A Stheno’s Duty (Viciously Yours #3)

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As a model Stheno and modern gentleman, Arseniy has never disobeyed an order. He’s never mistreated a female and he has always put the needs of his Nest before his own. So, when his Serpent announces his engagement to a slightly younger man who isn’t shy about his disgust for Arseniy’s Nest? Not a whisper of disagreement passes the Stheno’s lips for a very simple reason…Arseniy doesn’t care about the younger man enough to let his words or actions bother him…most of the time. However, the mounting stress is causing a strain on his already volatile temper. You see, Arseniy has a few emerging problems. 1). A new Detective with an agenda against him and his Nest is aggressively coming after them for the crimes happening on campus. 2).Arseniy’s starting to think someone other than the police is watching him based on the bloody gifts he starts receiving. 3). His fiancé is unnecessarily injecting himself into his life, despite the fact that they agreed to ignore each other, because of problem 1 & 2. How does this perfect Stheno deal with his problems? Well…it involves very little words and a whole lot of violence.

Mystery / Romance
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Prologue: Watching You

One month ago…

~Mystery P.O.V.~

Leaning against the side of the luxury car you never drove, you gave a soft chuckle at the bickering males beside you. The hood of your black windbreaker, probably a designer brand you didn’t care about, barely covered your handsome face from the rain. Dark brown eyes scanned over the college parking lot in front of you behind the clear lenses you wore, completely overlooking me. Your head turned towards Maxim, giving me a generous view of your strong jaw as you rose a thick brow at him in question.

My grip tightened around the steering wheel as I watched your large graceful hands, decorated in solid gold rings like the king you were, lift to your face. With bated breath, my eyes soaked in the sight of your plump lips closing around the toxic filter of the cigarette. You shook your head in answer to your other friend, Ivan, as you flicked back the top of your lighter and brought the flame closer to your face. High cheeks hollowed out and caused my heart rate to speed as you took a drag off the burning stick. You were pure masculine beauty.

Resting my chin on the leather wheel, I sighed in content at the rare gloriously uninterrupted sight of you. You hardly spoke to anyone outside your Nest, your mask of disinterest and boredom kept others from approaching you. You weren’t mean or rude to strangers but you didn’t care for them. No one besides your Nest was able to pull smiles and laughs from your serious features. I took pride in the fact that I could make your lips twitch in a ghost of a smile, could see the kindness you held for me in your eyes and the protective way you touched me at times. It was something we shared, just the two of us. It was special.

But it wasn’t enough. Not anymore.

I wanted your lips on mine. I wanted to feel the calluses of your large, often bruised hands, scraping down my sides. I wanted to know your innermost thoughts and worries. To be able to call you mine and to be called yours. I wanted your undivided attention because we were meant to be. Nobody else would accept the parts of you that you tried to hide away. Nobody else would stick by your side through thick and thin. Nobody else would accept your sudden rages. Nobody else would have the patience to understand you.

But I would. Without hesitation or complaint, I would.

Your shoulders tightened momentarily underneath the rain slicked fabric of your jacket, causing me to lift my head. What did you see? Slowly, I slid my eyes across the distance to look for what had caught you and your brethren’s attention in that split second. A tall form, slightly shorter than your magnificent height and bulkier than your slender build, stalked quickly over the gravel strewn lot towards you. Aggression laced the males movements as he rapidly approached, only to stop a few feet in front of you.

Maxim and Ivan straighten their relaxed forms, blanking their smiling features to give the intruding male an intimidating look. My own brows furrowed at the gall this male had to approach you like he had any right to. Who was he? From the angle of my car, I caught a flash of pale skin dusted with freckles hidden in the deep shadows of his hood but it was enough. There was only one male with that skin tone who would be so bold as to approach a male like you. West. I snarled at the disrespectful male and quickly rolled down my window as mouths began moving.

Angling my ear to the crack in the window, I ignored the patter of the rain hitting the roof to catch Maxim’s sharp snap, “-fuck do you want?”

Ignoring him, West spoke in a way that told the world he wasn’t used to the word no, “Poroshenko. We need to talk.”

Talk? They hated each other. What could they have to talk about?

Pulling the cigarette from your lips, you gave him a bored stare and blew smoke from the corner of your mouth.

The normally playful Ivan glared at the male and answered for you, “What about?”

Hazel eyes never looked away from you, “Alone.”

“I don’t think so.” Maxim huffed, taking a step closer to the tiger shifter.

