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The Abyss - On Hiatus

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Once before, the abbey was a place of devote servitude to God, the church and humanity. That is not the case now. The Agents of the Abbey are nuns and priests trained from a young age to purge the world of evil. Assassins mastered in the art, fighting and vanquishing evil the world over, until they are forced to face off against one of their own on a quest to unlock all the seals that held Lucifer captive.

Mystery / Action
Lσɾα †ïå
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The Abyss || Lucifer’s Playground. An Endless Expanse

Perdition || Hell. Damnation. Doom

The Keepers || A Council That Governs The Creatures of The Abyss and Agents of The Abbey

Black Sanctum || A Space Existing Outside of Time and The Present, Away From Humans

Labyrinth || A Black Sanctum Only High Tiers Can Enter

Mana || Power. Life Force

High Tiers || The Top Three Unknown, Known Ranks

Guardians || Protectors of Divine Seals


Knights || Progenies of Lucifer

Royals || Elites of The Abyss

High Sage || The Ones Who Possess Spirit, Fire and Soul Mana

Regent || Those Who Can Perform Mind-Bending and Soul Sorcery

King’s Guard || Higher Tier Summoner. They Don’t Need Spells

Sentinel || Warriors. Super-Strength. Will Breakers. Mind Benders

Vizier || Absorb Powers. Randomized Powers/Strengths

Mage || Summoner. Spells and Curses

Specialist || Wielders of a Single Ability

Ensign || The Lowest In The Ranks, Only Ability is Energy Blasts


Templar || Guardian of The Abyss and Perdition. Messenger Of The Keepers

Librarians || Also Called Sages. Scholars. Men and Women of Letters

Terror || Remnant of The Dead. Become More Aggressive The Longer They Remain

Entity || Dark Shadows

Carter || Leader Of A Cadre

Cadre || A Unit Or Team Of Six Agents of The Abyss Or The Abbey.

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