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Birds in sight in the sky startled and seeming to know and ask where have you been where is our breakfast we will do your roof in. it is their manner it is their way. We are just something that feeds them. We love life we lost life we are involved in this doing until the gongs startle until we realise we have no more left. We give in we give something back the tyres have backfired as we are all in there chanting.

Mystery / Poetry
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Chapter 1

She did not could not speak Turkish. She disliked the Turks spent many moments with the animals. When she gave birth her husband was at the whorehouse. She was a witch did much to improve her witch craft and earned her living by being a witch. The girls whom she gave birth to also made witchcraft their only employment their only training.

She had the motherhood sorted did not do any wrong. But she went badly when she sat at home and did not much but watch Turkish movies.

She came from Russia and did not have a bad bone in her.. When she did it went very bad. She hated her life disliked her husband but there was no choice in the matter.

Now she a perfect Turkish housewife and she would not leave him owned land and that was precious and a source of pride. He had married her in a church against his fine religion against his family.

She went to all the shops and got to the food he liked and his family loved and studied the coffee and all that she loved him made the whole lot of them laugh with them and she became a fixture in their family do's.

Then he began to break her arm and she began to be uneasy about his lust for the woman inside her. She cried she was pitifully made fun of and yet she stayed with him.

There were a few ups and downs she would say, but that is to be expected from a marriage. She would add. He became a man because of her and she was his wife. She got him off the hook and she did everything saved him from himself made him the self and the importance he became.

Down at the shoe shop the shoes were all placed in a row ready to be picked and then worn and tried on.

“What I’m I in this shoe crowd?”

“Just a shoe wearer.”

“Wearing it like a shoe shop.”

“Shoe shop soiled goods.”

“Why is the shoe shop important?”

“Because the shoes hid things.”

“Hid things?”

“The feet number.”

The mafia had something up their sleeves when a shoe repair man opened they would pay heed pay him a visit. The fixation with shoes was uniquely this mafias interest.

“The feet number is important because there is something wrong with the feet.”

“What is wrong with the feet?”

“I don’t know.”

She did not go bored out of her mind her daughter was a child trafficked. Spent her time as a child sitting on laps. Her husband a man who said if you want to feed her then have her. What did it mean?

Aliye why did you not just nourish a viper in your bosom but thank this man for all his wants?

Children in laps and there it was. Child of eleven wanting to run but the uncles asked her to sit on them. The child too impressed to resist.

In this nightmarish world there is the brothers in the clubs and they do exist in clubs. King of clubs and all that the night clubs the jazz clubs the shootings the whores the little mermaids the money. The power the naked flesh the flesh to be got more flesh.

They have to do this to prove a point that a girl cannot look out for herself that this is what it is about it is? I did not know that this is what this is about? Chauvinistic.

I see the birds in flight they want food but there was no food to feed them so they began to eat the house. That we were so poor that the hundreds of birds just ate their rotten cages and then we wept.

We are all doomed we are all doomed. Whores we are the whores. No we are not we are respected. Like other whores. No we are not whores we come from grand families. We are not from that unkindness. Tarnish our reputations not at all. That the Sade had the similar history written that men do mate with whores to have children that they can mate with. Still their own families is it not? No because whores are bought with money so they feel nothing for these creatures.

“ Don’t be silly.”

“I silly? Seriously?”

Plain as plain. She is so plain has to go to a doctor she might be ill. Drive on dears. I said. I left him in the lands of no returns. When he showed me the place which was our own. He left standing as he smiled. Then he rushed to clobber me.

Then disappearing smiles as I waved back at him. Plain as plain I ditched my escape plan society has no parachute. The long dirty road to hell. The sun came back peeping at me as if the whole of the town was opening to something. Bad I thought this is bad then the birds began to swoop then they twirled and that is what it was they were dancing at me. There was somehow something so majestic about them. They were leaving.

I thought he would be nicer man now he will have to walk all that way back.

That type of brain he has, I mean that type of normal stupid senseless brain he has and he did not has not been in troubled waters?

He had to have a pick up to get back to his wife and home in one piece. So he spends nineteen years in the Turkish music industry and does not get clawed or clobbered? When did he have any money? He somehow has enough of everything and what has he sold? Where does the cash flow come in? What has he given to everyone? No the girl has never been sold has she?


The wife Aliye does not understand why her husband stays so long away in the whore house. She does not ask much when he is at home he is gentle and nice to her and her children there is nothing in his attitude which speaks of disdain or oddness or even that he has another family.

She is not troubled by him much?

The birds are still talking this odd language to each other one of them perched and the other is whistling this wailing sound of cheer. It is as if it is metallic and it is grating in my ear. Rather like the characters in this novel there is too much pace and not enough space between them. That they are not the loveliest people in the world as coxcombs go they are the ideal coxcombs. But the likely bird song to accompany them is the idealistic rampages of this pen. The poison pen which I have become.

Hasan falls and takes away his difficulties? He is the father the father is what he is eating at his table making jokes and behaving like the man. His thoughts elsewhere.

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