Jewels of God - An unexpected journey

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Chapter 5

As the night slowly took up the moment, becoming darker all around. Up there, the full moon shined upon those fellows and the forest. The three men sat around the fire to indulge in having dinner that night. Sister Bernadette managed to pack a box full of boiled potatoes, some biscuits and uncooked beans.

As an adventurer in the first place, Rogelio had all the required recipients to cook; a pan and some spices. Inserting the uncooked beans until it is half cooked, he added some spices and boiled potatoes into the pan. In the end, he added a pinch of salt for the taste. Each one got their paper plate and spoon ready for dinner.

“Oh my God, that’s so good! Never thought it would taste like that”, teased Corin.

“My dear, eat while you still can. We’re in the middle of nowhere”, stated Sabal.

“Thanks though. We gotta finish this and then seek some rest, tomorrow we’re going to be at the cave’s entrance”, declared Rogelio, who was pretty confident about their direction.

Famished by the day’s walk, they ended the meal rapidly. “By the Lord’s grace, here drink some water—brother”, affirmed Sabal while giving each one a cup filled with water. Corin checked his watch and was nearly seven p.m, the forest was not so dark with shimmering lights coming from the full moon.

They entered the camp for some rest while Rogelio was feeling that something is not quite right. He checked up his bag, removing out the crystal and to their surprise, it was shinier than the first time. It outshined the whole tent when Rogelio uncovered the cloth fully.

“Maybe it’s the full moon. I’ve read about this during my research that under the full moon crystals are energized”, declare Rogelio.

“Let’s go outside”, said Corin.

“Good idea, but we’re gonna have to be careful”, replied Rogelio, while they went out of the camp.

Under the full moon, they sat around the fire once again, this time the energy level grew more intense around them. As Rogelio held the crystal on his palm, it found a channel to transmute the energy all around. The energy was so intense and electric— Rogelio had to close his eyes, submitted himself fully to the crystal. He took a few deep breaths and slowly his whole body was vibrating at a high frequency.

He could feel tinglings all around his body, from his cells to the tip of his hairs. He experienced an increased awareness of his body and surroundings. Sabal and Corin were just witnessing the astonishing unusual powers of the crystal, not knowing what Rogelio was experiencing at that moment. Suddenly, Rogelio’s body wrapped up in a bubble of light. It was pure energy, of the colour cobalt blue. Sabal and Corin seemed as if they were dreaming and kept gazing at what Rogelio was experiencing at that particular moment.

Slowly the energy bubble grew larger and wrapped both Sabal and Corin within that aura of pure light emanating from the crystal. As soon as it engulfed the two, they were in a complete state of blissfulness. They both experienced high vibrations all around their body, feeling the tingling from inside their body. Their state of mind shifted completely, felt one with the source energy, tears came out of their eyes for no reason. It was unusual. Slowly both Sabal and Corin submitted their all to the divine energy.

Rogelio on the other hand was still, no movement at all and the aura grew larger with every breath he took. Suddenly, it all stopped and Rogelio was back to his normal senses and the crystal brought back the aura of energy within it glowing with that blue tinted light. Rogelio opened his eyes lids and saw Sabal and Coring gazing at him. He gently mantled the crystal with the red cloth and kept it back in his bag while still feeling that tingling sensation all around his body.

“It was intense, lost touch with reality for a while”, expressed Rogelio.

“You were flooded and glowing with blue bio-luminescent light”, witnessed Corin.

“I’m still having strange tingling all around my body”, affirmed Sabal.

“Me too”, replied Corin.

“Me too!”, said Rogelio.

“I saw both of you on soul level I think. You both got different bodies out there”, said Rogelio.

“What do you mean?”, asked Sabal, curious by what Rogelio saw.

“I was in another dimension for a while, Sabal”

“Holy crap. It’s eleven p.m. we lost touch with time”, said Corin.

“No way! It was seven p.m the last time I checked. That was like ten minutes earlier”, said Sabal.

Confused by what just happened.

“Not more than two kilometres from here is a village of indigenous people. They are both welcoming and dangerous. They’re are going to lead us to where we want to go. I saw a lot of things while holding the crystal”, revealed Rogelio.

“Isizwe Esimnyama Sofezela”, spelled out Sabal.

“What?”, puzzled by that language, Corin asked.

“The Black Scorpio Tribe”, Rogelio translated.

“They live in the Swartberg region and we’re actually in their territory. They’ll either find us or we shall find them, either way, we’re going to have to pass through them no matter what. Check your map, Corin. You shall find a hut symbol denoting the tribe”, resumed Sabal, “I apologize for not informing you about that, I totally forgot!”, he added.

“That’s fine, don’t worry. I saw our passage over there and it will be fine. We just need to ensure that the first thing we do in the morning is to go there and ask for their help”, answered Rogelio.

