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I'm the New Girl at Harlem High, i came to this school to get Revenge on the people Responsible for the murder of my parents. i will take down the Covington Brothers one way or another.. but its not that simple everything gets turn upside down and nobody is safe. one night, 3 people are murder , 1 person shot.

Mystery / Thriller
Jennifer King
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I’m the new girl at Harlem high, you see i’m not here because i want to be. No, I’m here for revenge. You see, I have never been to a real school before. I have been homeschooled my whole life. My parents owned hotels all over the world.

So we traveled a lot but one day my parents went on a short business trip. I stayed behind since they were only gonna be gone two days. When two days went by and my parents didn’t come home or call or text. I was getting worried. I tried calling them and their phones went to voicemail.

I called my uncle and told him everything that was going on. He came over immediately and he tried to figure out what was going on. About four days later there was a knock at the front door. My uncle opens it and there stands two detectives. My uncle looks at me and says, “Jess go to your room.” He gives me a stern look. I pretended to go to my room but I hid and listened to what they were talking about. I had a very bad feeling, I knew that my parents were not coming home.

“Mr.Lockridge, i hate to have to tell you this but your brother and sister-in-law were found dead.” my uncle looks shocked,heartbroken. “What happened?” he says threw tears. The detective says “ they were both found stabbed multiple times in their car about a mile from there hotel.” my uncle sits down on the couch and looks up. “Do you know who did it? Are there any suspects? Oh my god, How am I gonna tell their daughter?” My uncle is just rambling. My heart is breaking, I have silent tears running down my face.

The detectives clear his throat, my uncle looks up “ we do have some suspects but they’re very rich. It’s gonna be very hard to bring them to justice. We have to have hard evidence but we won’t stop until we can bring them to justice.” my uncle stood up abruptly “who did this?” he yells, The detectives say “ The Covington family, we don’t know which one or if it was all of them. But one of them did it.”

I shake my head that can’t be right. The Covington's were best friends with my parents. Well used to be before they moved away. I was best friends with their sons. My uncle’s voice breaks me from my thoughts. “ how do you know it was them? They used to be friends?” I watched as the detective wrote in a notepad. Then the detective looked up “ they left their family crest at the scene, like they wanted us to know that they did it. But it’s not hard evidence, we looked into your brother’s emails. There were some angry emails from the Covington's. They were angry at your brother for stealing a client from them. That’s all we have for now but i will keep you updated.” The detectives shake hands with my uncle and then they leave.

I step out of my hiding spot and my uncle looks at me with tears running down his face. I run into his arms and cry. I will find out which Covington killed my parents and end them. Actually I will take down all of them.

Two weeks later, after we had buried my parents. I moved in with my uncle and I decided to go to a real school. You see, I researched the Covington's and to my surprise they only live two blocks from my uncle. So it seems luck is on my side, I would be going to school with my enemies. It couldn’t be more perfect. I will get close to the Covington brothers then i will take them down. That’s why I’m now standing outside the entrance of Harlem high.

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