Close and Confidential

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Things become very confidential in a crime at Lincoln's Inn. Paul Usher faces yet another dilemma with his first murder case back in London: Stan's secretary has been killed and this one might just become his unsolved case... until help appears from unexpected quarters and he teams up with Philippe who is facing a murder threat of his own. Can they solve both cases - without drinking on the job - before their time runs out?

Mystery / Romance
Carolyn Mitchell
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“If I gave you the African, could you take him down?”

“What do you mean, ‘give’?”

“If you were in a position to eliminate Philippe, i.e., you got him alone, could you kill him?”

“Of course I could. What do you take me for?”

“I’d rather not comment on that. Do we have an agreement?”


“Good. Always nice to be of service.”

“You’re really mad, you know that?”

“Who says I care?”

It was clear both partners of the conversation abhorred each other.

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