Jewels of God - An unexpected journey

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Chapter 6

It was time to start the ritual, the group moved out of the tent to join the other members of the Black Scorpio Tribe within the circle. Drums started playing out in the background. It was a lilting sound intensifying the nectar’s effect upon the mind of Rogelio and his company.

When the rituals started, Batibat’s crystal started manifesting. In broad daylight, the light emanated from within the crystal and wrapped everyone into its divine aura. At that very moment, the crystal in Rogelio’s bag started manifesting on its own. The crystal was receptive to the rituals that were being conducted by Batibat. Due to its size, the light manifestation out-shined the one Batibat had been using. The tribe saw what happened, they knew that Batibat was the only one to possess the crystal. People of the tribe were mystified by what was in Rogelio’s bag.

“Show me what’s in your bag!”, ordered Batibat.

Rogelio could not do anything apart from putting his hand inside the bag and he took out the crystal to show Batibat. The moment he exposed the crystal to Batibat and the tribe, everyone was shocked by what they discovered. The crystal was bigger than what Batibat possessed, never seen before.

“Where did you find the sacred crystal?”, asked Batibat.

“It was given to me”, replied Rogelio.

“No one can give you this, you stole it from the Ahir’s abode”, declared Batibat.

“My father found this divine object and it was given to me”, said Rogelio.

“Hand it over to me!”, ordered Batibat.

“Never!”, shouted Rogelio.

* * *

“Let’s go now or never!”, Sabal shouted.

Rogelio did not waste any more time, he kept the crystal back in his bag, and started running in the direction of the cave together with Sabal and Corin. They ran away in ecstasy. The tribe who were under the influence of nirvana started laughing, the act was perceived to be funny.

The guard remained still, waiting for orders. Batibat continued with the ritual, knowing that they would have enough time to get hold of them later on during the day because he knew where they were headed.

Rogelio, Sabal and Corin were into the woods, the path had to be cleared by Sabal, who used his sword once again. They left the tribe in an ecstatic terror, for fear of not letting the crystal getting into the hands of the wicked. For about thirty minutes, Rogelio and team searched within the forest.

As described by Father Audric in the letter addressed to Rogelio.

Beneath the mountain of Cango deep within the gloomy and flourishing forest, Rogelio found thousands of creepers suspended from trees. They were just in front of the cave’s entrance, although it didn’t seem to be an entrance.

Under the nectar’s influence, they were very sensitive to energies around them. A feeling of a complete void was present at that place, which attracted them inside. A strange calling from the void within the cave was pulling them inside

Before entering, they watched out all around to see if they were followed by the Black Scorpio’s tribal people. No one was present, Sabal took a piece of branch which he trimmed and wrapped a piece of cloth on top of it to make a fire torch.

“Let’s complete the mission brothers!”, said Rogelio.

It was Corin’s debut in acquiring first hand experience of exploration, under the influence of a psychotropic drug. Rogelio took out his pocket torch. Together with Sabal and Corin, they entered the cave’s mouth of impenetrable blackness. They stepped in and watched their shadow dissolve into the surrounded darkness.

Using the fire torch, Sabal illuminated the entire scenery.

It was an empty cave that wormed its way beneath the mountain. Within the smoothly curved ovoid walls, they continued their journey into the unknown. The deeper they went, the walls above arched another hundred feet up to giant stalactites and the bat roosts. Small loose stones littered the floor.

An intense mouldy odour lingered around, the cave was mostly damp inside. The path narrowed further down the road. Rogelio identified shades of red and black on his left. Sabal lifted up his torch and illuminated the area.

Prehistoric illustrations, drawn by an unknown artist remained unspoiled. It looked like it was drawn some days before. Clearly illustrated, a strange illustrated snake eating its own tail caught the attention of Corin.

“Mehen! A snake manifestation of Mehen, who protected Ra in his journey to the underworld”, stated Corin as he observed carefully.

“The beginning and the end of time”, affirmed Rogelio.

“What does that mean?”, asked Sabal who was new to history and archaeology in general.

“Ouroboros, the all is one!”, replied Rogelio. “We’re here to find it out! Maybe it has some sort of a connection with the crystal”, he added.

