Jewels of God - An unexpected journey

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Chapter 7

The chariot was made out of rock, a complex innovative form of transportation was found beneath the Earth, which stupefied Rogelio.

“How and who made it with what kind of tools?! Even now we cannot replicate the same creation with the tools we’ve got”, he self-talked.

Rails made out of rock itself conducted far enough, dissipating into the dark end of the tunnel were present. As Rogelio had no choice of going back fearing a bad death, with no second thought he jumped on the chariot with his torch. He pushed the lever with great force and unlocked the four wheels. The chariot started moving forward slowly on the slightly gentle slope, downwards the tunnel. A bit scared and uncertain about the destination, he held the chariot tightly.

“I would rather die down there than through the hands of the nefarious!”, he murmured to himself.

And the chariot went down the steep slope within the tunnel, he screamed “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh”, filled with panic. The chariot was moving so fast, he lost sight of where he was in the first place. Cruising with fear in the dark abyss while he screamed, his voice echoed all around the void. Eventually, he stopped screaming in vain.

When he lifted up his head and looked around. Within that dark abyss, the rails were harbouring on a narrow trail. An immense empty space, he was in another dimension within the cave which was greater than he ever visited. He observed carefully, while going down the rail road at full speed.

“Where the hell am I? Damn what a place — God knows where I will end up. The place is exactly the same as described in the story of Ra when He went down the underworld. Is this the underworld?”, self-talked Rogelio, too many questions occupied his mind.

The odour grew more intense, as if dead animals were left out to rot. The cave was so vast inside, the bottom and top end of it were unidentified. There was only one narrow trail, on which the chariot travelled.

Rogelio didn’t know that he was being observed by the unknown, unseen and untouchable. As the trail continued, he passed through a tunnel where bright wight light emitted from the very end. It was somewhat reassuring for Rogelio to see light in the dark abyss of death.

The chariot passed through the tunnel’s end. Leading to another vast area. This time the Jewels of God were in abundance, it lied everywhere. An immense amount of those crystals were encrusted in the soil, on the walls and a lot of loose crystals were on the ground. This was the eureka moment for Rogelio, he knew he’d reach his final destination and the mission was about to be completed.

The chariot wheel stopped on the flat area, it was the end of the rail road. His pocket torch served no purpose, as the whole area was illuminated by that mysterious divine light.

He got out of the chariot, and once he set his feet on the ground a light breeze blew behind his back. He sensed a presence behind him. Rogelio wasn’t aware that he was being stalked all the time since he entered the cave. Feeling anxious, he took a deep breath and managed to look behind.

Rogelio saw himself. Was it the influence of the nectar that Rogelio hallucinated or was really him in front of him? Bewildered by his own avatar, he observed himself carefully. It was him, he saw his own reflection. He was convinced that his twin existed, only for a short period of time.

The veil of illusion slowly dissipated when the figure revealed his true nature. His twin waved his hand and the grey smoke of deceit wrapped its entire body. Rogelio continued to observe, while the smoke slowly vanished.

Fear not!”, a voice came out from the smoke.

A creature, of half-human body and a snakehead suited with a single thin, white coloured cloth appeared out of the haze. There, Rogelio stood still. Gazing over the creature, and the same being reciprocated by the other. Time halted for a moment, Rogelio was astounded by that creature’s presence. The fear feeling factor emerged within Rogelio. It was his worst nightmare in front of him, that too with the body of a human.

I told you not to fear!”, said the creature.

The energy changed, mood altered, he sensed a strange tingling on his chest and forehead as his entire body became colder. Rogelio felt a deep sense of security and comfort in his heart, his mind had no thought or fear. It was the creature who initiated the connection. For a moment, Rogelio was bewildered and confused because he couldn’t understand if he was hearing with his ears or the voices were in his head.

My name is Ahir, welcome to my abode”, Ahir declared.

“Is this real?”, asked Rogelio.

More real than you’ve ever thought”, said Ahir.

“Are you in my head?”, asked Rogelio.

I’m talking to you through telepathy, my body does not allow me to speak as you do”, declared Ahir.

