The Mysteries of Charming

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Chapter 2

A knock sounded at the old wooden door of the Charming Ohio, police station. It was like any other early morning in Charming, all blue skies and cool breezes. Without the whole craziness of the bigger cities and just like any other day, there wasn’t much to do in this small town. No one ever came into harass him this early, so he had the whole place to himself, just to relax and enjoy it. No distractions, no crime, but lately that had become boring. Doing the same thing over and over again got boring pretty quick. He had thought that nothing could make him get excited about moving here from Columbus, but that was until the person who knocked on the door finally came walking in.


An unfamiliar female voice came from behind the door. In a small town you got to know people pretty well, and he had always been good with voices, this one was new. Quinn looked up from his magazine to see who came in, and he swore everything in him stopped. It had been a while since he had a female companion, not that the people here weren’t great. It’s just when you grow up in a small town, it’s just weird shacking up with someone who you saw go through their awkward phase.

“How can I help you?”

As Quinn stood up he did a mini stretch before walking around the desk to greet her.

“I’m looking for the Sheriff. His name is-“she looked down at a torn piece of paper “-Quinn Novak.”

She gave him a small smile while putting the paper back into the back pocket of her dark jeans.

She wasn’t that much shorter than he was, and she looked to be of Hispanic descent. That explained the curves, he said to himself.

“You found him, how can I help you,” He leaned his hip on the desk and crossed his arms.

“Well, I’m here to help you. I received a box from someone saying to contact you about your father’s death”.

"Who is this someone?" he asked.

"There wasn't any labels or anything on the box. It just said to look into his death." she shuffled from one foot to the other.

“What about it. He had a heart attack a few years back, nothing much to talk about.”

Quinn’s father had always had heart problems, but 5 years ago, he got a call from his mom saying that his father had passed away. Quinn knew what he had to do, so he quit his job at CPD and moved back home. Quinn wondered who told this woman about his father’s death. Not that it was a secret, but he was pretty sure he had never seen this woman before in his life, so it seemed odd.

“Well my source told me that he was murdered. He sent me enough evidence that made me believe he was right. Otherwise I wouldn’t have showed up here in the first place. I have other jobs be sides this one.” Other jobs? What job would make this woman want to investigate a death of a person she didn’t know?

“What do you do exactly, and what does that have to do with my fath-” something just hit him then “-what do you mean ‘he”. I thought you said it was from an unknown person”

“It is. I’m just assuming it’s a male. It sounds better than using 'it'.”

She walked over to the guest seats in the office and took the one closest to him. Quinn took the seat across from her, feeling like a jerk for not offering it to her before.

“Can I get you anything, coffee, water…” she shook her head before he could even get the words out of his mouth.

“That’s fine. Anyway I’m a PI from Toledo, and I did have other cases and wasn’t going to take this but when I saw the evidence and the envelope of cash I couldn’t say no.” She rifled through her bag and pulled out a manila folder.

“Here, take a look, see for yourself. I would really appreciate your cooperation on this as both the Sheriff and a member of the family. I hate stepping on toes.” She handed him the folder and settled back into the seat.

Quinn opened up the folder and a few things caught his attention. A photo of his dad from the autopsy, pictures of inside the sheriff’s office and inside the house where he had grown up. After reading all the documents that this source gave to, this woman whose name he still don’t know, Quinn could see why she took the case. If what he was reading was right, his father got himself into some trouble. Enough that got him killed.

The first thing she noticed about Charming was how quiet and peaceful it was.It was about 6:30am, so she was guessing people were still in that comatose phase you’re in after you wake up from a deep sleep.

Then she stepped into the Sheriff’s office and sighed. It reminded her of her office, small with two desks, a back room; where she suspected were where the cells were, and dust collecting on the two non-moving ceiling fans. She’d been gone all of 5 hours and she already missed home. While the Sheriff looked over the folder she’d given him, Riley looked over the Sheriff. She could only describe him as dark and brooding. He stood a few inches taller than her, and she was pretty tall herself. Almost considered going into modeling, for about two seconds then planned to go to the academy. He had dark everything, eyes, hair, brows even darker skin. A few shades lighter than hers. It took Riley by surprise that this man was the deceased son. In the photos that she’d seen of Charles, he was your typical blonde hair, blue eyed type of guy. Even though his hair was turning white you could still tell that his natural color was blonde. When Quinn stood up to greet her, and did a mini stretch she saw the muscles ripple under his tan sheriff’s shirt. Riley did everything in her power not to trip over her jaw as she walked over to shake his hand. Barely hearing what he said, she looked up just in time to hear him clearly say;

“Holy shit,”

“My sentiments exactly,”

Stepping out into the morning sun and inhaling the fresh air was the only reason why I stayed in this god forsaken town. It really was a beautiful place to live but with all the corruption and scheming in this town, it makes you wonder if its all worth while. I walked from my house into town to pick up a few things for breakfast when I spotted Riley walking into the sheriffs office. It was a fifty-fifty chance that she would actually come. I knew what was in the box I left her would be the thing to win her over. I looked around the town and not that many people were out and about yet. I slowly walked down the street and tried not to cause too much attention. Luckily what I wore to bed, sweat pants and a big shirt, wouldn't draw too much attention. As soon as Riley got into the office I crossed the street. I crept to the side of the building and crouched underneath the window.

I heard them making the usual conversation that two strangers make to one another, then Riley started to explain why she was there. I wondered if Quinn will take this seriously or be insulted that I didn't come to him in the first place. It did come to mind that maybe I should tell Quinn first but the murder could've found out that I was the source. Would I end up like Charles? Who knows. No this was safer, choosing Riley was the right thing to do. And if she stuck to the plan and didn't reveal that she received an anonymous tip, that Charles was murdered then all will go well. Maybe. Hopefully.

“Here, take a look, see for yourself. I would really appreciate your cooperation on this as both the Sheriff and a member of the family. I hate stepping on toes.”

Quinn opened the envelope and started to read what was in it. Not one emotion showed on his face, he was like his father in every way. Never let anyone see what they really felt. A woman I have seen plenty of times walked by the office and spotted me. She gave me a weird look, like she was trying to figure out if she recognized me or not, but by the time she could get a better look I had scurried down the alley and quickly into the general store.

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