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In Deep Waters

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In the small town of Westport when people start going missing and the local sheriff can't seem to find out why. Detective Lance Cooper comes in to see if he can solve the mystery.

Mystery / Thriller
Arri Stone
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Chapter 1

Warning: Before you start reading, if you find murder or drug taking unsettling, then this story may not be for you.

Westport, a small town known for their great fishing and beaches. Many pass through to travel along the popular coastline as they come for the surf and head along to Long beach.

Terrance Archer has been a fisherman for the last thirty years and his brother Ronny used to work on the forestry but eventually that closed down and he was left with having to rely on helping his brother out with the fishing.

The early morning catch wasn't bringing in enough money so between them they started day trips out for people wanting to fish out at sea. Archers fishing trips have been taking people out fishing on the sea for the last five years.

With $100 a head for the day it was easy money when they were busy. Things had been going slow recently for them, they found out that a rival had been cutting the price and taking people out, stealing their customers. That rival being the Horsham brothers who have the better and bigger boat.

"Ronny what are we going to do?"

"Apparently they have some new bait and are undercutting our price, stealing our customers."

"Yeah but if they keep doing this we won't have a business left."

Terry is pissed off that the people he thought were friends, have stabbed them in the back and took everything from underneath them especially when they were struggling.

"We will work something out, we always do." Ronny, always looking on the bright side of things slaps his brother on his back.

They pack up for the day and head home to their families. Both brothers live near each other, Ronny has the bigger property. They have a shed down at the harbour which they use for when they bring their catch in the morning. Gutting fish isn't a pleasant thing but they found it was easier to sell the fish afterwards and it was also used as a store room for some of the old machinery that Ronny had. He was going to clean them up and get what little money he could for it.

Terrance was struggling, his wife had passed a few years ago and left him with their daughter Amy. She was all he had left. A 23 year old who struggled with her mother's death turned to her friends Jamie and Ben.

"I'm off out dad, see you later."

He knew where she would be going. Since Patrica had died Amy found peace in smoking weed and had hooked up with a couple of lads he knew were growing their own stuff. He didn’t mind as he knew she would be safe with them.

"Be safe, love you honey."

She left, leaving Terry on his own to have a few beers thinking about what will happen if the business goes under. Ronny popped around as he thought he would talk with Terry and see if the two of them could come up with any ideas.

Amy had a blunt rolled up and ready to smoke as she left and walked along to Jamie's house. Amy was a pretty girl with long jet black hair and piercing blue eyes making her stand out from all the rest of the blonde bimbos and their surfer boyfriends who turned up at Jamie's house.

She had known Jamie for as many years as she could remember. He was a dope grower but not a heavy smoker unlike his best pal Ben. Ben is what Jamie likes to call his tester for some of his new strains that he had been growing.

"Here try this one Ben."

He passes Ben a bit of bud so he can roll a joint. Ben sniffs it first and nearly falls backwards off his chair as it is so potent.

"Wooo, fuck me what's this?"

"A new splice I've done."

The buzzer went at the door and Jamie looked over and checked the camera to see who it was.

"It's just Amy."

Jamie bounces off the chair and opens the door for his best friend.

"Hey gorgeous."

He plants a kiss on her cheek as she gives him a hug. Amy heads through into the smoking room, Jamie likes to keep the rest of his house private although Amy and Ben were the only other people allowed in his house.


Amy walked in as Ben sparked up coughing as his first drag hit his lungs making Amy laugh.

"Still not got the hang of it then?" She joked as he kept coughing.

Jamie put his arm around Amy. "It's a new strain I've created, he's testing it out. Here pass it up."

Ben, still coughing, passed the joint. Jamie took a small drag on it and passed it to Amy.

"Fuck that's good shit." Ben managed to say now he stopped coughing.

Even with just the small toak on it Amy felt amazing. A smile formed on all three faces. Jamie knew he had got it right with this one giving them a whole new buzz and high at the same time.

As Amy sat and smoked with the boys, they had their usual talk about what had been going on in the town. Jamie noticed that Amy was unusually quiet and Jamie rubbed her leg.

"What's wrong sweetie?"

"Just… my dad and uncle. They have found out that the Horsham brothers have been stealing customers off them."

"That's shit, I know they are bastards, and you've got to watch out for Ryan, you know he keeps at me to give him more weed as he wants to sell it."

Amy never got on with Ryan at school as he always teased her. Jamie said that it was because he liked her. Jamie pulls Amy into a cuddle.

"Your uncle Ronny is always coming up with ideas, I'm sure he will think of something." He kisses the side of her cheek.

"Thanks Jamie you always know what to say."

It had gone 7pm and a couple more surfer potheads and their girlfriends turned up to come buy some and have a smoke. Jamie was known with the surfers as word of mouth got about and he had a steady flow of them coming through.

"What's that one you guys are smoking?" one of the guys asked Jamie.

He wasn't going to hand out his new stuff yet but as there were more to test it out he thought it would be a good chance to see other peoples reactions to it. He went and got a large bud, placing it down on the table.

"Fuck that shit smells good man."

"Wait till you smoke it." Ben was off his tits on the stuff.

Four pairs of hands gathered a small amount and each of them rolled a joint. Amy was sitting in her usual seat snuggled in next to Jamie. She had been coming to his most nights. She was sure at one point the other night he was going to kiss her properly but he moved and kissed her cheek as he always did when she left.

Back around in the room everyone was laughing as the high hit them all making them giddy. After a good smoking session it had got late and most had already left only just one guy who Jamie could tell he was that wasted he could hardly stand.

"Right I'm off."

He stood and fell back down into the chair before attempting it again making them all laugh. Jamie helped him out the door. As he closed it he heard a thump.

Debating whether to check or just leave him there till he woke up from his cosy sleep that he would be having. He went and sat back down next to Amy. After a few more smokes Amy was looking rather sleepy herself. Ben had already passed out on one of the couches after a major giggle fit to the point he thought he was going to pass out as he couldn't get his breath back.

"Come on baby I'll walk you home."

Always the gentleman Amy thought and smiled up at him as he held out a hand. Taking it he pulled her up and she flung her arms around his neck to hold on.

"Mmm, I think I might have smoked too much." She giggled.

Jamie tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and stared into her dreamy eyes. He loved her but was never sure if he should take that next step as they had been friends for so long.

Her eyes were droopy so he thought it wasn't a good time. Leading her out of the door they both got hit by the fresh sea air.

"Oh fuck."

Amy's face went pale, Jamie thought she was going to pass out or throw up until he realised why…

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