“We have to be careful, as these people appear to be easygoing, but in the end, it might be the opposite”, informed Sabal.

“Don’t you people think that we shall trade something with them in return for them to show us the way?”, suggested Corin.

“Good idea. Do we have anything of no use that can be traded?”, asked Rogelio.

“I can give them my watch if needed”, proposed Corin.

“If that’s of no use to you and to us then shall it become the trade object if needed.”, replied Rogelio.

“My existence here will be ephemeral”, softly prophesized Rogelio.

“What do you mean?”, asked Sabal, puzzled by what Rogelio said.

“Just understand in a few words. We shall have some rest now”, said Rogelio before entering the camp to lie down.

Sabal and Corin looked at each other in the eyes, puzzled, without expression, Rogelio’s statement was mysterious. They moved inside the camp. The fire needed some wood but they wouldn’t care about it, their priority was to rest during that night as the next day was going to be a long one for them.

* * *

The next morning, their journey started at the first hour of the sun. They moved within the forest once again, this time they had to go around the mountain range as the cave was situated on its back side. Five kilometres away from the place they camped — after two hours of walking, they finally saw an opening within the deep forest. Shelters made up of dried leaves, a flat terrain.

A black man, dressed up in torn clothes, with piercings on his eyes and lips appeared in front of them out of nowhere. He was armed with a staff and red feathers around the pointy end. Sabal pointed his gun towards that man. He didn’t shake a bit, nor felt threatened by Sabal’s gun.

He lifted up his right hand and showed his palm as a stop sign. He guarded that perimeter, Rogelio and his companions were at the entrance of a village. They halted, not knowing what was going to happen next. Remembering what Rogelio foretold the night before, Sabal knew they were in the right direction. At that moment, he turned down his gun and came two steps forward.

“Siza ngokuthula(we come in peace)”, he spoke to the guard.

“Yini inhloso yakho lapha?(what is your purpose here?)”, the guard asked.

“Siya emgedeni siyokwenza ucwaningo(we are going to the cave for research)”, Sabal stated out confidently.

“Uzocela imvume endunemi(you shall ask permission of the chief)”, the guard pointed out his staff to the biggest camp which had a big bull’s horn on top of it.

“Asambe”, Sabal nodded.

The guard conducted them to the chief tan of the tribe, along the way people of that kin were observing all their movements as if it was the first time they saw people from another tribe. They arrived at the doorstep of the chief tan’s shelter.

“Nduna, unenkampani(Chief you have company)”, the guard spoke out.

“Bavumele bangene (Let them in)”, the Chief replied.

“Hambani(Go)”, the guard lifted the veil on the door.

Sabal was the first to enter, then Rogelio and Corin followed. Inside the shelter was a dog, sitting next to his master. The chief tan rested on a throne built up using wood and wild unknown animal’s skin. His staff had a shiny blue crystal at the end, it was placed next to him. Sabal bowed in front of him. Rogelio and Corin were in a foreign and imitated Sabal’s action by bowing down in front of the chief tan.

“Ngiyaxolisa ngokungena ngokungemthetho endaweni yangakini(I apologize on for trespassing your village)”, apologized Sabal.

“Kulungile (it’s fine), sukuma(stand up)”, the chief tan laughed out loudly.

The three fellows, relieved by the behaviour of the chief tan, they smiled and were happy about the response received.

“My name is Batibat and I am the chief here. I talk English too”, the chief tan declared.

“My name is Sabal, here is Rogelio and Corin. We are going to the cave for some research”, revealed Sabal, he continued keeping his smile knowing that Batibat knew how to talk English.

“Anpu, ubalethele okuphuzwayo(Anpu, bring them something to drink)”, Batibat commanded his guard.

“Thank you”, replied Sabal.

“It is in our culture to feed visitors”, replied Batibat, “For what research you come here?”, he asked.

“General research of caves in Africa, they are writing articles about various places in this beautiful country”, Sabal masked their real agenda.

“This cave is sacred. Our deity live there”, Batibat informed.

“What deity?”, asked Sabal.

“Stay here tonight and you will know”, proposed Batibat.

Sabal nodded, he turned around and Rogelio added, “we are going to stay”

“Good choice . . . Come with me”, replied Batibat.

Batibat and his guard went outside the shelter along with Rogelio, Sabal and Corin. He showed them the path leading to the caves which were just beside his camp. Batibat was actually making them visit his home. In the midst of that village was a large empty circular plain area where the people of that tribe gathered during the full moon for their rituals.

“Tonight we’re having the feast here. We are around 300 people”, said Batibat.

“What is going to be on the menu?”, asked Rogelio

“Wild pig”, laughed Batibat.

As time passed, it seemed that the fellows’ journey was not under their control. With the unpredictability of the chief tan, they knew very little about what was going to happen next. While walking around the village, Batibat presented various people to the fellows. They arrived near an old tent.

