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I walk into Harlem High. I go Straight to the office to get my schedule and to find out where my locker is located. I walk into the office and walk up to the secretary desk. She looks up at me from typing on her computer “may i help you?” i give her my biggest smile “ Im Jessalyn lockridge, today is my first day.” The secretary looks back to her computer “ oh, here you are. Let me just print this out.” while i’m waiting on my papers. I look around and make contact with a guy who is sitting in a chair near the principal office. I give him a small smile but he just continues to stare at me with a scowl on his face. I break eye contact when the secretary calls my name.

I look at her and she gives me my papers. I turn to walk out then I stop dead in my tracks when I hear “ your turn Mr.Covington. I look behind me to see the guy get up and walk into the principal’s office.

Covington, Is he related to the Covingtons that killed my parents or is it just a coincidence? But the way he was looking at me with that cold hard look on his handsome face… Oh wait, the Covingtons had an older brother who they sent away. I wonder if that could be him.

While I’m lost in my own thoughts I bump into someone. “Oh,I’m sorry.” I look up and see a green eyed,blonde girl. She smiles at me. “ It’s ok, I’m Eclipse reed.” She holds out her hand. I take it and we shake hands. “I’m Jesslayn lockridge, today my first day.” she looks at me and smiles oh, welcome to Harlem High, Do you need help with finding anything?” i give her a kind smile “ yes, my locker.” Eclipse takes my papers and looks at them “ oh, your locker is beside mine. And we have three classes together. Oh and lunch.” Eclipse takes me to my locker. I open it and put my purse inside. Then I shut it back and I turned to Eclipse but before I could say anything. Eclipse face looks pale. I turn around to see what she is looking at.

I immediately make eye contact with the guy from the office. Everyone quickly moves out of his way. Nobody looks at him. They either look down or they turn around. Why is everyone afraid of him? I continue to keep eye contact with him. I will not be afraid of him or anyone else for that matter. He stops in front of me then he takes two big fast steps towards me. Before I knew it he had me up against the locker with both of his arms at my head. He has me caged. I take a moment to really look at his handsome face.

He has sea blue eyes, white blonde hair that is short on the sides and longer on the top. Sharp cheekbones, lips that are kissable. I could tell from how he was leaning against me that he had a muscular body. I would definitely check him out when he walks away. Right now I should be more concerned about why he is so close to me.

We continue to stare at eachother then he says “ New Girl.” Damn he has a sexy and deep voice. I don’t think he was asking if I was the new girl. But i answered him anyway “ yeah, I’m New” then I heard everyone Gasp loudly. Well Shit.. what in the hell is wrong with everyone? Then I heard “ Ryan” . He breaks eye contact with me to look behind him. I follow his line of sight. There stands the Covington Brothers. “ DAMN” I must have said that out loud cause Ryan turns back to me with a smirk on his face. “ can you back up please?” I asked him. Ryan backs up and walks towards the other two guys and they walk down the hall and disappear. I released my breath that I didn’t realise I was holding.

I relax my body and turn towards Eclipse “ who in the hell was that?” Eclipse looks at me “ those guys are known as the Covington brothers, they run the school. Everyone is afraid of them, especially Ryan. Eclipse walks closer to me and whispers “ the rumor is his parents sent him to military school when he was five. Cause they couldn’t control him anymore. He has serious anger problems. People say he hangs out with gangs.”

I look down the hall where the three guys disappeared down. “ What about the other two?” Eclipse looks down “ the other two are River Covington and Royce Covington. Ones a Heartbreaker and Ones a Sweetheart. But both are trouble. All the Covington brothers are into some shady, secretive shit. Just stay out of their way.” Oh, Eclipse if you only knew why i was here. I’m looking for trouble and you just gave me some good information. I smile at Eclipse “ okay, let’s go to class shall we.” After school I will be making a plan on how to get close enough to the Covingtons. Then when tomorrow comes ill execute my plan. If only it was that simple.

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