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The Book Of Dark Love Poems (Completed)

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Love was something everyone looked forward to. But as time went by, love began to perish, love was something they never knew, love became dark.

Mystery / Thriller
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For Love-Chapter 1

Cold, Wet, Weak, Scared.

I was in the middle of the icy tile floor covered by the shadows in this place, not of a home, naked and scarred from memories that tore me from inside and out. I heard the sirens from afar, I heard the rain pitter-patter against the window.

I heard my heartbeat slowly go down, I felt wetness under me moving slowly, slowly moving. I knew what was happening, I knew I was leaving, I knew who did it. I loved him, even if it was wrong, the pain he caused mentally and physically.

I tried to remember something good in my life as it flashed before my eyes. The rain grew louder. The sirens grew louder. The wound in me grew deeper. While I….well, I knew I was going to die.

“ For love.” he said as he walked away.

“ For love” I whispered.

For love of course.

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