That Night

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Chapter 3

After that surprising announcement you can predict the outcome yourself. There is a long bout of silence at first.

Then started the flurry of whispers till they are silenced by the teacher. Even when we are back in classroom some students are still discussing about it.

Still after mom's such overwhelming speech it was relatively normal. I will not say that I have zero interest in this mystery.

But even then I don't think it's some supernatural incident like most here are saying. Moreover some are so outrageous that they think it's doing of vampire.

The word 'vampire' is not from around here. Vampire is a creature from folklore in European culture that subsists by feeding on the vital essence of the living. But that's it , it's just a folklore, a story. It could never be real.


It was normal after that. I went home and spent rest of the day home. I don't want to provoke mother further.

Unfortunately I didn't see mom home, she is probably still busy with investigation. Feeling tired I went to sleep early .

That was it until my annoying alarm clock started ringing in the middle of the night. It was so unexpected that I literally jumped out of bed. And for a moment I almost thought it was morning.

But the sky is still dark . I tried to fall asleep but once more I was interrupted.

Only this time, it was my troublesome friends. They are throwing stones at my window non-stop. Aah! if the window broke then God knows what will mom do to me!

Looks like I will not get any rest tonight.

"What happened? Someone died or something? " , I said after meeting them outside the house. Irritation was clear in my voice but my friends are too shameless to care about it.

"And why is she here? "

Yes, I am talking about Anima.

Rick and Anima are standing in front of me where Serrin and Rudra was avoiding my eyes for what reason, I don't know.

" There is a problem.. " , Rick said hesitating.
He looked uncomfortable, but again he started, "Amon went in the forest with his friends to investigate. And we are going to search for him. Are you coming? "

I looked at him in disbelief. We are going search for the guy who was threatening and attacking us just this morning, even knowing the dangers awaiting. Why, just for a girl, for a teenage crush.

I swear he would do anything for this girl. I can never understand him. But it's not like I have any option.

"You heard announcement today, right? There could be serious danger there. " (Neil)

"I know Neil. But I promised Anima. " (Rick)

Oh please! like I care about that. Sigh!

"Then we should notify police. " (Neil)

"I also said that. " (Rudra)

Serrin too nodded his assent here.

"But Anima don't want to involve police in this. "

Like I care what she wants! But I did not say anything. I rather get lectured than look for Amon. But in this case I did not have choice.

"Fine, let's go. "


The forest is large and in this dark night it looked downright monstrous.Tonight the wind is also absent with moon.

Everything is picture still as if waiting for the arrival of a violent storm. It feels a little disturbing somehow, along with the creepy vibes around.

Still we pushed forward in that darkness.

There after we tried to find any clues but unfortunately we did not find anything. We are at end of safer part, from there it starts dangerous territory where wild animals are seen every now and then.

"Rick, what now? " (Serrin)

"I don't think he is here. We should go home now. " (Rick)

"How could you say that? He could be there. It's a possibility we can not deny. " (Anima)

"But Anima.. "

Sigh! What an annoying trouble I have gotten into! See! How costly it is to have a girlfriend!

And they are arguing again. I am really tired of this shit. So help me if I do something really regretting.

Finally they stopped, thank god.

"Fine you go back , I'll look for him. " (Rick)

"No, I'll go with you. " (Anima)

Again, sigh..
Looks like they will not stop till I say something.

"Oii! stop arguing already. Let just go and search as fast as we can. Besides its better in a group. " ( Neil)

"But she should go home. It's dangerous here. " ( Rick)

Well that's understatement of the year.

"Yes, Rick is right. " (Serrin)

"Yeah, I heard wolves are seen there sometimes. " (Rudra)

"Please! I don't believe in those kinds of rumors. Come on, don't waste anymore time." (Anima)

After wasting ten to fifteen minutes, we started to move to deeper part of the forest. It feels like the humidity have increased a large amount in this few minutes.

There is no path to invade. The whole area either filled with bushes or thickets or there is dark-barked woods, standing tall , stopping us from going any further.

Rudra and I am ahead , Serrin is in rear and Rick and Anima in the middle.

I don't think Amon will be found today. And why would he even come this way. I just hope we don't get killed today because this ridiculousness.

Suddenly, Rudra screamed out. Any other day I would have taunted him for acting like a little girl. But it seems justified in this moment.

The scene infront of me is so disturbing that I can't stop the bile raising in throat. My mind has gone total blank for a moment.

I know the rest aren't faring better. Their face turned pale expressing the same horror as me. After several moments screaming , shouting and crying ( in one case )we tried to calm down as much as possible.


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