Secrets untold by her

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|3|troublesome car

when I opened the door there was a very handsome looking man on my doorstep. He wore a royal blue suit and a black colour shirt underneath. His hair was messy like he had run his hand through it many times which kind of looked good on him.

His sharp eyebrows were raised to don’t know what reason but they don’t know why are looking good. He has a sharp and strong jawline and straight long nose. His pink and thin lips were in worried line but then also they were looking amazing. I don’t want to mention it but he is hot. He can get every girl in New York in just the snap of his fingers.

His suit looks expensive and from a store where I can only visit for buying a simple hairpin. Don’t judge me, I would rather wear my simple sweaters, top, jeans or pajama than this shitty Armani suit. Like come-on, I could not even eat pizza when wearing expensive clothes because of the fear of ruining the cloth.

Now don’t judge me, I hate guys like him. They are just so full of themselves, egotistic, stubborn, cocky. Now don’t force me to give a lecture on rich men because I can do it for a whole day without any sip of water.

In short, I hate rich people. There is no specific reason but I have lived in the world for 23 years and I know this much that most of the crimes were done by rich people, not directly but they do. There was news some months before that a rich boy ran away with a poor girl because the father of the boy was against the girl because she was poor.

They got caught and when the parents of the boy came, the father took his son and caged the girl into a dungeon for a whole day. Without water, food or heat, and most horrific was when he orders his men to take advantage of her if they

The next day they took her out of the dungeon, they dragged her towards their hall room and forced her to stand in the middle. The poor girl couldn’t even stand properly. Her dress was ragged, she tried to cover herself but then the wound on her hand was not helping.
After that they burn her on the spot, alive, in front of her lover who was yelling and crying but the heartless father didn’t even care

What was the fault of that poor girl? She was burnt alive, raped and tortured. She had lost her life because she was in love with a rich daddy’s boy. The boy got married to a rich girl only a couple of months after her death, smiling at the camera.

Ohh shit! The man!. I came out of my daydreaming and looked at my guest. I was embarrassed when I noticed that he must think I had been checking him out.EWWW.

“I..i... I am Sorry” I mentally slapped my head for stuttering. I sober up and I asked the question which was running in my head from the time he had shown up on my doorstep.

“Anyway, how can I help you Mr ?” I asked sweetly, well not much sweetly but I asked swe... Anyway, I think you got the point.

“Well, for now, you can help me to clean all this up” his voice is so... so strong and muscular. It’s kind of hot, ahhh shut up you stupid, pervert brain. What are you thinking?

“Excuse me?” How can someone come to my doorstep and ask me to clean his shit? Why will I do that for him? This guy has some serious problems. Oh, God! please help me.

" you’re excused when you finish your work. I don’t want to be late for my meeting because unlike you I have many other important works to do. I don’t have time for your silly childish game” he spat.

“Oh hello mister, I don’t know who you are and how dare you to insult me in my own house? What work are you talking about? I have not met you before and before I call the police, get out of here” I said in the same tune as him. spitting.

He grabbed my elbow ” hay! What are you doing? Leave my hand, you idiot? Stupid!” But all the insults were going to his deaf ear. He dragged me in front of my house where the road passes by. I take my hand from his, giving him my angry look.

“How dare you to drag me like this and touch me you..” but before I could finish, he grabbed my head and turned it towards the left side of the road. I look to the left and see the same car on which the twins and I have written on with markers. I look at his expensive suit and then to his expensive car removed beside my house. I put two and two together and realized that this car belongs to this expensive... I mean rich guy.

I look at the sky and curse my luck. How can trouble find me from anywhere? I look at his angry face and pray for myself to god.

Oh shit!
I am in big trouble

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