“Here we host our deity”, declared Batibat.

* * *

It was the full moon period, the Black Scorpio Tribe indulged in ritualistic entertainment. It was part of their culture to assemble all people of the tribe around a fire where the chief tan, Batibat conducted rituals to honour their deity who was a snake figure.

“I’m going to start the ritual earlier today”, stated Batibat.

They entered the old tent, inside was a wooden idol in the form of a snake-headed figure. Dressed with leaves found in the forest and a garland of flower around its neck. The image it portrayed was quite scary for Rogelio, it made him remember his phobia for snakes.

“What is the name of your deity?”, asked Corin.

“Ahir, The Almighty— we call Him”, replied Batibat.

“O, Ahir Somandla. Thatha lesi sitsha sobisi njengoba siqala ukwenza isiko lenyanga (Oh, Ahir Almighty. We all are offering you this bowl of milk as we initiate into the ritual of the month)”, Batibat bowed down and preached, while he placed a bowl full of milk given by the guard at the foot of the idol.

“Why milk?”, asked Rogelio.

“The serpent loves milk. Nourishment”, Batibat declared.

Batibat took a small bowl filled with red powdery substance and applied some of it on the idol’s feet, hands and forehead.

“Vikela abantu bakithi. Vikela isigodi sakithi.(Protect our people. Protect our village.)”, he uttered quietly.

He bowed down to the idol and lifted up both his arms and palms facing upwards.

“Ah, Ahir. Ake ngibe yinceku yakho. Ama-ejenti amathathu eza ezovakashela izinqolobane zakho. Ake ngibaqondise kuwe. (Oh, Ahir. Let me be your servant. Three agents come to visit your hoard. Let me guide them to you.)”, he said loudly as his eyes turned upwards.

Subdued by the energy manifested that moment, “Aahh”, he mourned in a mild tone, neutralized for a moment. After a few seconds, he came back to his normal senses, and said in complete blissfulness, “Almighty gave you the permission to enter”.

It was good news for the fellows not knowing that Batibat actually asked for permission. Batibat and his guard guided the fellows once again, but this time they entered the chief tan’s tent. They were asked to sit down and were offered water to drink in a wooden bowl.

“To see the Almighty we must drink the nectar prepared by our medicine man”, said Batibat.

In that same wooden bowl, the guard poured some yellowish liquid mixture from a wooden tank. It smelled rather sweet with a little alcoholic scent in the end. Each one got his own share of the liquid.

“We call it— Nirvana, the only thing Ahir gave us”, Batibat disclosed about the gift.

“Bow down to the Almighty and drink my friends”, said Batibat.

Rogelio was the first one, he bowed and drank a sip of the nectar. Corin, Sabal followed by the same steps. Batibat and the guard, on the other hand, drank the whole bowl of nirvana in one single big sip.

“Ahh, sweeeet!” said Batibat.

“How was it?”, he asked the fellows.

“Sugary!”, said Rogelio.

He drank it all and put down the bowl on the ground. Sabal watched the action of Rogelio and knew that things would not turn right after this. So, he drank the nectar with some courage. Corin was already in a blissful state.

“It wasn’t bad after all”, Corin declared.

“Wait a few minutes then you tell me”, laughed Batibat together with the guard.

It was in their culture to provide nectar to all those who dared visit the cave. That day it was the full moon, the tribe usually prepared it for their ritual and feast. Rogelio found it to be a great thing to actually go through that process and not force things to move towards his desired destination. Wrapped in the emotions of the minute, Rogelio started laughing out loudly for no reason and with great difficulty, “There’s something tingle my belly”, he said.

He laughed more and more, “Ahaha, aah hahaha”.

“I’m the most joyful person in the world!”, he declared.

Slowly the nectar started influencing all of them, as everybody started laughing after what happened to Rogelio.

“That’s what He(Ahir) gave us. Joy”, said Batibat.

At that moment, a thought came to Rogelio’s mind, “What is that crystal’s purpose on your staff?”, he asked Batibat out of curiosity. He couldn’t control his tongue.

“Another gift from Him”, he laughed once again.

“What is it used for?”, asked Rogelio.

“To heal, to attract, to protect all of us from evil”, Batibat replied.

Sabal and Corin listened carefully at that moment. Although being under the nectar’s influence they understood the purpose of that same crystal which was in Rogelio’s possession. Both watched each other and smiled.

“I’ve never come across such exquisite crystal”, said Rogelio.

“Only the chosen one can wield its great power”, Batibat declared.

Rogelio nodded.

“So you are the chosen one?”, asked Corin.

“As the chief of the tribe— Yes! Of course. It was passed on to me when my grandfather Pytok died”, Batibat replied, “He was the chosen one, and he decides who gets to be the future chosen one.”

* * *

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