Not so Innocent

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Green eyes

Once we had settled in, Jacob had to go to deal with things at home and he only had the weekend since he was in college.

While everyone was busy doing their own things, I was busy freaking out in my room. Today being Saturday, I only had today and tomorrow then Monday which was my first day at Middleton highschool.

It's not like I have social anxiety I just have major trust issues ever since my parents died. I still remember all my friends left me immediately they heard the news.


It has been a week since my parents were buried. We were going to leave for Middleton in a few days and I wanted to say goodbye to my friends.

It was lunch time and I immediately spotted them at our usual table. I walked up and sat down next to them. Even though I had just lost my parents I managed to put on a smile for them. They were my best friends after all, or at least that's what they made me believe.

" Hey Bri. Hey Nat." They looked at me wierd and with disgust? I was completely confused. " What's wrong?"

Brianna spoke for the both of them. "What are doing?"

"Ummm eating lunch with my besties what do you think I'm doing?"

"We are not your friends. You're an orphan and you're poor now that your parents are dead." Brianna spat.

I am so confused and hurt. How dare she say that?!

"What the heck Brianna? Why are saying that. It's rude and disrespectful. I just buried my parents and I'm moving and you have the audacity to say that! You're supposed to be my friend!"

"Isn't it clear Cassandra! We never liked you nobody did. Cameron he was just dating you for a bet. Natalie and I were only your friends for your money but now that you have nothing to offer us, you are a useless waste of space. Wow you are stupid. You think someone actually liked you. You are pathetic."

Tears blurred my vision as I looked at the girls I thought were my friends only to find out I was being used. I was so overwhelmed with emotions I didn't even notice Natalie go behind me and pour a whole milkshake on my head. I heard everyone in the cafeteria laughing at me .

"Come on Natalie we don't wanna stay next to losers." They walked away from me and sat with Monique and Cameron.

I quickly ran out of the cafeteria and straight to my car and drove home. I didn't come to school for the rest of that week.

Flashback over........


It's going to be okay. You'll be fine. Maybe they aren't as bad as the others and they surely will not use you for your money. I tried giving myself a pep talk.

One thing about Middleton highschool, it's full of rich kids because Middleton is a very rich town due to its rare flower, the midnight rose.

It's rare beauty and many uses have brought a lot of business to the town and it has developed greatly.

To cool of my nerves, I decided to go for a run. Grandpa took us on a walk through town so I know the place a little bit enough for me not to get lost. I quickly change into some jogging attire and went downstairs

"I'm going jogging grandpa I'll be back in an hour."

"Don't stray too far pumpkin."

"I won't."

I got out and started my jog. The wind felt amazing on my face as I ran. I slowed down my speed when I saw Sandy's ice-cream shop.

Mmmmm I could go for some ice-cream right now. I walked into the shop and I immediately fell in love with the place. Yup im definitely coming here more often. I go to the counter and saw nobody but just as I'm about to leave, an old lady, about a few years younger than grandpa come out from the back. She had white hair and she was short considering the fact I'm five foot four. She wore a pink dress and a white apron. She looked sweet.

"Well hello there sugar. I haven't seen you around before, what's your name?" She gave me a warm smile which I couldn't help but return back. She reminded me of grandma.

"I'm Cassandra, I just moved here with my little sister. My grandpa is Mr. Walker."

"Well I'm Sandy it's nice to meet you hun."

"You're Charles granddaughter? You're more pretty than he told me. I'm sorry about your parents dear but I promise you there's no place like home here in Middleton. How about a free milkshake to welcome you here. Hmm?"

I simply nodded my head and thanked her. She gave me a strawberry milkshake to go and told me to stop by often. I said goodbye and started heading home.

The sun was setting and the sky was a beautiful spread of colours. I looked up and gazed at the sky in wonder.

" So beaut-" next thing I knew I bumped into someone hard chest and was falling to the ground when a hand snaked around my waist catching me before I fell.

"I'm so sorry I did-" I looked up only to find the most handsome boy I've ever seen. He had dark chocolate hair and vibrant green eyes. His face was tan and he had a defined jaw. In short he was a greek god. The son of Zeus himself!

He was so much taller than me. At least six feet tall. Damn I must be dreaming.

"Hey." Oh sweet mercy his voice was so deep it sent a shiver down my spine.

"Hi." I said in a small voice. He looked at me scanning every inch of my face as if committing it to his memory.

"You should watch where you're going sweetheart you might hurt yourself." He let go of my waist and and left me standing there trying to recover from what just happened.
What did just happen? Who was that? What's his name? Damn I didn't even get his name what is wrong with you Cass. I mentally face palmed myself.

The way he called me sweetheart with that deep voice was just swoon worthy. Wait what the heck am I thinking? Bad Cass bad bad Cass.

I went back home and took a nice long shower. We ate dinner and I told grandpa about the old woman I met but left out green eyes. I'm not sure meeting boys at the moment would exactly make grandpa happy.

That night I changed into my pyjamas and got into bed but as soon as I closed my eyes all that popped up in my mind were those green eyes.

This stranger managed to capture each and every one of my thoughts.

Who are you green eyes?

I always follow my heart and it always leads me back to you

Sooooo another chappy for all you lot. Thanks for the comments and likes 😁

So anyone else wanna kidnap and hurt Brianna and Natalie for hurting Cassie....... just me?🙂

Who is this mystery boy? I do wonder 😉 let me know what you think in the comments and I will see you next time also let me know..... today's question

What's your favourite Ice-cream flavour? mine is strawberry 🍓

Luv ya lots
Gial ❤️

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