I wish I could say bye to them for forever.


Now I am cleaning my house along with cursing the two devils in my every breath. After cleaning the kitchen, I moved to the hall to clean. I placed the cushion on the sofa and swept the whole house.

I re-checked all my furniture to confirm that nothing is misplaced. I collapse on my now clean sofa. Just when my body was about to relax, the doorbell rings. I waited sometime so that whoever was on the doorstep would go away. However, they kept ringing the bell. Groaning I dragged my tired ass towards the door. Cursing the colourful words to the person who was on the other side of the door.

I opened the door and it was...

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