That Night

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Chapter 2

Neil Pov

We walked out of the forest together. Then we decided to take our own own way home.When I reached home it was around 7 am. My parents are generally awake at that time.

I am going to get another earful today for leaving home without telling them.

I don't understand why they think anyone would kidnap me. We are not that rich nor I am a little kid. And we live in a place where crime rate is almost zero.

I tried to enter the house as silently as I can. My house is two floored where I live with my parents and grandma.

It is coloured in cream and blue. It is near high road and it takes only ten minutes to reach school from home.

I know you are thinking why I am talking about my house. No I am not self absorbed. It just my parents are real piece of art.

And Rick, God help me! I don't understand the need to run after a girl who is only going to create troubles.

Besides is she even interested? I swear I am going to break his leg if he gets rejected. I will not tolerate being woken up in such ungodly hour only for rejection.


Just when I entered, my mom was already there waiting for me.

"Oh no! "

"Neil! Are you there? Is it you? Neil! Neil! "

Sigh, see I am not even five steps inside the house and my mom is already calling for me.

" Yes mom it's me. " I said with my last remaining energy .

Hearing my voice she came towards me and started investigating me without any further word. Well she is a detective after all, Mrs Rita Sherwa ,the boss of our home and chief inspector of Bastour Greens.

" Neil! Where were you? You left again without telling me. How many times have I told you not to do that? What if you get hurt? You were in the forest again, aren't you?"

"No,no, I was exercising with Serrin."

"In these clothes? Have you taken me for fool?"

"Hehe I forgot to change clothes. " Ah yes I am still in my sleep-wear. Sigh, what to do with my useless self, can't even lie properly.

"Neil! I told you not to go there. It is dangerous."

"Hmp! You always say that. What is so dangerous there if I may ask? That you never say. "

" I am sorry but it is confidential information. I cannot tell you. But you should be careful and avoid going there. "

"Yeah, isn't it always confidential? "
I didn't wait for her to say anything else but ran towards my room. She was still calling me.

"Neil! wait! "

It was always the same routine about everything. Either I am too young to understand or it's a secret. Base line is that she never trusts me, her own son.

Whatever it doesn't even bother me now. I am used to it.

After that argument I decided to take a shower to freshen up. I was still drowsy from lack of sleep. I really want to skip school today but I know very well it's not an option for me.


"Today we are going to start magnetism."

I have come to school after much debate with myself.And the first period is physics.

I am currently sitting in the last row of the classroom. I am not with rest of the gang because they are in different stream.

Rick is in commerce and Serrin and Rudra are in arts stream.

I don't particularly hate physics but this man is testing my patience. He is very annoying with his holier than thou attitude.

"But I know you have already studied it, at least most of you did. So I am not going discuss basic things. Rather I will focus on main points. "

Now I am not dumb or stupid. But is it really necessary to always jump in the middle? I can guarantee majority of students have not studied yet and I am not talking about crazy toppers. Besides it is his job to teach. So why do I have to learn beforehand then?

"Now can anyone tell me the difference between electric and magnetic field lines? "

The whole class went silent waiting for the one to stand. I am trying my best not look at him. Unfortunately it looks like my bad day is going to continue.

"Neilson!" He looked too happy for my taste.

"Yes sir. " Of course it is always me. I am his most favourite student after all. . From backwards that is.

"What is difference between electric and magnetic field lines? "

" I don't know sir. I haven't read magnetism yet. " I tried to say that as boldly as I can.

"Ok then tell me about Gauss law. That chapter has been completed in class. So you should be able to answer it. "

"Aah.. Gauss law.. that is.. "

Sadly here my confidence got all crushed as well as my ping ball sized self esteem. Everyone is looking at me but not for a good reason.

I was so busy goofing off that I haven't even started studying properly.

"Neilson what I am going to do with you? You skip school , don't pay attention during class or even study by yourself? Your future is looking very dark. "

I did what I could do, stand there while keeping my eyes as far away from him as I can.

"Now can anyone else answer it? "

Now she stood up. It was the girl for whom I almost got my face punched to the next level, the girl Rick is crazy about, the girl who is going to be our death one day.

She is Anima Bose, sister of Amon. She has dark ,long ,straight hair and light skin.

"In Gauss law, the total electric flux across any closed surface in an electric field equals 4π times the electric charge enclosed by it."

I could not believe my luck that among forty students, she is the one who sits in front of me. Therefore I have the pleasure of being Rick's eyes and ears. The level of his obsession can not be denied.

"Very good Anima. I hope some of you will learn from her. "

No thanks I am not interested at all learning from her. Especially when she is so selfless and kind person. And if you didn't understand my sarcasm then I don't know what to say.

"Neil! I am really disappointed in you. I want to meet your parents. Do you understand? "

"Sir! "

"Inform them to meet me.... "

Fortunately he didn't get to finish his sentence. As the principle entered the room at that exact moment. He turned towards us to address us.

"Students there is a special program being held by the police department in our school. I want you all to gather in school hall. Also the meeting is very crucial so behave properly and listen what they will tell you. "

Police department!? Then mom is probably here. Is it about avoiding forest again? Well I am free from this at least.

"Class dismissed. And Neil, I will talk to you later. "

Looks like I will never get lucky in life.There after I left the classroom and entered the school hall like rest of the students.


The hall is large, so large in fact that you can play football there . Standing on the platform in front of hall is a team of police officers. As I suspected my mom is also there.

When we finally gathered in the hall a senior inspector stepped forward and started talking.

So what he said is exactly what mom said in the morning that forests are dangerous for us. We should avoid it and also be careful when we are near forested areas.

At least till my mom stepped forward and told him something. In reply the man stared at mom like challenging her to take back her words. But in end he broke eye contact.

Then my mom turned to look towards me.
It was like she is trying to send a message to me. She nodded at me and took the spot of the former speaker.

"I know telling you guys to stay away from the forests is not going to work. Instead some of you will willingly go there after hearing the warning. That's why I decided to share the information regarding forest. "

She stopped for a moment to catch her breath or to catch our expressions. Then she started again.

"I know that it is strange and very unbelievable. And some of you can get scared after hearing it. But there are reports of attacks from last few days.

As you can guess it is occurring in forests during night-time. Many animals lost their lives.

After the investigation we found out that the reason of death is not any particular attack. Because there is no sign of any attack not even a scratch there in victim's body, except two puncture marks on the neck.

When we found the body it was drained out of blood and filled with a white clammy liquid like substance. We still don't know what we are dealing with.

So stay away from forests and be careful even in town during night time. It is possible for the creature to appear in the town. "

I shouldn't have doubted mother.

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