The voice happened to be inside the mind of Rogelio, conversing. It cleared some of the doubts Rogelio had. Ahir forged a telepathic conversation due to the limitations of his body. Rogelio bowed in front of him, with great respect. The action came to him, naturally.

“Thank you for receiving me in your abode. I come here to return you something of great value”, Rogelio declared.

I know you would come. Sooner or later, you had to come here for esoteric purposes”, confirmed Ahir

“What esoteric purposes?”, questioned Rogelio.

You’ve been waiting for this moment since ages”, replied Ahir.

“What moment? Since when?”, questioned Rogelio.

I know it is hard to believe. You lost most of your memories while living in this real world of illusion. I know you have a lot of questions”, said Ahir.

“I never wanted to be in this cave. It was my father’s last will to return the Jewel of God where it belongs”, declared Rogelio.

It is not about the cave, nor the death of your Father”, affirmed Ahir.

Rogelio scratched his head and asked, “Then what is it all about? I’m confused!”

Complete what you came here to do first”, ordered Ahir.

Rogelio removed the crystal from his bag. Dismantled it from the cloth and carefully placed it on the cave’s floor near the other crystals. His father’s last will was at last completed, but now Rogelio was in an unusual situation. What was going to happen next was out of his mind, he could not think because Ahir established a psychic connection with his mind, violating his privacy.

“I’m now returning the Jewel of God on behalf of my Father who had it in his possession since I came in his life”, affirmed Rogelio.

I know someone who once took a piece of my jewels from my abode. He managed to get out of here safely”, revealed Ahir.

“He was my father. An archaeologist”, replied Rogelio.

I know”, said Ahir

Rogelio came closer to the creature and asked, “How will I go out from here?”

Ahir summoned up his occult powers, they both were surrounded by a bubble of white bright light and both of them were teleported out of that cave’s dimension.

* * *

They showed up in the midst of a large hall surrounded by that same divine crystal, still inside the cave. There was a throne just in front of Rogelio.

“Where are we?”, asked Rogelio.

This is where I sit. My Throne!”, replied Ahir.

Ahir slowly moved up to the slightly elevated platform and sat on his throne. Once he was there, a strange golden light came out of the throne and encircled his head. It was the same as the last drawing on the cave’s wall.

Don’t you want to know about the crystal?”, asked Ahir.

“I do!”, said Rogelio.

It is my duty to tell you the secrets, the more we hide things the more it shines in this space”, said Ahir.

“Why?”, asked Rogelio.

You told me to do so”, said Ahir.

“When? I do not recall any of it”, asked Rogelio.

My name is Ahir Budhnaya. Born in the eternal. I come from Andromeda. Far away from this plane of existence”, revealed Ahir.

“Andromeda? You mean the constellation?”, asked Rogelio.

For you, it is a constellation. For me it is a dimension, a map that leads me to my natal residence”, said Ahir, “Due to my nature of being orderly generous and having attained visionary maturity I was offered this position to guard the Jewels of God”, He declared.

“How did you come here then and by whom were you offered this position?”, asked Rogelio.

After attaining oneness with the creator in deep meditation, the Supreme Himself took me out of the dimension where I used to belong and placed me within the recesses of this planet. And together with me, other beings from Andromeda took birth here on Telluris”, declared Ahir.

“Telluris, you mean Earth?”, asked Rogelio

Yes! You are one among many who came here. You vowed for this position thousands of years ago”, said Ahir.

“I do not recall any of it”, said Rogelio.

The day you took birth here on Earth was of no coincidence. You had chosen your parents and Audric as your mentor. It was all set up way before you even took birth here”, explained Ahir.

Confused by the words of Ahir, Rogelio was dumbstruck. He hadn’t got such information before.

You were all caught up in discovering the history of civilizations that were here long before you even came here, you can’t see the forest for the trees . . .”, said Ahir.

I came in your dreams. Informing you about the transformation. Your time has come to be responsible for all that you ever wanted. But you’ll have to leave everything else behind. It is no coincidence you’re an orphan. It was the destiny of your parents to no longer be here. It was all pre-decided in your arrangement with the Supreme that you’ll be raised by your mentor Audric. I chose your soul not your body”, explained Ahir.

