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Meltdown of 1972

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In the spring of 1972, a British banking icon is shot dead and his younger son James arrested for murder. When James Fairchild goes on the run, his elder brother Andrew takes over the family bank. James's childhood friend, Kate, starts investigating to clear his name. She takes a job at the bank and ends up getting drawn into Andrew's personal life, becoming increasingly confused about her feelings. Suey Chan, Asian banking heiress, pursues both brothers in different ways. She pointedly develops a business relationship with Andrew while inviting a closer bond. At the same time, she begins to track James, her ex-fiancé. James is pursuing one clue after another in the hope of learning what happened between his brother and father. The pursuit takes him from London to Paris, then to Frankfurt, Hamburg, Zurich and finally Rome. Andrew gets deep into secret plans involving the fate of Western capitalism. His steps follow the same route as James to Rome where the brothers, Kate and Suey converge for a dramatic confrontation. Kate and Suey, who have at one time each loved both brothers, must make agonizing choices. The brothers must face a lifetime of silent alienation. But to solve the complex mystery of the father's death, we must reach back into the sorrows of Asia during World War II and learn the shocking truth behind the interwoven history of two banking dynasties.

Mystery / Drama
Marq OReilly
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…Now that was a bear market. Stocks slumped, companies faced collapse and the very fabric of society came under threat. “It was Armageddon… It was about whether communism would win, and the end of capitalism.” By January 1975 the FT 30-Share Index had slid 73 percent from its 1972 peak.

The Daily Telegraph (British national newspaper)

I tried to give you consolation when your Old Man let you down. Like a fool, I fell in love with you, turned my whole world upside down.

“Layla,” from The History of Eric Clapton, released 1972

The use of handcuffs amounts to… an assault and is unlawful unless it can be justified.

Guidance on the Use of Handcuffs by the Chief Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland

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