The mysterious pupil

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The mysterious pupil

The mysterious Pupil

It wasn’t his choice when his parents first took him to school, he would rather have stayed home, orelse spent the entire day playing in the courtyard. He wasn’t bipolar or afflicted with any of the psychological disorders, yet something about him indicated that he was totally different, out of space, from another planet.

He hated school because of the bullying and the incompetence of the teachers in understanding that he required special training. However, it wasn’t the teacher’s fault, it was the system. Yet the system is anonymous, rather, the agents behind the scene requested to remain anonymous.

Nevertheless, Pupil didn’t have a choice, he never had, he didn’t even choose to come to this world. Knowing what was awaiting until now, he would most probably prefer to remain semen. As Shakespeare said “what’s done can not be undone”. Not to mention that digging in deeper, the only meaningful explanation left is God’s plan.

Back to school, Pupil was the butt of jokes, because he was a puny boy, and far too kind, the type of kindness taken for idiocy. Evilish boys found it amusing to take advantage of this kindness. In fact, he was the firstborn, the labrat, in the sense that he had undergone all the educational errors made by his parents.

Violence til the point of castration, til the point of crying out loud “ please, no more humans on this planet”. He never felt his mother’s tenderness as if she saw the husband she hated in him. His dad was young and foolish, and so he remained until his senior age.

All these mishaps had such a strong impact on Pupil everywhere. In the classroom especially, because he never got to choose his teachers, nor his classmates, and it was more irritating that he could do nothing about it. Out of place as he was, he processed information differently, arbitrarily. But in the end he would always find the missing piece to the puzzle. He would manage to succeed elementary as well as secondary, finally to the dismay of the many, he enrolled in the university and brilliantly graduated. He even went abroad, and paid for a behavioral therapy. The shrink did not hesitate to prescribe him Prozac and zoloft, which made him feel like a vegetable and look like a loser. It only worsened his issues. He was told that exercise would solve any problem, yet every time he tried to run, his joints would complain. Consequently he realized that he needed more money for a personal coach. He heard that personal development is the real deal and tried that too. After two good years, Pupil gave that up as well because his wish was never anybody’s command.

Pupil’s issues were mainly with women, he could never approach them with the intention of mating. It even got worse if the opposite happened. Being the one approached, he would love to break their hearts. He went even further, he would sometimes seduce them and forsake them on purpose almost as if he was avenging himself.

However, this game couldn’t last forever, for every deed, good or bad, has an end. A good number of women protested already. He clearly recalled how his classmate made a scene when he refused to sit next to her. He definitely recalled when he was worth more dead than alive because he had turned a sexual invitation down. Unlike men, Women can go as far as murder when their pride is exposed.

Then came the day when Pupil had the time of his life because he met the right person, Khristin. Let’s say that he had made the mistake of seducing her, now she was in his life and there was no turning back. He seduced her to a first date, and she could barely wait. Obviously, he wasn’t the guy for the famous logo “ sex on the first date”, they played chess instead. She hoped he would jump on her on the second date, yet none of that happened, they played poker instead again. The third date, Kristin decided to rape him; for he was a very manly boy though, big eyes, sweet mouth and teeth, she so craved those teeths like a collector carving ivory.

The problem with Kristin is that she was raised by a Babylonian militant, who did everything humanly possible to ensure that his daughter should take what was hers no matter what. Unknown to Pupil, he was already hers, because Kristin never cared about the law. As a matter of fact, the law in Babel was a womanizer, or at least the staff which drafted it was. For instance, if a prostitute was caught red handed, she would be set free and the man paid a gracious fine to the state. Why? because she was free to do whatever she liked with her body, however, men should never take advantage of that! Otherwise, there was no other explanation in mind. If a man was equal to a woman, why rewards and punishments were not so then.

Let alone that this was the only visible part of the law showing this discrepancy.

Take this example too, If a woman was raped, a fierce investigation was launched, especially if the defendant was a foreigner. By the way, in case the defendant was guilty, the assaulted was paid an important sum of money.

Unfortunately for Pupil, Kristin was in the know about this law, and she crafted a brilliant plan to turn the situation upside down, to hit two birds with one stone, and a bird in the hand is better than two on the tree.

On the third date, Kristin had enough of his spoilt and snobby attitude. She jumped him, rode him and she didn’t care about his flattened wheels. As for Pupil, the first bird and what a poor boy almost fainted, and he snapped back to reality at the sound of Kristin coming pretty strong. Frankly, it was quite a shock, for he had never witnessed a female orgasm before, it was a bizarre sound between the barking of a dog and the mewing of a cat. Kristin was a tiger in bed, indeed, she slapped him around, and dominated him to the full, leaving him breathless on the ground.

The second bird was the state, which was unwillingly involved in her devious plan. Her intention was converting from the defendant to the assaulted state, generating tremendous income, and punishing Pupil for his arrogance simultaneously.

At the break of dawn, when Pupil didn’t have even the time to digest the savage love he had undergone for the first time in his life, he heard the doorbell. What followed was as official as an FBI arrest : “ you have the right to remain silent….”

The investigation in the police station didn't take long, he was guilty as charged because of his outlandish name in the first place. The DNA test proved that a penetration took place. Nevertheless, just as the judge was condemning Pupil for his wrongdoings, another DNA test proved that Pupil had no inclination or whatsoever towards women.

The end.

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