“Why now? Why?”, asked Rogelio.

You made your mark in the world. That was your ultimate desire to be known as a great researcher. You are one now!”, said Ahir.

“I’m not a great researcher. I’ve just started out!”, replied Rogelio.

By the time you are here, people from all walks of life are reading your book and it has become a massive success”, said Ahir.

Ahir waved his hand and opened a portal through which both of them could see the activities happening in Paris. The book fair that Rogelio was supposed to be present had already started, and people were interested in buying his book. Collin was there on behalf of the author.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you are there or not. You already made your mark in this world”, stated Ahir.

“Ever since I was a child, I got the strange sense that I do not belong here”, shared Rogelio

That is true. You come from the land of great visionaries, our real home”, revealed Ahir, “Like you, various souls took birth here on Earth to share their visionary gift to the world but you, as at now you are the only one who shared this gift of discovery”, he added.

“I do not know how and why I got this information. It just comes to me”, said Rogelio.

I told you, we come from the visionary land. Visionary maturity is what helped you come up with all this information. In your childhood, you were exposed to that same jewel your father once took from here. It is not a coincidence that he managed to leave my abode and got hold of my jewel. Deliberately, I left the crystal where he was conducting his research works”, explained Ahir.

All these mysterious information started to make Rogelio more curious. The more information he received from Ahir, the better he’d understood his very complex life. He wanted to know more.

“Then why are all these crystals here, within this cave?”, asked Rogelio.

Right now you’re not in that same cave you entered some time before, we are now in the underworld. The environment of higher fortune is located at the lower recesses of Earth, within the dimension of snakes, because we know how to wield power”, said Ahir.

“I want to know more about it’s purpose”, Rogelio demanded.

Here, Telluris’ crystalline grid is located. Telluris, Bhumi, Earth, Gaia, they are all the same, you know it. Only the one who is aware of the treasures stored here can use its infinite powers. You are connected to it, unconsciously you are actually aware, intuitive by nature. I call my jewels ‘Ahira’. So should you. Ahira is a global network of crystallized rocks that is capable of electromagnetic transmission, this is how Telluris communicates with other planets”, revealed Ahir.

“Ahira, it sounds familiar to me. That is why when I held it for the first time my entire body was surrounded by its divine energy”, said Rogelio.

Yes, Ahira knows you. The jewels have a cache memory. Ahira is similar but dramatically more sophisticated than a network of radio transmission repeater station. It was connected aeons ago by our creators, during the conception of Earth. It became the signal send-receive mechanism for our guides and supporters of Earth to communicate with their scouts and engineers who’d been deployed to prepare Earth to support human civilizations”, Ahir informed.

“Are you a scout or an engineer?”, asked Rogelio.

I’m the one who defends the hoard of precious treasures, my activities are rarely recognized but is very important for the smooth running of our system”, said Ahir.

“Are there scouts or engineers on Earth right now?”, asked Rogelio.

Many have long returned to their natal residence, there are few who still live among man like you who took birth in human form”, replied Ahir.

“Then who are the guides and supporters of Earth?”, asked Rogelio.

There are billions of them around the multi-verse, we are all inter-connected via Ahira, you’ll get to know them in due time”, said Ahir.

“Do people of the world know about it?”, asked Rogelio.

“No they don’t and wouldn’t bother about it for this kind of information would just explode their mind, and increase their thirst for power”, said Ahir, “That is why Ahira is kept away from their eyes, located at the lower recesses of Earth where I steadily defend it. We are under the ocean right now!”, revealed Ahir.

“Are we? It doesn’t feel like, but the smell is strange”, said Rogelio.

The salty water smells like this, and water is important to Ahira, it acts as the catalyst to receive and transmit information to other parts of the universe”, explained Ahir.

“What is the story behind those drawings?”, asked Rogelio.

Everything I told since the beginning is there in the drawings”, He replied.

“But here you are not the snake eating its own tail”, Rogelio voiced out.

