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He felt he hasn't slept in ages. Finds a lot of strange notes through the day. Decides to record the night to find out all the fuss, and couldn't believe what he saw...

Mystery / Horror
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The clock strikes six. He'd felt like, he had gulped a whole range of chemical toxins. Felt like only slept for a couple of minutes. Thought to himself. Somehow plunges himself into focus, and buries his feet in his car.

Finds that he's running dry on gas."Weird filled it a couple of days ago"

Brushes it off, and heads to his office, by the skin of his teeth makes to the office just in time. Only to feel crushed/screwed, he'd forgotten to write his report, for the fourth time the month. There were no excuses he could've made.

To make matters even better, his boss arrives from the front door, shouts at him for the report.

At that moment he could hear his blood running in his veins. His boss mood was as bad as a rotten egg, he bumps him over and looked for the report for himself.

"Good work wade! finished the report just in time".

A mask of gallimaufry appeared on his face. He dint even have all the nescient about the report, It must have taken a whole night to finish. He did not remember him doing it so.when he spots a strange note on the back of his computer,

" Sorry wade leaving you dry on gas. Also, thank me later for the report.

He froze in complete fear. Almost paralyzed by the words. He finished his work at the office for that day. He comes to his car still petrified.

When noticed another not,

"Don't overthink it too much"

The note already scared him enough, but all the notes were in his handwriting. He was traumatized.

He gets home and thinks for a second who could've done this prank. That second he saw a black felt hat. He couldn't make out whose it was. The final ameliorate he comes is to record the whole night. He thought he might be sleepwalking, but then how did the notes appear everywhere. These things bambeled in his mind.

He wakes up and checks the recording. Yes, he was sleepwalking. But it turned out much more interesting.

He sleeps for a few minutes and then jumps out his bed, waves his hand to the camera consciously. After that, he goes out of the room and doesn't appear for the rest of the night.

He backs the footage a little and zooms in and spots the same black hat.

After that, he exactly knew who it was...

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