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|5|double trouble

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“Then you’re the dog men” like really I looked at him in disbelieve. But how can I shut my oh-so-talented mouth shut?

“Then are the rotten dog who had hit his head by a car and guess what the car was driving by a me” I would never hit anybody or anyone like this but if someone told me to hit someone with your car he would be the first one.

“I know it”


“I know it that you don’t know how to drive or moreover you don’t have a damn eye to see” he spit smugly, glaring at me annoying-ly

" And you don’t have a spinal cord” well the spinal cord is attached to every organ in our body including the brain hence, you couldn’t be able to sense or feel anything as it sent the message to the brain.

Well, I wanted to be a doctor but then I lived it in first half-year as it was taking too much money of mine and I have to be on my legs earlier than anyone as before our economic condition was not that much good we couldn’t afford the fees of my medical College.

Then I find my career in business as it was not my subject from start I got some difficulties but I made it to my graduation with flying colours.

I still want to do my medical but I still couldn’t afford it now and moreover, now I don’t have that much time to do. There are still too much load on me as I have graduated from my high school at the age of 16 and try to study on my own for Medicals for one year I tried online institutions and colleges also but when I found out that it will take more than four years to complete my MBBS I tried different field so then when I turn 17. I have done my business studies which were for four years but then I talked to principal and authorities who said that I can complete my studies in 2 years but as I say I was new in the field and wanted to start from basics so I complete my business studies in three years

And trust me it was not easy, unlike all the students I have started my Kindergarten at an early age and have skipped my senior kindergarten year that’s why I get to graduate at the age of 16.

And now after doing the job in Kapoor’s and co for 1 year I got enough experience to work in other good companies which gives much better payment then this. I think I got distracted from my conversation with this hot cake.

Like seriously Prisha hot cake? But it’s not my problem I don’t know his name and I have to call him by some name in my mind so why not this.

“You are a rotten lioness how has to give birth at the street” if you have read Julius Caesar by Shakespeare then you know.

“And you are an Alpha male who was disgusted by his own pack because he tortures them and is rude and does not treat his beloved mate humanly or wolf-ly or whatever. You know what Your mate hatred and disgusted you the most and does not want you to be her mate” I spit angry-ly. I have read enough werewolf stories to know that mates are the most trustworthy than anyone and they couldn’t live without each other.

“I am the disgusted alpha male?”

“Ya! Of course you-“I was rudely interrupted by his next words.

“So you’re the mate of mine who was tortured and doesn’t want me as your mate but guess what I will never leave you and you’re bound to me for the rest of your life.” his words affect me for some reason and I want it’s to be true. But my mind was cloudy from the anger and people are right when they say you shouldn’t make your moves or talk to anyone with your angry mind. And this what happening with me. I forget everything, just range was in my mind.

“No! your wrong I will run away from you and you will never able to find me”

“Trust me, sweetheart, I can and I will find you from every corner of the earth your hidden, I will always find you and your talking about leaving me? Then I will make sure that you will never leave my sight.” he was coming towards me by each word he said and I started going backward till he make sure that I am between him and door when he was satisfied that there is no way for me to go away from him just like he promised. he stopped just an inch from my chest.

And just when I thought that he will not come more near me that’s where I got wrong. He caged me by sliding his hand on both the side of my head and come more near me if it’s possible.

Our breath was combining with each other his mint and rich cologne was reaching my nose. And he speaks

“And I forgot to tell you something” he paused for gaining my attention as he also knows that how distracted he is. “That you will be bearing my child, will do household work and will take care of my needs and of my child” what! How can he talk to me like this? This dump head. But don’t know what happened to me I got carried away by his words.

“No! I don’t want to carry your child, I don’t want you as my child’s Father. Your...your annoying, mean, hor-“.

“What do you say.. horrible? Now you will be bearing my children and will never get out of the house”

"Children? But I don’t want to carry children I just want a child. A single child. what if I became fat like a whale and why can’t I go out?”

“No you wouldn’t going to become fat and if you then also I will love you,” he says calmly like he is also in a daze like me.

“But you’re still annoyed me. you snapped at me every now and then”

“And you are irritated”

“You dick head”

“You Medusa”

“What! You just call me a lady who doesn’t have any heirs but snakes?”

“Ya but your worst than that”

“How dare you”

“I already dare babe” he winked at me. we were so so so angry by each other presence that we didn’t think twice before speaking. We just talk about giving birth to our children for God’s sake I just want to bury myself self and I am sure Mr. Hot cake will help me in this.

“You-“I was again rudely interrupted by his irritating mobile ringtone. he shows the caller ID and answers it. I didn’t hear the whole conversation but his last word was what caught my attention “ok I am coming”.

Well, Mr. Hot cake was going, I thanks my stars for this and show him keeping his phone in his pocket. He turned towards me and give me a look that says it’s-not-over.” You better watch your back”

like saying this he turned towards his Audi R8 just when he was about to open his car door his eyes fell on the design I made on the car he then turned his head to look at me most likely glared at me and drive off from my lobby.

I sigh heavily and went inside my home, wishing to never see his face again.

Little did I know that I will be seeing his face daily.

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