West’s eyes left yours as he stepped into the Gorgon, “I’m not in the mood, Reptile. Back off.”

Tension between the three increased as Ivan got into the males face as well with a predatory grin, “Or what?”

Shoulders pulled back, I caught a flash of fang when West opened his mouth to respond but never got the chance.

“Enough.” You muttered around your cigarette while lazily pushing off the car to stand straight.

Immediately, Ivan and Maxim backed down and turned to look at you. In the absence of a Meduza, the males deferred to you in situations like this without hesitation. Even with no real power beside the kind given to you because of your Meduza’s rank, you were a force to be reckoned with.

“So, he does speak. And here I was starting to think you were just brainless muscle.”

I flashed my fangs at the insult to your intelligence while you ignored the tiger completely to look at your brethren. With a jerk of your chin, Maxim and Ivan gave West one last look of loathing before walking off to stand a few cars down. Far enough to not over hear but close enough to help if it got violent. Which by the look in their eyes, they were hoping it would. So did I. You should’ve broken his spine for the way he spoke to you, like you were beneath him.

The two of you stared at each other for a long moment before West bit out, “I don’t know how your Alpha got my father to agree to this bullshit but I won’t stand for it. As far as I’m concerned there is no engagement or arrangement of any kind.”

My heart stopped, Engagement? Has your Nest found you another Fiancé so soon? As the knowledge sunk into my brain, rage was quick to consume me, Him? You’re engaged to him?

“She’s my Serpent. Not my Alpha.” You correct, bringing the cigarette back to your lips as raindrops bounced off your broad shoulders to the floor.

“I don’t care what you call her.” He snapped out, the long fangs of his tiger peeking out from between his lips. “Whatever they agreed to does not stand and if anyone finds out about this before I help my father realize his mistake, I’ll make your life hell. I won’t let my family’s honor be tarnished by an alliance with Russian gangsters.”

I released a laugh at the way you eyed him before drily stating, “We’re Ukrainian. Russia and the Ukraine are different countries, you know this, yes?”

Eyes narrowing, West took a step forward, “Outside my Clan and your Nest...nobody finds out, Poroshenko. We continue to pretend like the other doesn’t exist. Especially here, at the University.” Pausing for a second, he continued with a look of utter disgust, “I heard what you did to Stanton Reaves, he fell into a coma last night. Thugs like you belong in a jail cell, not walking free.”

Thug? How dare he? You were a king among men.

Smoke drifted through the rain as you shrugged, “Who?”

Snarling at your blasie tone, he hissed, “Keep your Nest of criminals the fuck away from me and my clan. Consider this a warning.”

When the only response was your bored stare, his lip curled in a flash of fang before he stomped off back across the parking lot in the direction he came. You didn’t move from your position, watching him walk off and creating a seed of jealousy for the male in my chest. He was the last person who deserved your gaze so why were you still looking at him?

Ivan’s voice jarred you from your thoughts, “What did that asshole want?”

“The little Alpha is pissed about our engagement like we knew he’d be.” You reply, returning to lean up against the car.

Needing reassurance that would only come from your eyes on mine, I quickly exited my car and maneuvered through the rows of parked vehicles towards you. Sneakers splashing in the puddles of rain water, I paid the wet fabric of my shoes no mind as I got closer to your intoxicating presence.

“Aren’t you pissed you got stuck with him?” Maxim asked. “He’s a spoiled man child.”

You shrug, “I don’t care enough.”

I grin brightly at the words as Ivan spots me first. West won’t last. He’ll be gone like all the others. I’ll make sure of it. You’re mine as I am yours. He has no place in our future.

The blonde’s gloomy expression was quickly replaced by a wide grin, “Look who it is! What are you doing over here?”

“Waiting for your friends?” Maxim asked when I came to a stop beside them.

Giving a friendly nod, I snapped my eyes to you, “Hey.”

Lips twitching up in that ghost of a smile, you pulled the cigarette from your lips, “Hey. It’s been awhile.”

Y’ALLL Arseniy’s story is finally here!!!!I’m excited to share his tale with all of you! It’s going to be different than the other two in the series in a thriller kind of way and I’m reeeeadddddy for it! Also, he’s a GORGON, Verbies!! You read that right!!!!! Who guessed it!
As always leave a comment on how you feel about the chapter or if your excited to read Arseniy’s book!
Smooches, Verbage💋
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