I am, here you are at the very beginning and end of all things”, revealed Ahir.

“It’s so confusing”, Rogelio replied.

The psychic conversation came to an end, Rogelio had discovered some of the exotic truths about existence. But it didn’t end here, Rogelio kept gazing over Ahir who sat on his throne.

* * *

Do you know the truth about your arrival into my abode?”, asked Ahir.

“To return the jewel of god?”, said Rogelio.

To return my jewel was just a guise to conceal the real reason. As I told you before, you’ve been waiting for this moment for aeons”, stated Ahir.

“The real reason? Why would a guise be necessary?”, asked Rogelio.

You wouldn’t have come if I called you neither would you have believed me in the first place”, Ahir replied.

“Then tell me, I want to hear it”, urged Rogelio.

You desired a foundation aeons ago. Where no one could move you unless you choose to!”, revealed Ahir.

“Is that all?”, asked Rogelio.

Do you desire a foundation?”, asked Ahir.

“Yes I do”, replied Rogelio.

The response of Rogelio was what Ahir wanted to hear. Both waited for that moment to happen and it was actually happening. From the bottom of his heart Rogelio affirmed once again, “Yes, I desire a foundation”.

Ahir stood up, raising both his arms and palms facing upwards calling upon the Divine. It was time for Ahir to pass on the responsibility to one who merited it. Rogelio didn’t know what was going to happen next, he followed the flow. The light appeared from the cave’s roof, intensify energy around Ahir. His aura made of light slowly enveloped his entire body and of Rogelio’s.

Not understanding what was happening, Rogelio had a vision of his past. Everything he experienced in his childhood till his arrival at Ahir’s abode. He saw every detail, listened to every word spoken, every feeling, he experienced all of that in a short spur of time. Rogelio experienced the death of his personality. His ego dissolved, as he continued to see those amazing experiencing he had back then he entered a black tunnel. In that void, he saw Ahir’s true identity which was a body made up of light. There, they exchanged merged into one single body. It was painful for Rogelio, unaware of what changes were occurring.

When the divine light settled, Rogelio woke up. He lied on the ground in front of Ahir’s throne. He stood up, but things were very different as he sensed more and had lost his coloured vision. He tried to speak, “Why can I see colour?”, but he couldn’t as he no proper mouth.

Welcome back to your true form”, said Ahir.

“What happened to me?”, asked Rogelio.

Your desire is accomplished now, you are the protector of the Jewels and this throne is your now”, Ahir declared.

Rogelio had transformed into that half-man and half-snake creature. He wore that same thin white cloth around his body. He couldn’t believe that this was what he was supposed to become.

Your journey starts now!”, said Ahir, “come and sit on your throne”, he added.

Rogelio walked up to the throne and Ahir blessed him while he sat on his newly found throne, his sole foundation. As soon as he sat on the throne, that same golden light sparkled around his head, he felt the deep connection with the universe, subtle it was. Rogelio raised his head fixing Ahir into his eyes. They both were communicated using the psychic abilities of their unusual body.

You’ll learn more about everything and your duty here in due time. I shall take my leave now”, stated Ahir.

“I’ll be here alone?”, asked Rogelio.

Yes, for the rest of your existence until you choose to pass it down to another soul with visionary maturity and orderly generosity”, Ahir said while moving down the throne.

Deep down, Rogelio knew he’d taken the best decision for himself as he accepted what he wanted in its truest form. It was his fate, his ultimate destiny, his unique life path that opened in front of him and he’d accepted it fully with his heart. A drop of tear came out of his left eye. He knew he was separated from every other thing in life, but his role was of great importance to civilization in general.

Do it gracefully”, exhorted Ahir and vanished in thin air.

* * *

In the midst of nowhere, Rogelio had acquired immense power under his belt only to be used to defend the fortune he’d been blessed with. He was now the preserver of treasuries for the Creator.

Later on, during that same period, he started discovering the various things he could do sitting on his newly found throne. He manifested as his old body in Corin’s dream.

Do not worry about me, take care of what should be taken care of”, he said in Corin’s dream.

* * *

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