Secrets untold by her

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|4|troublesome owner

I bite my lips so I could not start rambling silly things. I give him a confused and irritated look but from inside I was nervous but I did not show it in my face. I fold my arms against my chest and give him a look.

“Are you incense, you just can’t drag someone like you own everything and everyone” I glared at him.

“Well I can and I have,” he says mentioning the movement we just share. Oh, not that type of movement I would puke around just by thought of like that. It was just an enemy type of movement.” anyways, I don’t have my whole day to waste on yo-”

Before he can finish I interpret him” I am not even asking for you so-called precious time you can go the hell out from my sight” he glared at me to interpret him and come more close to me just an inch away from my face. His breath hitting my face.

" Trust me I am more than happy to go away from you, but before that, you have to clean this shit you have made on my car” he whispered yelled at me making me flinch on my position but then I compose my position.

“For your kind information and due respect you have some misunderstanding and from what bases you are saying that this work is done by me” I mentally pries me for this come back he has no chance against me.

“So you’re saying that this is not your work then who had done this, your imagery friends” he mocked at me. I glared at him and he did the same.

“You don’t have any proof, and maybe some kids have just shown their creativity on your dump car,” I said claiming my anger and nervousness down. It’s not a lie ignoring the fact that a 22 years old woman had also shown some of her creativity.

He dragged me in front and his white colour Audi R8. Oh my god, why didn’t I see it before it costs more than my father’s yearly salary? Like $168.400 dollars just for a stupid car in which only 2 people can set. Who does buy it? Oh ya the rich guy beside me.

“Well, I will ask you again who had done this because I don’t think some kids have the brain to write the character name of Harry Potter and height to rich the farthest end of my hood “he spits angry-ly? I know I shouldn’t push more but I can’t expose that it was me. I would be in great trouble.

“They must have heels on their feet”. I want to throw my head on a wall, like Seriously Prisha of all the excuses, you have to choose the lamest one. I am damned

He gives me an are-you-serious look. I just give him my blank face.

“Ok, so you are saying that this is done by girl child?” why is he asking that I give him a confused look.

“Yes, Maybe, but why?” he looked here and there and then “because I don’t think there is any girl child here...other” he pointed at me will saying ‘you’. How dare he, he has just crossed my annoyance border. I am not leaving him ...ahhhh.

“How dare you, you think I am a child? I think you that mister then I suggest you consult an eye doctor”

“Well. First I don’t need your ‘suggestion’, and second I don’t have to wear glasses to see that you are a child. I can see you with my Naked eyes”

I am sure the air would be coming out from my ears like a presser cooker. I tried to search a comeback but before I can stop myself self I have already opened my mouth and as my mouth has its own brain I said the childish thing. I swear I tried to stop but.

“So, you.. you!.. you are a cat woman”. What!

He looked at me in disbelieve, like you- just-not-said-that. but he have a comeback, why me god.

“Then you’re a dog man” here we go.

I think he had just come from a nearby club or bar because he is clearly drunk. Who am I kidding just some seconds either I called him ‘cat women’. Who does that.

Ya me!

But it’s either this or clean this car or gives him money, from which I am not going to do last and middle one so the first one it is. I don’t have to choose. Ya

I just have to keep him distracted from the main point and he will get frustrated and leave me and my peaceful life alone.

Ok, Prisha you can do this.

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