Jewels of God - An unexpected journey

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After a year . . .

Sabal who was a driver, self-realised that it was no longer his purpose. Witnessing the death of Father Audric and losing a friend like Rogelio who was never to be found, he decided to embark on a new journey to serve the Church and the orphanage. Together with Sister Bernadette they took care of the children’s needs and wants.

On the other hand, Sabal continued Father Audric’s philanthropic works around South Africa. He spent most his time studying the materials left by Father Audric to conduct his work in the best way possible although he was not a saint, he had the amazing capacity to operate things. He ended up renovating the whole orphanage, increasing its capacity to hold a thousand more children and gave Chapel Eternity a new look. Due to the massive water poisoning, lots of people died and it resulted in a great increase in orphans in that region. His duty was to gather those children in one single place to care of them.

His had taken most of the responsibility that came down to Sister Bernadette who was getting old.

Corin Janvier, who was the assistant of Rogelio received a massive good news regarding Rogelio’s book ‘Another Discovery’. During his journey in South Africa, the debut of the book was fine until someone wrote a review of the book in the New York Times newspaper. It was the talk of the month, eventually it became the best-seller of that year. Unfortunately, the author was not among them to celebrate his massive success.

Media from around the world contacted Corin via mail asking for interviews with the author, all he could do was to reply to them politely that the author is no longer in this world. The royalties received from the book, as a humble as he was, Corin donated all of Rogelio’s acquired wealth to the Crystal Children Orphanage.

Rogelio amassed immense wealth, fame and income through his first and last book, his ultimate discovery.

It helped Sabal be more comfortable in executing the projects. It was Corin who convinced Sabal for taking part in something bigger than himself which led him to be the new patron of Crystal Children Orphanage.

Corin worked on something secretly. When he returned back from the cave to the church with Sabal, the explored Father Audric’s office. Corin found a lot of materials, some letters addressed to Rogelio and old photos.

He gathered all that information and added things from his own experience with Rogelio on paper. He finally wrote a biography of Rogelio Hughes. That book also was a massive success, people did not know what happened to the author of “Another Discovery’ and that book contained everything for them to know the truth about the author’s journey in this world.

Rogelio had made his place in the hearts of many. In the end, he was no longer among them was present everywhere. Locked up in the recesses of the Earth he witnessed all happenings around the world, he was alive but his fate would not allow him to go out of his newly found throne.

“He told us, his existence would be ephemeral”, Corin reminded Sabal.

Rogelio found his foundation in life, he took a leap of faith and that connected him to the wellspring of vitality.

The End

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