Corin voiced out, “Thomas Brown wrote in ‘A letter to a friend’, that the first day should make for the last, that the Tail of the snake should return to its Mouth precisely at that time, and they should wind up upon the day of their Nativity, is indeed a remarkable Coincidence . . .”

“It seems great in theory but how does it relate to what we came here for?”, questioned Rogelio.

They continued to observe the other illustrations which consisted of the snake eating its own tail in the first place, a depiction of stars from certain constellation, a cylindrical hollow cone turned upside down which was divided into fourteen parts with horizontal lines, the fourth symbol was a man sitting in a meditation pose with a strange line around the head. The fifth was a globe with lines of longitude and latitude with a diamond in the middle.

It wasn’t something someone drew up for fun, it had its own meaning which would require more time to decipher. Rogelio wanted to know more about those illustrations.

The drawings were trying to convey a complex story or message. On the later part of the wall just after the main drawings was a road map. It showed the path conducting to a three junction road and at the end of each junction was a symbol, the first of chariot, the second of a cobra and the third, a group of people.

At that particular moment, Rogelio remembered that the crystal shall guide him he just needed to ask. He took out the crystal and held it in his hands and asked deep within his heart, “Divine crystal, guide me to where I should go”.

With his bag and pocket torch set out to march alone in the dark to complete his Father’s due mission. He walked.

“Don’t wait for me if I do not come out!”, Rogelio declared.

“But what if you are to come back?”, asked Corin, saddened by the decision of Rogelio.

“I will take on my responsibility from here, and move alone. If there’s a point of no-return I would not be able to make it back. If there’s a point of return, then I’ll meet you all at the orphanage”, was Rogelio’s last words.

Rogelio made a deal with his fellows who thought of continuing the journey together with him. Detached with everyone, he continued his way deep inside the cave to arrive at the three end junction depicted on the drawings.

“The crystal will guide me!”, Rogelio shouted just before he entered the narrow path that lead to the other paths.

* * *

“Let’s go and catch them, I want that crystal. It is more powerful than mine. Think of what can we do with that!”, declared Batibat to his guard.

The guard, Batibat and other five tribal people set out to find Rogelio and the crystal. They took up another path that lead them directly beside the cave as they knew all the ins and outs of that area.

* * *

Rogelio left, so fast. Leaving Sabal and Corin with no choice but to explore the drawings in hope of Rogelio’s return.

Finally, Rogelio passed through the narrow path and arrived at the three junctions. “Help me choose the right path, Oh Divine light”, preached silently Rogelio as he held the crystal on his palm.

His heart and mind raced. His gut directed him to only one path. The third one, which had a chariot symbol on the illustrations. He continued on the third path with full confidence in the dark. His thirst for the unknown slowly built up, it was that feeling which fuelled him to go further down the road.

The deeper he went inside the cave, the narrower the path would become. It was the nectar’s influence upon the vision of Rogelio that made him perceive the path narrower. At the end of the path, he saw a chariot.

How such thing be present here?”, he thought.

* * *

The tribal people came from the third path, where on the drawings was depicted a group of people. They had their own fire torch lighted up, coming with great force. They were serious about the crystal. But it was too late, Rogelio left.

Batibat who seek more power approached Sabal and Corin.

“Where is the other kid?”, he threatened.

“He left!” replied Sabal, without any fear.

“I am the chosen one who shall possess the crystal! Where did he go?”, he asked once again.

Corin, who didn’t know anything about the path pointed out his finger towards the second path which had the symbol of a cobra.

“If we don’t find him there, you two will pay for your deceit!”, declared Batibat while his guards laughed!

Batibat and his people took the second path and continued their walk towards the cobra. Arriving at the end of the second path they found a large boulder rock which blocked the way further. Together with his men, Batibat ordered to move the boulder rock.

The thirst for power bursting out of Batibat was the catalyst for his death. That day, when they moved the boulder with great effort, and entered the dark entrance, the group found themselves falling in a deep void. A pit of around five metres was present just after the boulder rock and inside was thousands of snakes.

As they fell into the pit, they screamed for help to save their lives. Sabal and Corin did not take any action even though they heard the wicked screaming for their lives.

Venomous snakes were placed in that pit for only one reason, to teach the greedy the lesson of a lifetime.

* * *

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